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Taxi From Bangalore To Ooty

Selecting the right cab service is important to experience comfortable travel. If you want to travel to Ooty from Bangalore, you should take advantage of private cab services. These services offer the convenience of booking for a one-way or round trip. Apart from this, you get a chance to travel in your own style and comfort.

So, whenever you plan to travel along with your friends or family members, you should consider hiring expert cab services who have been in the business for many years.

Why select cab services only for your travels?


In general, apart from the reasons that are mentioned above, Bangalore to Ooty car rental offers a hassle-free way for you to travel to your preferred destination. The best part is that you are already aware of the charges you have to pay in advance.

So you can stick to your decided budget during your travels. In case you have to cancel or change your travel plans at the last moment, you don’t have to worry about cancellation charges. All charges paid to the services in advance will directly be refunded directly.

On booking these services, the company will also offer you pick-up and drop services right at your doorstep, so you don’t have to worry about wandering around with your heavy luggage.

For traveling outstations, private cabs are considered safe options, as they are secured and registered.

Make your best selection from a luxury fleet 

The moment you book services, you can collect details related to Bangalore to Ooty car booking which may vary depending on the type of ride you select. You always have the benefit where you can browse through the entire fleet before selecting.

Private services that operate on this route, certainly maintain a big fleet of all types of luxury and semi-luxury vehicles. So if you are working on a strict budget, then you can make your selection as per your pocket.

The rates may also vary depending on the type of services you have selected – one-way or round-trip.

If you are booking services online then you can check with Bangalore to Ooty cab service online at their web portal. All details related to fare and vehicle type are always well described on the web portal.

This factor is beneficial as you can plan your travels as per your likes, in advance.

Drop services: Hiring private cabs also means that you are going to pay flat charges for your entire travel plans. So when arriving at your destination, they will always ensure that you are dropped at the right location. Hiring a One-way taxi from Bangalore to Ooty services guarantees that you will always arrive at your location safely.

These services are best for individuals who are traveling to this destination for the first time.

Select the preferred tour package: If you are planning for a round trip, then you can also request travel services to provide you with two or more tour packages. This is a beneficial factor when selecting Bangalore to Ooty cab booking services. Your selection can be made from amongst the best tour packages offered by Chiku Cab or similar services that fit your needs.

Enjoy your road trip travels: Private cab hire is one of the best ways if you want to explore some rare scenes during your travels. So the moment you come across an interesting sight you can request the driver to halt for some time. People who are adventurous by nature often select Bangalore to Ooty Cab services.

They get a chance to explore hidden nature even when traveling through the highways. To make your travels more interesting you can enjoy the music or browse movies online or offline. Present-time vehicles are already equipped with WiFi services and much more for your entertainment.

Private cabs are the best way to explore any destination during travel. You can ensure that you and your family are well-protected. You can find Bangalore airport to Ooty taxi fare from Chiku cab.

Bangalore to Ooty Taxi Fare:

Vehicle Type Inside City (Base Fare) One Way (Base Fare) Return
Pick/Drop 8Hr/80KM 347 KM Pick/Drop
Indica Rs.1,300 Rs.1,600 Rs.3,750 Rs.8
Indigo Rs.1,400 Rs.1,700 Rs.3,800 Rs.8.5
Swift Dzire Rs.1,500 Rs.1,800 Rs.3,990 Rs.9
Honda Amaze/ Rs.1,600 Rs.2,000 Rs.4,900 Rs.10
Mobilio / Ertiga Rs.1,700 Rs.2,200 Rs.7,300 Rs.11
Toyota Innova Rs.1,800 Rs.2,600 Rs.9,400 Rs.13
Toyota Crysta Rs.2,000 Rs.2,800 Rs.10,800 Rs.14

Driver Charges (After 10 PM): Rs.250

Outstation: Min. 250KM / Day

State Permit Tax for All Vehicles

Vehicle Seat AP Kerala Pondicherry Madras
Indica 4+1 ₹500 ₹750 ₹350 ₹350
Indigo 4+1 ₹500 ₹750 ₹350 ₹350
Swift Dzire 4+1 ₹500 ₹750 ₹500 ₹500
Honda Amaze/ 6+1 ₹1000 ₹1400 ₹1000 ₹1000
Mobilio / Ertiga 7+1 ₹2800 ₹2800 ₹1000 ₹1000
Toyota Innova 8+1 ₹2800 ₹2800 ₹1000 ₹1000
Toyota Crysta 13+1 ₹3800 ₹5600 ₹1500 ₹1500
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