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Bengaluru is affectionately called as 'The Garden City of India,' a city where many cultures collide and a glorious past mingles with modern pleasures. For its rich green landscapes, healthy temperature, and modern comforts, this happy city has been dubbed the "Silicon Valley of India," "Air Conditioned City," "Pub Capital of India," and "Pensioners' Paradise." Bengaluru, known as a "techie's paradise," features several tourist attractions, including gardens, natural landscapes, palaces, temples, and museums. All of these factors combine to create a wonderful mix of history and present, which is why so many people enjoy the city's westward culture, natural beauty, and active nightlife. The best way to commute for tourists is by booking a luxury bus on hire in Bangalore with Chiku Cab.

Bengaluru is a melting pot of people and cultures, and it is unquestionably one of India's top cities, attracting visitors from all over the world. It is the capital of Karnataka and a popular tourist destination. It is Asia's fastest expanding cosmopolitan city, and practically every techie would enjoy a trip there. Bengaluru's central location in Peninsular India creates a cool and pleasant atmosphere that draws hundreds of tourists to this sophisticated city each year. Enjoy touring the city with a Volvo bus on rent in Bangalore with Chiku Cab.


Bengaluru is a technology centre as well as a key stopover for tourist attractions like Mysore, Wayanad, Coorg, and the Jog Falls. It is a great metropolis that is brimming with life and excitement all year. Tourists prefer destinations like Tipu Sultan's LalBaug Summer Palace, Cubbon Park, Ulsoor Lake, VidanaSoudha, and Bangalore Palace among Bengaluru's myriad attractions. Travel to all these places and more with Volvo bus hire in Bangalore with Chiku Cab.

To commute in a group as tourists, the best way possible is by renting a bus/ luxury bus or a minibus in Bangalore depending on the group size and the luxurious amenities required. Let’s have a look at the different types of luxury bus rental in Bangalore/luxury Mini Bus hire in Bangalore with Chiku Cab.

Different Types Of Buses Available In Bangalore

50-seater Bus : If you are travelling with a large group of people, we would suggest you to make use of our 50 seater bus hire in Bangalore. Along with the maximum capacity and ample of aisle space, this bus provides you the upmost comfort and the luxury of travelling with your whole group together.

40-seater Bus : Now book a 40 seater bus hire in Bangalore with the arrangement of seats in the mode of 2+2. The 40 seater bus is extremely comfortable for intracity as well as intercity travels and has ample of boot space to carry luggage of all the 40 passengers travelling.

35-seater Bus : Booking a 35 seater bus hire in Bangalore is moist recommended for corporate tours and events, family picnics, and weddings. It includes luxury interiors, comfortable seats, and a sophisticated air conditioning system that ensures passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

30-seater Bus : By booking a 30 seater bus hire in Bangalore you ensure a commuting facility to your group which is comfortable, safe, and at the same time pleasurable because of the various types of facilities like Television, Music System, First-Aid Kit, pushback seats made available.

25-seater Bus : A 25 seater bus or rather a minibus is the apt 25-seater bus hire in Bangalore to travel intracity to visit the various sightseeing spots of the city. All of the seats have a headrest and are pushed back. Built-in audio and air conditioning are the basic facilities offered in this bus.

20-seater Bus : The 20 seater bus is ideal for trips both within and outside of the city. It is idle due to its clean interiors, comfortable push back seats, and ample luggage room. We suggest you to book a 20-seater bus hire in Bangalore for a small one-day excursion.

Apart from these regular buses, Chiku Cab also provides various seating arrangement minibuses as well as luxurious Mini Bus hire Bangalore. We have Volvo bus on hire in Bangalore. For an even better comfort level, we even can help you book a Mercedes bus on rent in Bangalore.

Note : All the bus rental in Bangalore by Chiku Cab are air-conditioned and as of now we do not serve Non-AC automobiles of any size. Also, all the buses hired in Bangalore with us come with a certified chauffeur and a cleaner, both of whom are polite and professional in their duties. Chiku Cab thus becomes the best aggregator for AC bus hire in Bangalore.

Bus Rate Chart for Bangalore

Seat Type AC or Non-AC Outstation Local
Rate per Km Km Limits Driver 8 hr/ 80 km Extra km Extra Hr
18+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
20+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
21+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
25+1 Mini Bus 29 300 500 6500 29 500
28+1 Mini Bus 35 300 500 8000 35 500
29 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 600 8000 44 500
29 Seaters AC 46 300 600 9000 46 500
30 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 600 8000 44 500
30 Seaters AC 50 300 600 9000 50 500
32 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 700 8500 44 500
32 Seaters AC 46 300 700 9000 46 500
33 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 700 9500 44 500
33 Seaters AC 48 300 700 9500 48 500
35 Seaters Non-AC 50 300 700 9500 50 500
35 Seaters AC 57 300 700 10000 57 500
40 Seaters Non-AC 55 300 700 10000 55 500
40 Seaters AC 61 300 750 11500 61 500
49 Seaters Non-AC 53 300 750 10000 53 600
49 Seaters AC 57 300 755 11500 57 600
50 Seaters Non-AC 55 300 1000 10000 55 600
50 Seaters AC 66 300 1000 16500 66 600
45 Seaters Volvo Bus 72 400 1000 16500 72 600
33+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 35 300 500 8000 35 600
35+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 40 300 500 9000 40 600
40+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 44 300 600 10500 44 700
44+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 45 300 600 11500 45 700
49+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 45 300 600 11500 45 700

Safety Precautions Followed By Chiku Cab

With the trace and fear of another Covid-19 hitting the country, Chiku Cab ensures that all safety precautions are taken due care of while booking a luxury bus hire in Bangalore. Some of the measures followed are as follows:

How To Rent A Bus With Chiku Cab

You can do a bus booking in Bangalore with Chiku Cab in three different ways:

The same method can be used to reserve a bus hire for outstation in Bangalore.

Benefits Of Booking A Bus With Chiku Cab


What is to be done if the bus booked by us breaks down?

All of the Chiku Cab buses are incredibly dependable. When a bus breaks down in the middle of a voyage, it is the responsibility of the bus company to replace the vehicle.

How is the kilometre reading calculated?

Kilometers are estimated for outstation trips using the return trip distance between the source and destination. Any extra kilometres driven within the city, as well as the distance from the garage, are not taken into account.

Which type of payment modes are accepted by Chiku Cab?

In the hire bus option, Chiku Cab has made it easy to pay. To reserve a vehicle, you only need to pay a portion of the whole cost. The remaining balance can be paid with a credit card, debit card, UPI, net banking, or by paying the driver personally in cash (Indian Currency only)

Where should I contact if I have any additional queries/requirements?

You can always contact our customer service team on 844-844-5504 for all your queries and requirements. We work 24*7*365 a year.

Why choose Chiku Cab for bus hire in Bangalore?

when it comes to travel, Chiku Cab offers the best possibilities. Our top aim is to meet the demands and requirements of our customers.

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