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Online cab Booking in Varanasi

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Online cab Booking in Varanasi

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Online cab Booking in Varanasi

Make the most of online cab booking in Varanasi from Chikucab and travel back in history to explore your cultural heritage.

Renowned as the cultural capital of India, Varanasi is a special place. From young boys having bath in river to women preparing food, from men selling flowers in narrow streets to the dead getting salvation in the holy land, Varanasi has a beauty of its own.  

Catch a glimpse of the holy city with varanasi cab service of Chikucab and enrich your life. Watching Sadhus meditate on ghats, having a sunrise boat ride, drinking the famous Lassi to satisfy your taste buds, experiencing the Aarti on Ghats and seeking blessings from famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple, a trip to Varanasi will put a break on your hustle free busy life and will provide you peace in a way which will allow you to capture the spirit of city in your heart and your travel diary forever.  


Travel with your perfect companion, Chikucab, the Varanasi Cab service for all times  

Now travelling to a holy place like Varanasi can be a little difficult but with online Cab booking in Varanasi from Chikucab, you can enjoy a halt free and an easy travel trip. With the most affordable prices and efficient service Chikucab offering the best varanasi cab service can be your best friend in your travel journey.  

The most quintessential question: Why Chikucab?

Chikucab brings you 100% Customer Satisfaction and reliable and safe services. Efficient drivers well aware of the local sightseeing make your trip all the more convenient. Besides, you can download our App for online Cab booking in Varanasi.


With the sound of the Ganges river flowing on the side of the city to the sound of horns blowing on the narrow streets, a typical day in Varanasi is full of joy, spirituality and beauty which gives you an unmatchable vibe and energy. And to make your way through the hustle and explore this dazzling city, Varanasi cab from Chikucab is at your service.

Local and outstation Taxi fare in Varansi

Vehicle Type Airport Inside City Outstation
Pick/Drop 4HR/40KM 6HR/60KM 8HR/80KM 12HR/120KM Round Trip One Way
Sedan Rs.600 Rs.1,100 Rs.1,400 Rs.1,850 Rs.2,100 Rs.10 Rs.15
Sedan Plus Rs.650 Rs.1,200 Rs.1,500 Rs.1,900 Rs.2,200 Rs.10.25 Rs.16
Sedan Comfort Rs.750 Rs.1,250 Rs.1,550 Rs.1,950 Rs.2,250 Rs.10.50 Rs.16.50
Sedan Premium Rs.800 Rs.1,350 Rs.1,600 Rs.2,050 Rs.2,350 Rs.11 Rs.17
SUV Rs.1,150 Rs.1,800 Rs.1,850 Rs.2,200 Rs.2,500 Rs.13.50 Rs.21
SUV Plus Rs.1,200 Rs.1,850 Rs.1,900 Rs.2,300 Rs.2,600 Rs.13.75 Rs.22
SUV Comfort Rs.1,300 Rs.2,000 Rs.1,950 Rs.2,600 Rs.2,800 Rs.15 Rs.25
Innova Crysta Rs.1,500 Rs.2,200 Rs.3,000 Rs.3,000 Rs.3,500 Rs.17 Rs.30
Tempo Traveller Rs.3,000 Rs.5,000 Rs.6,000 Rs.6,200 Rs.7,200 Rs.24 Rs.38
Driver Charges (After 10 PM): Rs.250 Outstation: Min. 300KM / Day
Route/Cab Sedan SUV Route/Cab Sedan SUV
Varanasi to Ghazipur Rs.1,700 Rs.2,200 Varanasi to Dala Rs.2,100 Rs.2,400
Varanasi to Mau Rs.2,200 Rs.2,600 Varanasi to Chopan Rs.2,100 Rs.2,400
Varanasi to Buxer Rs.2,400 Rs.3,000 Varanasi to Agra Rs.12,000 Rs.14,000
Varansi to Gaya Rs.5,000 Rs.6,200 Varanasi to Renukoot Rs.2800 Rs.3200
Varansi to Babhuaa Rs.1,800 Rs.2,200 Varanasi to Shaktinagar Rs.3,500 Rs.4,200
Varanasi to Patna Rs.4,700 Rs.6,200 Varanasi to Singrauli Rs.3,600 Rs.4,400
Varanasi to Gorakhpur Rs.4,000 Rs.5,200 Varanasi to Prayaagraj Rs.2,200 Rs.2,500
Varanasi to Azamgarh Rs.2,000 Rs.2,400 Varanasi to Kaushambi Rs.3,200 Rs.3,800
Varanasi to Jaunpur Rs.1,600 Rs.1,900 Varanasi to Chitrakoot Rs.4,800 Rs.5,600
Varanasi to Ahraura Rs.1,500 Rs.1,800 Varanasi to Ayodhya Rs.3,500 Rs.4,500
Varanasi to Mirzapur Rs.1,500 Rs.2,150 Varanasi to Lucknow Rs.4,500 Rs.6,000
Varanasi to Robertsganj Rs.2000 Rs.2400 Varanasi to Kanpur Rs.5500 Rs.6800
Varanasi to Mathura Rs.12,000 Rs.14,500 Varanasi to Bhadohi Rs.1,300 Rs.2,000
Varanasi to Ballia Rs.3,000 Rs.3,500
Driver Charges (After 10 PM): Rs.250 Outstation: Min. 300KM / Day

