"Absolutely great cab service to avail in Bangalore. I called from another city & gave them all the information about pick-up & drop. The driver had arrived in a clean car on time. I was a little worried about them being on time & giving good hospitality as they didn't accept advance payment either. My ideas were misunderstood. I appreciate Chiku Cab for their top notch service & 100% recommend to anyone who wants to hire a cab rental service."

Sandeep Sharma

15 Dec 2023

"I used Chiku Cab service for my recent Bangalore->Mysore->Wayanad->Coorg trip. Overall, it was very good. The driver's identity was determined a day before the trip. Overall, they found their service to be very professional and excellent. The car was in excellent condition and the driver was well behaved and guided us well to the various attractions. You will not hesitate to use Chiku Cab again. "

Ravi Tiwari

28 Aug 2023

"Booked an Innova cab for 2 days for a Bangalore trip with family. The car was in excellent condition and the driver was a knowledgeable and soft spoken guide. It was a pleasant experience and I will definitely be using Chiku Cab services for our future trip as well. "

Punit Singh

03 Mar 2024

"Chiku Cab is a very good company and I booked a ride from Delhi to experience with it has been very satisfactory and I will always recommend it. Customer support is very good and quick response for any question and any issues. nice! "

Sanjay Gupta

28 Dec 2023

"I used Chiku Cab outstation cab service for the first time and the cab driver is very safe and polite. My mother and sister were travelling from Delhi to Gurgaon. Highly recommended. Chiku Cab is very attentive to our customers. This outstation cab company is very safe for all people. "

Ankit Gupta

31 Mar 2024

"Chiku Cab is the best outstation taxi booking platform in Delhi. You can go online and book a taxi and the process is quite simple. Their reviews are quite good. The car provided is extremely safe and comfortable. The price is very cheap and the cabs are absolutely clean and tidy "

Abdul Mohhamad

23 Mar 2023

"Our experience with Chiku cab is great. The drivers were safe and efficient. They were very cooperative. I recommend them both and Will gives them full marks. From Chandigarh to Amritsar we also return. We booked 2 innovas. "

Jay Patel

19 May 2023

"Had a great trip from Chandigarh -Kasauli-Shimla-Kufri and back and the driver was top class. Very well treated and informed . All in all, great experience. He deserves a standing ovation for his character. Chiku Cab reviews were also quite good on google. "

Rohan Viswakarma

27 Sep 2023

"I Traveled with a driver to 3 cities in Himachal Pradesh for 6 days with my family from Chandigarh. Had a very comfortable ride with him. He also guided us to places for our kids. Would definitely ask him only for our next visit. "

Shivam Singh

05 Jun 2023

"Chiku Cab is one of the best cab services in Hyderabad. I was a little scared when I first saw the review but don’t go by the reviews. I booked a coorg-ooty tour. Chiku cab made sure to meet all my criteria.I specifically asked for a new innova crysta and a good driver. My driver is a gem of a guy and I have never seen such a good driver on any other trip I have ever done. My driver stopped the car as and when I needed it. Thank you Chiku Cab for making my trip memorable. "

Sumit Singh

29 May 2023

"Good service in Hyderabad local and outstation trips, well trained drivers and neat service. "

Rohit Prajapati

06 Feb 2024

"We booked a cab for Hyderabad airport pickup and were very satisfied with his on-time service and honest pricing. "

Ritu Verma

16 Jan 2024

"Satisfied with the taxi and the driver was very polite and well mannered."


29 Jul 2023

"Nice guy with a good car. Our trip until Ranthambore was perfect. Already booked for the return. "

Bhupender Singh

03 Dec 2023

"Everything went perfectly! Incredibly punctual, friendly drivers, and a very fast customer service that answered my questions within minutes the night before my return trip. I highly recommend booking here, and will definitely do so again in the future "

Abhishek Singh

30 Jan 2024

Today's world is marked by speed, so convenience is the top priority, and travel fits in that well. In any situation: a normal commute to work, an amazing trip to a new city, or preparation for a flight; Having a trusted transportation service can make all the difference. That is when Chiku Cab comes into the picture, a game changer in the field of transport.

