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The capital city of the Indian state of Jharkhand – Ranchi – has a great role in India’s freedom struggle. The famous Non-Cooperation Movement which forced the British Empire to leave India started from the very city and the pattern was followed by the entire nation later.

The city and the region have been influenced by Buddhism, Jainism, the Mughals, and Hindu kings. A large portion of the state of Jharkhand belongs to the tribes and tribal groups during the Sarhul festival gathered in Ranchi and organized a procession. You can witness traditional folk music, instruments, and dances during the procession as well as in normal life.


Early evidence of the use of several iron slag, pot sheds, and iron tools was found in Jharkhand (earlier known as Chota Nagpur region) around 1400 BCE.

The tribal culture is quite prevalent and the area is known for the Dokra art form. Some of the popular dance forms are Chhau and Santhal performed by the Santhal tribe. These dances are usually performed in groups as their evening recreational activity. The city is heaven for you if you like trying out different cuisines. Popular cuisines include local varieties such as Arsa, Dhuska, Chhilka, and others.

Some Other Popular One Way and Return Cab Services from Varanasi

Cab services Ranchi is very well connected with Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Chhattisgarh.

Varanasi is about 400 km from Ranchi and you can hire Varanasi to Ranchi cab at affordable prices. If you are traveling from Varanasi then Chiku Cab offers one or two-way Varanasi to Ranchi car rental with affordable and comfortable Varanasi to Ranchi Taxi Fares.You can also find direct flights to Ranchi’s Birsa Munda Airport and hire Chiku Cab’s Ranchi Airport taxi service at very affordable rates.

Attractions in the City

When you are in Ranchi, there are many tourist attractions you must visit. Dassam Falls, which is considered one of the deadliest falls in India, is something you should not miss. Apart from Dassam Falls, Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park, Getalsud Dam, Hundru Falls, Jagannath Temple, Rock Garden, and Pahadi Mandir are some of the major tourist attractions. Apart from places of interest, you should also try the local craftwork made out of bamboo. Due to its thick foliage, local people have made use of bamboo and wood to create craftworks like baskets, hunting, and fishing equipment. Sabai grass (wild grass) is also dyed and beautifully woven into bowls, pen stands, coasters, and mats as part of local craftsmanship.

Places to Visit Dassam Falls: Just 35 km away from the city of Ranchi on the Ranchi-Tata road near the Taimara village, Dassam Falls is considered to be one of the deadliest waterfalls in India. You can see the water of River Kachni falling from an altitude of 144 feet. The unique feature of this fall is that with the waterfall, you can see 10 different streams falling at the same time. The earlier name of this waterfall was Da-song which means ‘pouring water’ in the local Mundari dialect.

Varanasi to Ranchi Taxi Fare

Vehicle Type Airport Rental with in City Outstation
Pick/Drop 8Hr 80KM* 12Hr 120KM* Round Trip One way
Indica ₹700 ₹1,500 ₹1,800 ₹8.50 ₹14
Indigo ₹750 ₹1,600 ₹1,900 ₹9 ₹14.75
Swift Dzire ₹800 ₹1,700 ₹2,000 ₹9.50 ₹16.25
Honda Amaze/ ₹850 ₹1,800 ₹2,200 ₹10 ₹17
Mobilio / Ertiga ₹900 ₹2,400 ₹2,750 ₹14 ₹20.75
Toyota Innova ₹1,100 ₹2,650 ₹2,900 ₹16 ₹21.5
Toyota Crysta ₹1,200 ₹2,850 ₹3,180 ₹17 ₹23
Honda City ₹1,500 ₹2,800 ₹3,600 ₹18 ₹26
Tempo Traveller ₹2,000 ₹3,400 ₹4,400 ₹22 ₹42

Driver Charges (After 10PM): Rs.250, (Base Fare)

Outstation (Roundtrip): Min. 250KM / Day

Tagore Hill: A sunrise from Tagore Hill will make your day. Standing in the scenic locality of Morabadi, the hill is known for its view of sunrise and sunset from its top. A unit of the Ramkrishna Mission is also located at the base of the Hill. This ashram is also the center of Agrarian Vocational Institute and Divyayan. You can reach Tagore Hill by hiring Ranchi Airport cab service and other cabs that can be hired from any part of the city. The hill is regarded as one of the popular tourist destinations of the city. It is also a great meeting point for adventure lovers and rock climbers.

Rock Garden: This place, over the Internet, is often confused with the Rock Garden of Chandigarh. However, the Rock Garden of Ranchi is one of the most visited tourist spots in Ranchi as well as Jharkhand. The garden is built out of the rocks of the Gonda Hill and varied forms of sculptures and waterfalls add to the beauty of this place. The lake of the Kanke Dam is the nearest waterbody to Rock Garden and it also compliments the garden. As it is situated in the middle of the city, just not tourists, but also the local people keep it as their favorite picnic venue. Apart from this, you can also visit Patratu Valley, Panch Gagh Falls, Ranchi Lake, Sun Temple, and Topchanchi Lake.

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