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Welcome to the City of Lights where the legend goes that the city of Varanasi was built by Lord Shiva himself. Also known as Benares and Kashi, Varanasi is the holiest place for the Hindus. Situated at the banks of the River Ganga, many religious rites are being seen to be performed here. Anyone who bathes in the River Ganga is said to achieve Salvation as all his sins would be wiped off. Because of this, tourism is on a higher scale in Varanasi. You can always book an Innova cab in Varanasi with Chiku Cab beforehand so that you are quite prepared to visit and roam this beautiful and devotional city. Also known as the Oxford of the East, Varanasi has been the birthplace of famous artists, poets, authors, musicians, and scholars from other subjects. To be honest, Varanasi can’t be described in words as it is a complete experience in itself. You can really understand Varanasi if you travel through the Ghats, go through the tiny by-lanes, observe the rituals of Hinduism and a lot more in this historic and one of the oldest cities in India.


Top 3 Places to Visit in Varanasi

The Kashi Vishwanath Temple : Regarded as the Golden Temple of the Hindus, the Kashi Vishwanath Temple has a history of around 3500 years. It is considered to be the most pious place in Varanasi, as it is counted as one of the 12 Lingas, a Hindu has to visit in order to attain complete salvation. The Kashi Vishwanath Temple was built by the queen of Malwa in Indore, Rani Ahilyabai Holkar. When erected, this temple had a golden shrine and a golden dome thus it is also called the Golden Temple. You can hire Innova in Varanasi with Chiku Cab, even on an hourly rental basis, to visit this beautiful temple which is open from 6 am to 6 pm every day.

Manikarnika Ghat : Considered to be one of the oldest ghats on the River Ganga in Varanasi, Manikarnika Ghat is surely not a place to be visited for the faint-hearted. You will observe numerous pyres of dead bodies being burnt here, throughout the day. It is a myth in Hinduism, that one attains complete salvation after being performed the cremation rites at Manikarnika Ghat. For this very reason, Manikarnika Ghat is now widely known as the Cremation Ghat too. If you are emotionally strong enough book an Innova taxi in Varanasi with Chiku Cab to observe this ghat. Also remember, not to click photos of the pyres without the consent of the family.

Ramnagar Fort : Built somewhere in between the 17th century across the Assi Ghat at the banks of the River Ganga, it was the residence of the Royal Family of Varanasi. Although, as of today only the ruins of this fort are remaining to watch, the charm of the place has not vanished. For the history admirers, there are various swords, framed paintings, and many other historical items decorated on the walls of this palace. The main part of the Fort has been converted into a small museum where there are the heavily ornamented palanquins and elephant seats kept for display. No Varanasi tour is complete without a short trip to the Ramnagar Fort.