Chiku Cab gives you a chance to select from different services satisfying you at the highest possible level. Get anything you might need, as may we operate a complement of mechanically sound vehicles maintained by a team of professional drivers ensuring that you'll get to your destination safely and conveniently. Whether it is a budget sedan for the solo traveler or a large SUV for the family, Chiku Cab has a vehicle that is just right for you.

One of the factors that distinguish Chiku Cab from the competition is a deep dedication to customer satisfaction. The user-friendly nature of the booking process is evident with the app and website, in addition to, it is now easier than ever to schedule a ride. Furthermore, clear pricing means you are absolutely aware of exactly what is in store for you before you step into the car. The issue of safety is the dominant one at Chiku Cab. The stringent measures to sanitize vehicles regularly and drivers with thorough background checks in effect to guarantee your peace of mind. No matter whether your trip is for business or pleasure, Chiku Cab is your A-Pillar conveyance for trouble-free journey. Enjoy the comfort, reliability, and convenience of Chiku Cab while traveling the next time you dash on the journey.

The Ease of Online Cab Booking with Chiku Cab

Convenience is the core of the digital era, and online cab booking has brought about an unprecedented change in the way we go from place to place. Due to the launch of services such as Chiku Cab, travel from one point to another is now a snap. The cab booking online system with ChikuCabs is now known as the place-to-be for travelers everywhere.

Firstly and fundamentally, Chiku Cab provides a simple and straightforward booking process. They even can order on the website or an app super easy. Farewells to the age of lengthy waiting for a response and tedious hailing taxis on the street – you have Chiku Cab and it is ready to make your booking at your fingertips.

Added to that, Chiku Cab has a diverse selection of vehicles to satisfy every requirement and budget. Whether you're going alone and want a small vehicle or you are a family and need a car with more space, Chiku Taxi will give you what you need. The diversity ensures therefore that passengers will always get a suitable vehicle whether they are going to the airport or an all-day sightseeing trip in a new city. One of the main advantages of online cab booking with ChikuCab is transparency. Travelers are able to know the fare before booking the ride and definitely, this helps them avoid the surprising situations when the time for payment comes. Transparency in this case promotes faith and trust which results in a better experience on part of the user.

Safety is taken as a top priority by the Chiku Cab. Sterilization of all vehicles is carried out; meanwhile drivers are intensively screened through background check, to guarantee the safety of passengers. Travelers will have peace of mind knowing that their safety and health is being paid attention to from the moment they start till the time they end their journey.

A taxi for Outstation- Book a Cab with Chiku Cab at Anytime

Our Outstation car rental service is easy, convenient and headache free. Having said that, you can use our services on several occasions.

  • Weekend Getaways - We understand that your vacation time is the time you need to recharge and recover, so we'll take care of your transfer from the airport to the hotel right on time and back to the airport, so you can make the best of your trip.
  • Outstation meeting - Our vehicles are not only comfortable and have premium features but also ensure that you reach there well rested and all prepared.
  • Road Trips - This is our favorite thing. Create your travel itinerary however you like and do not be afraid to see the sights along the way. Our drivers are very knowledgeable about the overall routes and have a good amount of local expertise too that will help you discover great places for sightseeing, shopping, and dining.
  • Pilgrimage - With our office in all pilgrimage centers, we will make sure that your intercity journey is hassle free and memorable.
  • Don't worry about booking last-minute because spontaneity is something we share as well. Order Chiku Cab and we will arrange a car for you at the doorstep in an hour. Our charge for service outside the city is very affordable and competitive.

Chiku Cab has several car rental options

Chiku Cab offers a wide range of rental cars, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether it’s a small car for a quick trip around town or a large SUV for a family vacation, the cabin is equipped to provide the perfect vehicle for your trip.

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