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Hyderabad, sometimes known as the "City of Nizams," is the capital of India's Telangana state. Along with technological advances and services, the city nonetheless keeps its culture and tradition in a way that no other city can. The city of Hyderabad has a rich history that can still be witnessed in people's daily lives and in the different monuments that honour the city. Visit these monuments by booking a luxury bus on hire in Hyderabad with Chiku Cab.

With a 400-year history, Hyderabad has seen many successions, resulting in the mingling of customs and cultures, resulting in a distinctive mixed pattern of living. A peek of Hyderabad history can be seen in the various monuments and historical buildings, as well as in the historical traditions and lifestyles of the inhabitants. Golconda Fort, Charminar, graves of the ancient Qutb Shahi monarchs, Chowmahalla Palace, and Taramati Baradari, as well as museums like Salar Jung Museum and Telangana State Archaeological Museum, transport visitors back to Hyderabad's history.

Luxury bus rental in Hyderabad is used for a variety of occasions, including weddings, celebrity pickups, award ceremonies, and so on. Hyderabad has a well-organized road network, and many people use buses to get about the city. The Chiku Cab mobile application/user-friendly website's interface makes bus hire in Hyderabad simple.


The Covid19 Protocols followed by Chiku Cab

With the threat of a fourth wave of Corona Virus spreading across the country, Chiku Cab has implemented a number of precautions in compliance with WHO and GoI guidelines.

After and before each voyage, all Chiku Cab buses and minibuses are thoroughly disinfected using an alcohol-based sanitizer.

It is mandatory for the driver, cleaner, and all passengers to wear masks at all times during the ride.

The drivers assigned to the bus ride have received two doses of the Corona Virus vaccine.

Every bus has a bottle of hand sanitizer that can be used to sterilise your hands.

Before boarding the bus, all passengers must undergo a thermal scan to determine their body temperature. This regulation applies to all members of the team, including the driver, cleaner, and anybody else who has direct contact with the vehicle.

The bus service providers via Chiku Cab will not be providing any complimentary blankets or linen for the safety of all passengers.

It is also recommended that if you are feeling poorly or showing any signs of the Covid19 virus, you avoid taking the trip and stay at home for additional medical examinations.

why should you rent a bus in Hyderabad?

Due to the recent COVID outbreak, tourists choose to travel by bus in Hyderabad. It allows them to avoid the crowds while waiting for public transportation. Bus hire in Hyderabad can also be used for business meetings and corporate events. Renting a bus reduces per-person travel costs and is less expensive than flying or renting a car. In Hyderabad, a 30-seater bus will cost less per passenger than 30 individual bus tickets. Book a Volvo bus on hire in Hyderabad and experience the comfortable and luxurious journeys on the roads of this city.

Bus Options Available With Chiku Cab In Hyderabad

Chiku Cab offers a variety of bus rental options based on seating capacity and manufacturer. The following are some of the most common types of buses available for rent in Hyderabad:

Segregation According To Seating Capacity

In addition, the bus hire in Hyderabad is available in a variety of seating capacities. The following are some alternatives for seating:

Amenities offered on Bus by Chiku Cab

The amenities provided vary by bus type and may be viewed on Chiku Cab while making a reservation. The following are some of the services provided by bus hire in Hyderabad:

How To Book A Bus In Hyderabad Online

Downloading the Chiku Cab smartphone application on your mobile device is the ideal way to schedule a luxury bus hire in Ahmedabad with Chiku Cab. After you've downloaded the app, you'll need to sign up by providing your phone number, email address, and full name. Following registration, you can select the choose a bus option and, after entering your travel criteria and budget, you will be presented with a choice of buses in Hyderabad that meet your needs. You can reserve the bus for the dates you need by paying the initial booking fee. This entire procedure is documented on our website, If you have any problems at any time, please contact our customer service representatives at 844-844-5504. Our executives can also be contacted by email:

Apart from buses, Chiku Cab also offers luxury minibus hire in Hyderabad.

Booking A Bus With Chiku Cab Has Its Advantages/Benefits

Whether you're travelling on a business vacation, a road trip, or just spending quality time with friends and family in Hyderabad, the method of transportation you choose will be crucial to your trip's success. A lot of factors, including the terrain and the amount of people travelling, will influence the vehicle you choose. Let's have a look at some of the benefits of renting or hiring a bus in Hyderabad:

Taking the bus is less expensive as compared to driving one's own car. The larger the number of cars you have, the more fuel they consume. You'll end up paying hundreds of times more than if you took the bus.

You'll travel with a group of close friends. You'll have plenty of opportunity to catch up and gossip on the bus as you journey in and out of Hyderabad.

Long-distance buses have slanted seats that allow you to sleep if necessary. This is a huge advantage, as comfort is a major consideration when purchasing a vehicle. We provide comfortable Volvo bus rental in Hyderabad.

Furthermore, even when city roads are well-designed, using the bus is better for the environment and reduces road traffic congestion.

Sightseeing Spots In Hyderabad

The following are some of the most popular sites to visit in and around Hyderabad:

The 50-foot tall Char Minar was built in 1591 and is one of Hyderabad's most important cultural attractions. It is located 2.5 kilometres from the city centre of Hyderabad and is open to tourists from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Warangal: For a trip to Warangal with friends or family, a bus rental in Hyderabad is ideal. Warangal is a historic city in the Telangana state, located 149 kilometres from Hyderabad.

Tourists can enjoy a stunning view of the Nagarjuna Sagar and Dam. It is 166 kilometres away from Hyderabad and can be reached in 4 hours by an AC bus hire in Hyderabad with Chiku Cab.

Yadagirigutta is a popular pilgrimage site in South India, located 66 kilometres from Hyderabad. By booking a luxury bus hire in Hyderabad, the Yadagirigutta cave temple may be reached in less than two hours from Hyderabad.

Chiku Cab Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns about bus booking in Hyderabad, please call our customer service staff at 8448445504. Throughout the year, we are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also send us an email at, and we will respond within 24 hours.


Are the drivers provided by Chiku Cab reliable?

We assure you that all our drivers are professional in their jobs and polite to each and every customer. Before assigning a driver, they have to undergo police background verification. Also, all our drivers are commercial licensed.

What all payment methods does Chiku Cab accept?

Chiku Cab accepts Credit/Debit Cards, e-wallets, UPI payments, Net Banking Transfers and Cash only in the form of Indian Currency as a mode of payment.

Am I eligible for a GST taxed invoice?

It is your whole right to ask for a GST Taxed Invoice at the end of the trip. In case you are planning to claim the GST returns, kindly mention your GST Details at the time of booking itself. Chiku Cab follows a transparent billing system and thus we always e-mail you the taxed invoice at the end of the journey on your registered e-mail address.

What is the cost of booking a Bus in Hyderabad?

The cost of booking a bus in Hyderabad depends on several factors like the make of the bus, seating capacity, duration of rent, extra amenities, etc. To get the exact quotes, we suggest you to call us on 844-844-5504 and talk to our customer care executives regarding the same.

Do I have to pay anything upfront to confirm the booking of a bus?

Yes! You will have to make the payment of 18% of the total invoice value as an advance booking confirmation. This amount will be adjusted in your final billing.

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