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Taxi Service in Noida

One of the best ways to travel locally is through the local taxi service in Noida. We offer you better and more vulnerable taxi services to make you the best time and to get amazing moments with your friends, family, colleagues, etc. No matter where you want to travel, and what time, we at Chiku Cab are available 24 X 7 to assist you in hiring the best local taxi in Noida.

There are various places to visit and explore in Noida. The city strike chord with almost all visitors local and international. One of the most prominent locations not to miss is The World of Wonder, which is an entertainment park in Delhi. You can hire a cab service in Noida and visit the part which is located inside the Great India Place Mall. There are many thrills, adventures, games, and housing activities that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Affordable Taxi in Noida

The popular and largest malls located in sector 38-A in Noida, you can see The Great Indian place sightseeing. The mall is bustling with people and activities all day. Whether you are localities or a tourist, you can get a car rental in Noida and have fun-filled activities, malls, temples, restaurants, and much more. Noida does not limit you to traveling and enjoying different places; instead, it can satiate your hunger pangs at several chain restaurants, streets, and cafes located. Do not miss to enjoy tikkas, kebabs, jalebis, Gulab Jamun, chole Tikkis, Golgappas, momos, and much more.

Local Cab in Noida


DLF Malls of India, Budda International circuit, Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Botanical Garden Noida, Brahmaputra Market, and Stupa 18 art gallery are some of the attractions you can cover hiring a car hire in Noida and gives endless possibilities for corporates, families, bachelor, and honeymooners. We assure you to turn your dream into reality and enjoy your best experience in the city. You can book a customized trip with us in Noida for tours and travels.

Don’t limit yourself to an airport taxi in Noida, we can offer much more than it like, like Noida-to-airport taxis, and airport-to-Noida taxis. You can choose us from an outstation taxi in Noida and visit Kasauli, Vrindavan, Manesar, Bareilly, Haridwar, Nainital, Rishikesh, and much more.

Cab Service in Noida Information

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA) is an organization that has been around since 1976 in the city of Gautam Buddh Nagar. Cab booking in Noida is useful for the many people that travel here from all over India for work and business. Being in Noida is the best way to envision how rapidly India is changing. The city of Noida is a must-see because of its massive buildings, fantastic shopping centers, and gorgeous parks, all of which can be reached easily via cab. Noida's taxi service allows visitors to easily reach the city's neighboring destinations. Chiku Cab makes it easy to reserve an outstation taxi in Noida. Taxis in Noida are the most convenient way to get about the city. One of the most important commercial centers, as it is home to branches of numerous international and domestic IT giants.

Local and outstation Taxi fare in Noida

Vehicle Type Airport Rental with in City Outstation
Pick/Drop 8Hr 80KM* 12Hr 120KM* Round Trip One way
Indica ₹700 ₹1,500 ₹1,800 ₹8.50 ₹14
Indigo ₹750 ₹1,600 ₹1,900 ₹9 ₹14.75
Swift Dzire ₹800 ₹1,700 ₹2,000 ₹9.50 ₹16.25
Honda Amaze/ ₹850 ₹1,800 ₹2,200 ₹10 ₹17
Mobilio / Ertiga ₹900 ₹2,400 ₹2,750 ₹14 ₹20.75
Innova Crysta ₹1,100 ₹2,650 ₹2,900 ₹16 ₹21.5
Toyota Crysta ₹1,200 ₹2,850 ₹3,180 ₹17 ₹23
Honda City ₹1,500 ₹2,800 ₹3,600 ₹18 ₹26
Tempo Traveller ₹2,000 ₹3,400 ₹4,400 ₹22 ₹42

Driver Charges (After 10PM): Rs.250, *(Base Fare)

Outstation (Roundtrip): Min. 250KM / Day

Commuters from all over the world utilize Noida taxis to go to and from their hotels for business trips. The drivers and staff of Noida's cab companies are consummate professionals. Chiku Cab, the cab booking in Noida you can count on if you need a ride in Noida, will provide you with a clean, well-maintained vehicle driven by a courteous and helpful driver. Since people in Noida already have little free time, we make it a point to always pick them up promptly when they call for a cab. Noida taxi services are cheap and accessible to anyone. For our most prestigious corporate personnel, we also maintain a fleet of premium vehicles.

