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Mumbai, the magical land of dreams, is the country's busiest city. There is no time to pause and take a breath in India's financial metropolis! The City That Never Sleeps is teeming with ambitious achievers who yearn for more from life. It's a vibrant city with many wonders, including a National Park in the city and a plethora of British-era heritage buildings. The country's film industry, as well as its stock market and several important government departments, are all situated here. The continual construction work for numerous public services that takes place in Mumbai adds to the city's bustle and turmoil. Driving in Mumbai has become increasingly difficult over time. Even modest distances take a long time to travel, and there is a lot of pollution on the roads in terms of air and noise. Many people prefer to go to work by local trains, metro, or even carpool. Large groups of individuals wishing to travel to the same location can, however, find it difficult to use public transportation in this city (which is tough to use for newcomers anyway). The best option is to rent or lease a bus in Mumbai. You even have the option of booking a bus hire for outstation in Mumbai with Chiku Cab.

What You Should Know About Bus Rentals in Mumbai

Mumbai is a busy city known for its congested streets and crowds of people. Traveling by bus in Mumbai is significantly more comfortable and convenient because it reduces the number of automobiles necessary on the road and encourages safe group travel. People have changed their trip plans to avoid getting the virus as a result of the epidemic. As a result, many people have been trying to book larger private vehicles such as buses, minibuses, tempo travellers, and other similar vehicles, which would encourage socially distanced travel and provide passengers with the comfort of travelling with a group of known people. With Chiku Cab, bus booking in Mumbai has never been easier.


COVID 19 Safety Measures taken by Chiku Cab

In order to protect its passengers, Chiku Cab has taken stringent and effective procedures. All of these procedures are part of the new COVID-19 safety efforts which has been adopted by Chiku Cab. These are some of the measures taken in bus rental in Mumbai:

Before and after each travel, the bus is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Before boarding, sanitizers must be available on the vehicle at all times and to all passengers.

Masks are required for both personnel and passengers, and boarding will be denied if they do not comply.

To prevent the virus from spreading through touch.

Complementary cover-ups such as linens and blankets are no longer provided.

Temperature check are done from time-to-time till the very last moment and the reports are conveyed via e-mail on the registered e-mail address.

Checklist While Booking a Bus

When renting a bus to fulfill your travel needs, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a pleasant travel experience. The following suggestions should be kept in mind while reserving a bus.

Always check to see if the online bus booking service aggregator you're using, such as Chiku Cab, is reputable and transparent with its consumers.

Examine whether the bus reservation service meets all of its customers' expectations and prioritises their demands. Chiku Cab takes the extra step and measures to make the journey of each passenger a comfortable one.

If you're travelling in Mumbai, bring an umbrella, in case it rains at any time during the day, and don't forget your mask and hand sanitizer. Also, during the summer periods the travel with Chiku Cab is comfortable as we provide only AC Bus hires in Mumbai.

For a comfortable commuting experience, we would always recommend on booking a Volvo bus on rent in Mumbai because of the automobile features.

Mumbai Bus Hire: The Most Practical Option For The City

Except for the early hours of the morning, there is rarely a time when the city's highways are not congested. In Mumbai, it is unusual to find roads devoid of cars or other vehicles at any time of day or night. Add to this the numerous tourist automobiles and buses transporting visitors to the city for the first time to view the sights. These visitors have little idea how to use the local train system, and they are also hesitant to use cabs or autorickshaws. At such times, booking a luxury bus on hire in Mumbai/ luxury minibus on rent in Mumbai is the most ideal option for such groups.

For groups of people who are based in Mumbai but are travelling in the same direction, renting or hiring a bus is a suitable alternative. It's possible that they're company personnel getting picked up or dropped off from work. They could even be attending a business conference on the other side of town or travelling outside of Mumbai for an offsite meeting. It might also be a group of older adults who are on a tour of the city's art and cuisine district. Renting/hiring a bus in Mumbai makes perfect sense for groups for whatever reason. Please make a note that luxury bus on hire in Mumbai includes Volvo bus hire in Mumbai.

Why Should Groups Hire a Bus in Mumbai?

