Terms & Conditions


1.1.1. CHIKU MOBILITY INDIA PVT LTD only provides a technology platform that connects intending travelers with operators to hire an entire vehicle. It doesn’t operate any vehicle or offer the service of transportation to the User. Instead fulfilment of these bookings is done by operators who are empanelled with CHIKU MOBILITY INDIA PVT LTD. CHIKU MOBILITY INDIA PVT LTD also doesn’t act as an agent of any operator in the process of providing the above-mentioned technology platform services.

1.1.2. The Vehicle booking voucher which CHIKU MOBILITY INDIA PVT LTD issues to a User is solely based on the information provided or updated by the vehicle operator.

1.1.2. The amenities, services, fares, routes, schedule, bus type and any other details pertaining to the bus service are provided by the respective vehicle operator and CHIKU MOBILITY INDIA PVT LTD has no control over such information provided by the bus operator or fulfillment of the same.


1.2.1. In its role as a technology platform to facilitate transactions between the bus operators and the Users. Under no circumstances can CHIKU MOBILITY INDIA PVT LTD be held liable for failure on part of a service provider to provide the User with a particular Bus, the standard of service or any insufficiency in the services or any other service related issues including, but not limited to the following:

1.2.2. Timely departure or arrival of the vehicle

1.2.3. The conduct of bus operator's employees, representatives or agents

1.2.4. The condition of the vehicle, seats etc. not being up to the customer's expectation or as per the description provided by the bus operator

1.2.5. Cancellation of the trip by the vehicle operator due to any reasons

1.2.6 Cancelation of the trip by the vehicle operation due to any dispute that happened because of the customer & the operator after the arrival of the bus at the pick-up point. In such case no refund is applicable.

1.2.7 Cancellation of the trip by the customer after sharing vehicle & operating details. In such case No Refund is applicable.

1.2.8. Loss or damage of the baggage of the customer

1.2.9. Bus operator using a separate pick-up vehicle to transport the User from the designated boarding point to the actual place of departure of the bus.

1.2.10. In some cities, the customer may see the name of the operator of whom they are making a booking. In such cases, best effort shall be made to ensure that the same operator fulfils the booking. In other cities, where the customer sees only the vehicle type, CHIKU MOBILITY INDIA PVT LTD shall choose an operator from its panel to fulfil the booking.

1.2.11. In cases of unavailability of the hired vehicle or where the bus breaks down during the journey, CHIKU MOBILITY INDIA PVT LTD may reach out to the concerned service provider to make arrangements for an alternate Bus of a similar standard. User may reach out to info@chikucab.com for any assistance.

1.2.12. It is the sole liability of the vehicle operator to obtain all the relevant licenses, permits etc. to undertake the travel booked. In case of any cancellation of booking owing to absence of necessary licenses or permits by the vehicle operator, CHIKU MOBILITY INDIA PVT LTD shall not be liable in any manner.


1.3.1. Users are advised to call the vehicle operator to find out the exact boarding point, or any information which they may need for the purpose of boarding or travel in that trip.

1.3.2. At the time of boarding the bus, Users shall furnish a copy of the confirmation booking voucher, and any valid identity proof issued by a government authority.


In the unfortunate event that the client cancels a booking with us, the client may be liable to pay cancellation charges. The cancellation charges will be dependent on the timing of cancellation with relevance to the start date of booking as summarized below:

Cancellation time | Cancellation Fees

Booking Cancellation Charges:

Refund Policy

In regard to refund of unused / unutilized services (which are paid for and cancelled in advance) the refund amount would be worked out on the basis of cancellation policy as described above and the money would be accordingly refunded to the person who has made the payment to us. Please note that the refund process may take 2 – 4 weeks due to banking procedures. If the refund is made to the credit card account OR to Bank account, the bank charges would be debited from the refund amount.

After taking or availing service, No refund is considerable and applicable in any case.


We are not party and not responsible for any kind of dispute related to vendor / driver and customer. However if required , the jurisdiction for any kind of dispute with CHIKU MOBILITY INDIA PVT LTD would be Varanasi district court only.

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