In the NCR area, which includes Noida, there is a constant flow of government workers. Consequently, important government personnel can prearrange for a taxi to pick them up in Noida. Chiku cab provides affordable cab booking in Noida services so that you may travel to all of NOIDA's top attractions. Noida is home to many attractions, including the modern Yamuna Direct Freeway, The Grand India Plaza, Worlds of Wonder (one of the biggest amusement parks in Asia), the Lotus Temple, the Okhla Bird Sanctuary, and more, all of which can be reached in a cheap cab ride. When looking for a reliable Noida taxi service, Chiku Cab is the way to go. Sedans, SUVs, Luxury and premium cars—we have them all in our fleet so that we can meet the demands of as many people as possible. We are experts at tailoring our service to each individual client's specifications.

Chiku Cab is Your Top Pick for Taxi Services in Noida!

Need a safe and comfortable ride for your long trips or local travel in Noida? Look no further! Chiku Cab is here to give you excellent taxi services that meet all your travel needs. No matter if you need a car rental, a local taxi or just a comfortable outstation cab in Noida; we have everything ready for you.

Our Cab Services

Local Travel: Chiku Cab knows how important it is to have easy transportation in Noida for your daily life. Local taxis in Noida are made to be quick and on time. They can help with things like jobs, shopping, or fun stuff. If you need a good car to drive you to work or help carry things after shopping, our local cabs with skilled drivers will be ready for your service. They can also give comfy rides in places where people like having fun. We focus on being on time, keeping everyone safe, and making sure you're happy. This way, your short trips in Noida are easy, without any problems or stress.

Outstation Travel: When you are making a journey from Noida to another place, Chiku Cab is the best option for getting an outstation taxi in Noida that is both trustworthy and comfortable. We promise to keep our best vehicles and use skilled drivers. This makes sure that you'll have a smooth, fun trip to your chosen place outside the city. For a weekend trip, business journey, or family holiday, we offer cab services. They are safe and dependable for getting you to your destination easily with comfort and peace of mind.

Why choose us?

Reliability: At Chiku Cab, we know how important it is to be on time with your busy life. Our promise to be steady means that when you pay for a ride with us, you can rely on our punctuality every single time. Experienced drivers and good cars keep our rides in order. They work well to get you on time, so your day goes smoother. Whether you are going on a plane, joining an event, or getting to somewhere important- trust us for safe transport that will respect and value your time.

Safety: Your safety is very important, and it is the most critical thing for Chiku Cab. We work hard to follow safety rules very carefully. We do regular car checks, train our drivers well, and use safe procedures for travelling in vehicles. This helps keep everyone protected during the journey. Our drivers are good not only at driving but also know how to drive safely. This makes it safe for our passengers during their rides with us. When you get in our cabs until your trip is done, know that safety is what we care about the most.

Affordability: Chiku Cab promised to give affordable transport options without lowering the quality. We give fair and clear prices for all the things we do, making sure you get your money's worth. We do not use secret fees or catch you off guard; our way of pricing is simple and easy to understand. If you want to get a car from one place to another and need local taxis or car hire in Noida, our low prices let everyone have nice transportation.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: Our main goal in giving service is to make customers happy. Our helpful team that helps customers is open 24/7. They are always ready to answer any questions, worries, or help you might need. If you need help with ride bookings, fixing problems during your trip, or getting info - we are ready to assist. You can reach us via phone calls or messages anytime. We appreciate what you think and always try to improve our services. We listen carefully to customers, hoping for happy experiences every time somebody chooses Chiku Cab service.


What types of cars can you rent in Noida?

Chiku Cab provides a big selection of cars to rent in Noida. No matter if you want a car, big SUVs or other kind of vehicle, we have many choices. They match what you like and need from an automobile.

Until what time can I use taxi services in Noida?

Our taxi services in Noida are always open. That means you can get a trusty ride anytime, even late at night or early in the morning. No matter if it is morning or nighttime, Chiku Cab will be there to help you with moving around.

Do your drivers have a license and do background checks on them?

Of course, making sure our passengers are safe is very important. All our drivers have a driving license and pass big background checks. This makes sure your ride with Chiku Cab is not only nice but also safe.

Till what time are Noida taxi services available?

We work round the clock and thus our taxi services are available 24/7 in Noida.

What is the cost of a taxi service in Noida?

The cost of taxi service is variable depending on factors like the vehicle chosen, duration of booking, and so on.

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