Traveling in groups on the same route or to the same destination should always stay together. It aids in maintaining a precise head count and ensuring that no one is left behind or abandoned somewhere along the road asking for transportation. At the same time, everyone arrives at their destination. When the transportation is pleasant, the passengers are likewise at ease when they disembark. For individuals who want to travel in peace, style, and comfort, renting a luxury bus in Mumbai is a great decision.

In Mumbai, there are numerous automobile rental alternatives for various types of vehicles. There are also a number of bus rental firms. However, if you want a spacious bus that is clean, well-maintained, and can be customised to some extent, you should trust a bus rental company like Chiku Cab.

When you contact Chiku Cab with your needs, renting or hiring a bus in Mumbai is simple. It could be a day trip or an overnight adventure, for a small or large group. We provide buses with roomy interiors, plenty of leg and boot space for every passenger, wider aisles, reclining seats for resting throughout the journey, and even audio and video entertainment options on board. Simply contact us with the minimum essentials of your route, and we will choose the ideal bus for you.

The following are the most common buses booked in Mumbai

For luxury bus rental in Mumbai we offer the following two varieties:

Why should you travel with Chiku Cab?

At Chiku Cab, we take pleasure in providing the highest level of comfort to every passenger via our buses, as well as fair pricing for every trip. Before confirming your reservation, you should double-check the bus's seating capacity and the amenities/facilities available on board.

Procedure To Rent A Bus With Chiku Cab

Chiku Cab offers three different bus booking options in Mumbai:

You can use your smartphone to download the 'Chiku Cab' app, register, and provide basic journey information as well as the type of bus you want to catch. As a reputable arranger, we will supply you with a list of buses that meet your demands and expectations. You can choose a vehicle and pay a small advance booking charge to secure your reservation.

By visiting our website,, you can follow the same steps.

If you're not technically up to date, you may always seek assistance from our customer care representatives by dialling 844-844-5504. They will guide you through the process of booking a bus. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail with your request to, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Obtain the vehicle represented in your quotation.

For any type of travel, planning is essential, and one should be more cautious these days, especially when renting a vehicle. Chiku Cab Bus service is a hassle-free method that guarantees a clean and sanitized bus as well as dependable drivers. Our Volvo Bus rental services in Mumbai are extremely popular.

The convenience of using Chiku Cab is that you may book your car entirely online. Before confirming the booking, you can search, inspect, and view the buses, automobiles, and tempo travellers that are offered for rent. We also make certain that the vehicle you see during the estimate is the exact vehicle you will receive at the start of your tour. This eliminates the need for the customer to do a personal inspection to confirm that the car they receive on the day of their journey is the same vehicle that they booked. Everything is identical, right down to the licence plate's last digit.


What are the different kinds of buses that I can book with Chiku Cab?

when it comes to online bus booking in Mumbai, Chiku Cab provides an array of alternatives, allowing clients to customize their trip to meet their individual travel demands. There are 20, 25,30,35,40, and 50 passenger buses available. Customers can take a tourist bus, a semi-seater bus, a sleeper bus, or a minibus with Chiku Cab.

What are some of the famous tourists sightseeing spots in Mumbai?

With the help of a bus, you can visit a big number of places in Mumbai. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the Haji Ali Dargah, the Siddhivinayak Temple, the Gateway of India, and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus are among them. With the help of Chiku Cab, reserving a bus in Mumbai has never been easier.

What is the advance amount that I have to pay while booking a bus with Chiku Cab?

Chiku Cab charges you a very nominal advance booking charge. You just have to pay 18% of the total invoice value quoted during the time of booking which will be adjusted in your final invoice clearance.

Can I eat and carry foodstuff in the bus?

Passengers on a Chiku Cab booked vehicle are permitted to bring drinks and snacks with them. For passengers carrying refreshments, certain buses are equipped with ice boxes or a minifridge. We strictly adhere to a non-alcohol policy.

What all charges are included in the quote provided by Chiku Cab?

The quotation provided by Chiku Cab is inclusive of bus rental charges, driver rental charges, and fuel charges.

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