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The bus hire in India with Chiku Cab can be used for a variety of purposes, including leisure activities such as picnics, field trips, and excursions, as well as formal events such as business events, meetings, and weddings. Chiku Cab tries to fulfil your demands, whether you need a bus booking for a whole day or only a few hours. A bus rental is now just a click away. Chiku Cab also provides extra comfort, a luxury and stress-free experience, and, of course, prompt and professional service every time a service is sought with them.

Chiku Cab recognizes the importance of comfort and enjoyment when travelling. As a result, we only aim to provide our customers with an unforgettable journey. Passengers have the option of taking either air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned buses. The buses also offer pushback and recliner chairs, allowing the elderly to ride comfortably. For your amusement, buses have LCD televisions and DVD players. For added convenience, buses may be equipped with mini-fridges and iceboxes. Buses also have amenities such as comfortable blankets and charging connections. With Volvo Bus booking with Chiku Cab, you can also book a luxurious sleeping coach bus. Travelling via the Volvo bus is the greatest alternative for long-distance night travel. With Chiku Cab, you can do a Volvo bus hire near your location in the online method with a few minimal clicks.

Why Book A Bus Only With Chiku Cab

Vacations are most enjoyable when shared with others. If you're going on a group excursion, renting or hiring a bus is a wonderful alternative. For your group vacation, you can charter a bus from Chiku Cab. Chiku Cab provides dependable and high-quality transportation services. Chiku Cab takes into account its passengers' emotions and needs while providing and imparting high-quality services. Our website or app can be used to hire or rent a bus. Chiku Cab offers buses with seating sizes ranging from 30 to 50 passengers, as well as Tempo Travellers with seating capacities ranging from 9 to 50 passengers. Volvo sleeper bus price is India is most competitively offered by Chiku Cab. Along with the best rates, Chiku Cab also has various coupon codes, discounts, and offers to lower the price throughout the year.

Advantages of Bus Rental with Chiku Cab

When you rent a bus with Chiku Cab, you get the following.

Our buses have spacious cabins, which provide enough space for you to unwind without feeling suffocated. Renting a bus from Chiku Cab is relatively inexpensive. All of the buses we rent are always maintained in a top-notch condition. Before sending a vehicle to a customer, Chiku Cab inspects it for quality. You can pay only 18% when making a reservation and the balance upon boarding the car. GPS can be used to track a vehicle. Drivers have access to an app that enables accurate tracking. Customer service is available both when making a reservation and during your journey. Our customer service centres are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Precautions to be followed while booking a bus online

When reserving a bus online, a few things to bear in mind. The following is a list of them:

It is critical to ensure that the online bus booking service you select, such as Chiku Cab, is dependable and trustworthy.

Examine whether the online bus booking service of your choice satisfies all of your expectations and accommodates all of your necessary travel requirements. The selection option on Chiku Cab allows users to create a trip based on their specific travel requirements.

Bring a hand sanitiser and a mask with you on every journey you make.

Wedding Bus Hire In India

Looking to book a bus on hire for a wedding that will transport guests from one point to the wedding venue? Don't look any further. You can easily book a bus for a wedding and much more with Chiku Cab. Chiku Cab offers the best solutions for bus rental for weddings in India.

Your wedding day is unquestionably one of the most important days of your life, and you don't want anything to go wrong. An Indian wedding is a lavish celebration with an endless guest list because that's how it works. While accommodating your guests is crucial, making travel arrangements might be difficult when you need to make a hasty decision. At such times wedding bus hire near you with Chiku Cab is your ultimate saviour.

Unlike a typical outing, you will be responsible for hundreds of people’s commute during a wedding. If you're still trying to figure out your travel plans, take a break and let Chiku Cab assist you with your travel arrangements. Using the Chiku Cab website or mobile app, you may easily reserve a bus hire for a wedding near you. Our online booking platform is user-friendly and designed to provide a seamless user experience.

When it comes to bus hire for weddings, Chiku Cab gives you various options to pick from so that it doesn't feel like a sacrifice. Don't worry about your family whining because we also have luxury buses with all the amenities; you'll need to have a good time.

Transparent Booking System With Chiku Cab

For any travel, planning is essential, and one should be more cautious these days, especially when renting another vehicle. Chiku Cab offers a hassle-free method that guarantees a clean and sanitized bus as well as dependable drivers.

The convenience of using Chiku Cab is that you may book your car entirely online. Before confirming the booking, you can search, inspect, and view the buses and Tempo Travellers offered for rent. We also make certain that the vehicle you see on the website during the quote is exactly the same vehicle you will receive at the start of your tour. This eliminates the need for the customer to do a personal inspection to confirm that the vehicle they receive on the day of their journey is the same vehicle they booked. Everything is identical, right down to the license plate's last digit.

The following is how it works:

You'll see the most recent images of the car, the vehicle number, the number of times the vehicle has been booked with Chiku Cab, the model number, and even the vehicle's registration date after entering the specifics of your travel. Bus hire with Chiku Cab is here to make sure that your reservation goes smoothly and without any surprises. Once you've made your reservation with us, you won't have to worry about the car you've been promised or its capacity to drive you from point A to point B. To guarantee that you have the best booking experience with Chiku Cab, we believe in complete openness.


What all luxurious amenities are provided by Chiku Cab in their bus/Volvo services?

All the buses provided by Chiku Cab have clean and sanitized seats and aisles. The seats provided have ample leg space, a comfortable headrest, and a soft armrest. Also, our Volvo buses have specially engineered toilets in the bus itself.

How many seater Volvo buses are available with Chiku Cab?

As of date, Chiku Cab has three seating options for Volvo buses with them.

The customer can book the Volvo bus according to his need, requirement, and budget. Chiku Cab also offers the same seating capacity buses in the Mercedes make too.

What is the cost of the Volvo buses with Chiku Cab?

The price of the Volvo bus with Chiku Cab keeps on changing with the seating capacity requirement, the number of days the bus is required, extra facilities required, and whether the booking is done in peak season or non-peak season. To get the exact estimate for the bus you wish to rent, give us a call at 844-844-5504, and our customer care team will be more than happy to assist you with the details. Alternatively, you can also email us at to get a detailed estimate for a Volvo bus.

Where can I rent a Volvo bus in Delhi?

Chiku Cab being a cab aggregator, you can now hire a bus in Delhi at the comfort of your home. You can do so from our smartphone app, website, or by calling us. The pick-up point convenient for you will be regarded as the spot to pick you up.

What payment options do I have?

With Chiku Cab, you have the following payment options:

Is it safe to use my Debit/Credit Card on site?

Of course yes! Chiku Cab website is safeguarded with a 32-bit SSL Certificate.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

Once you have made the advance payment after the selection of the vehicle along with the dates and timings, you will receive an SMS and an e-mail on your registered mobile number and e-mail address confirming your booking by providing you a booking number. Also, you will receive an additional SMS and e-mail two hours before your ride stating the vehicle number and driver details.

What are the different modes of payment you support?

With Chiku Cab, you have the following payment options:

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