From providing one way or round way trip to experienced and professional taxi drivers, these cabs are your most comfortable and trustable ride. Living in the era of digital world, Chiku Cab provides you it’s app for online cab booking in Varanasi with the benefit of 24/7 customer support.

Hiring an out station taxi has become a lot easier now as with Varanasi cab from Chikucab that you can easily book online. We provide you best deals and professional drivers with all the safety to have a seamless journey. Functioning as your travel companion,

Chikucab helps you to navigate through Varanasi and explore the scenic city as our drivers are well versed with the routes.

With online cab booking in Varanasi, you do not have to worry about hitching ride from the narrow by lanes of Varanasi. Where ever you are, at whatever time, you can use the online app of Chikucab to book Varanasi cab service and we will pick and drop service anywhere in the city. So basically for a hassle free ride for you is just a click away.

So what keeps you waiting? Dip in the history and swim in culture with your trip to Varanasi with Chiku Cab

where we assure you 100% quality service with no disappointments and of course the travel is so affordable that you can surely save extra bucks in your pocket. Our service is just a click away if you download the app and make online cab booking in Varanasi. With Chikucab varanasi cab service, you can always count on us for a successful trip. Everything you want is driven for you to go beyond and travel like never before!!!


What is the rental price of Chiku Cab in Varanasi?

The prices of the cab always vary with the type of vehicle and itineraries you have opted for. Check our website to get proper insight on the pricing of the cabs.

How to book the cabs online with Chiku Cab in Varanasi?

You can book your tempo traveller from the Chiku Cab mobile app as well as from our official website. You can also book it by calling on our customer support.

What is the booking process of a cab in Varanasi with Chiku Cab?

The booking process is very simple and it takes only few minutes to complete. You just have to select the cab you need, enter the details of your trip, and then just complete the payment.

What different vehicles does Chiku Cab provide in Varanasi?

We have a large fleet of vehicles which you can hire for your journey based on your needs. We have minivans, vans, cabs, taxis, Innova, hatchbacks, SUVs, Indigo, Indica, luxury cars, tempo traveller, and more.

What amenities does the vehicles have with Chiku Cab?

The vehicle is all equipped with various luxurious amenities and itineraries. We have both AC and non-AC vehicle options to fit in your budget.

Can I cancel my booking with Chiku Cab?

You don’t have to worry if you had to cancel your trip. You can cancel your bookings without any issues. We don’t even charge cancelation fees to make it more convenient.

What different services does Chiku Cab provide?

We offer you different services like outstation travels, local hourly rentals, airport transfers, and many other services for different travel needs.

Can I increase my rental duration with Chiku Cab?

Yes, you can increase your rental duration with our outstation travels. You cannot increase it with the local hourly rentals.

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