Local and outstation Taxi fare in Varansi

Vehicle Type Airport Inside City Outstation
Pick/Drop 4HR/40KM 6HR/60KM 8HR/80KM 12HR/120KM Round Trip One Way
Sedan Rs.600 Rs.1,100 Rs.1,400 Rs.1,850 Rs.2,100 Rs.10 Rs.15
Sedan Plus Rs.650 Rs.1,200 Rs.1,500 Rs.1,900 Rs.2,200 Rs.10.25 Rs.16
Sedan Comfort Rs.750 Rs.1,250 Rs.1,550 Rs.1,950 Rs.2,250 Rs.10.50 Rs.16.50
Sedan Premium Rs.800 Rs.1,350 Rs.1,600 Rs.2,050 Rs.2,350 Rs.11 Rs.17
SUV Rs.1,150 Rs.1,800 Rs.1,850 Rs.2,200 Rs.2,500 Rs.13.50 Rs.21
SUV Plus Rs.1,200 Rs.1,850 Rs.1,900 Rs.2,300 Rs.2,600 Rs.13.75 Rs.22
SUV Comfort Rs.1,300 Rs.2,000 Rs.1,950 Rs.2,600 Rs.2,800 Rs.15 Rs.25
Innova Crysta Rs.1,500 Rs.2,200 Rs.3,000 Rs.3,000 Rs.3,500 Rs.17 Rs.30
Tempo Traveller Rs.3,000 Rs.5,000 Rs.6,000 Rs.6,200 Rs.7,200 Rs.24 Rs.38
Driver Charges (After 10 PM): Rs.250 Outstation: Min. 300KM / Day
Route/Cab Sedan SUV Route/Cab Sedan SUV
Varanasi to Ghazipur Rs.1,700 Rs.2,200 Varanasi to Dala Rs.2,100 Rs.2,400
Varanasi to Mau Rs.2,200 Rs.2,600 Varanasi to Chopan Rs.2,100 Rs.2,400
Varanasi to Buxer Rs.2,400 Rs.3,000 Varanasi to Agra Rs.12,000 Rs.14,000
Varansi to Gaya Rs.5,000 Rs.6,200 Varanasi to Renukoot Rs.2800 Rs.3200
Varansi to Babhuaa Rs.1,800 Rs.2,200 Varanasi to Shaktinagar Rs.3,500 Rs.4,200
Varanasi to Patna Rs.4,700 Rs.6,200 Varanasi to Singrauli Rs.3,600 Rs.4,400
Varanasi to Gorakhpur Rs.4,000 Rs.5,200 Varanasi to Prayaagraj Rs.2,200 Rs.2,500
Varanasi to Azamgarh Rs.2,000 Rs.2,400 Varanasi to Kaushambi Rs.3,200 Rs.3,800
Varanasi to Jaunpur Rs.1,600 Rs.1,900 Varanasi to Chitrakoot Rs.4,800 Rs.5,600
Varanasi to Ahraura Rs.1,500 Rs.1,800 Varanasi to Ayodhya Rs.3,500 Rs.4,500
Varanasi to Mirzapur Rs.1,500 Rs.2,150 Varanasi to Lucknow Rs.4,500 Rs.6,000
Varanasi to Robertsganj Rs.2000 Rs.2400 Varanasi to Kanpur Rs.5500 Rs.6800
Varanasi to Mathura Rs.12,000 Rs.14,500 Varanasi to Bhadohi Rs.1,300 Rs.2,000
Varanasi to Ballia Rs.3,000 Rs.3,500
Driver Charges (After 10 PM): Rs.250 Outstation: Min. 300KM / Day

Top 3 Places to Visit Near Varanasi

Sarnath : Located just at a distance of 10 to 15 kilometers from the main city of Varanasi, lies the city of Sarnath. The city of Sarnath is famous as Lord Buddha gave his first sermon on the eightfold path after attaining enlightenment here in 528 BC. Compared literally, as much pious Varanasi is to the Hindus, Sarnath is equally pious to the Buddhists. As of today, a stupa is erected at the exact place where Lord Buddha gave the first sermon and is known as the Dhamek Stupa. Nearby to this stupa, there is one more stupa which was constructed by King Asoka and is called the Dharamarajika Stupa. The main attraction in Sarnath is the Bodhi Tree which was planted in the year 1931 around which there are many small monasteries built depicting the life and teachings of Lord Buddha.

Betla National Park : Situated at a distance of roughly 300 kilometers from Varanasi, the Betla National Park in Jharkhand is home to various wild animals like tigers, elephants, and a lot of kinds of birds. You can even observe many bamboos, sal, and mahua trees in this National Park. There are even two ancient forts built in the 1600s, a few tribal communities, and hot springs inside the boundaries of the Betla National Park making it an amazing tourist location. For a comfortable ride book an Innova Crysta in Varanasi with Chiku Cab and travel safely here.

Kaushambi : Just at a distance of 70 kilometers from Varanasi, lies the city of Kaushambi, which is believed to be made by the Pandavas brothers. According to research, it also shows that the Buddhists of the times of 600 BC to 600 AD resided here and also had a flourishing community. Kaushambi is also the place where the Ashokan Pillar of the 3rd century can be witnessed. It is quite a serene and beautiful place to visit near Varanasi.

Top 3 Things to Do in Varanasi

Attend the Evening Ganga Aarti : Every evening, there is an Aarti performed at the banks of the River Ganga which can be watched from the Dasawamedh Ghat. One can hear chantings in a loud and rhythmical manner, along with huge brass lamps being used for this aarti. It is quite fascinating to even watch the priests who perform this aarti by donning similar attire. This 45-minute aarti is a must-watch and experience in Varanasi.

Check the sunrise during a boating experience : As a first-timer tourist of Varanasi, it is always suggested that you take an early morning boat ride in the River Ganga. This trip will help you watch and get enchanted by the changing hues of the Sunrise. This one-hour boat ride is sure to be in your memories forever.

Bathe in the River Ganga : It is believed that a single bath or even a dip in the holy water of the River Ganga will wipe away all your current and past-life sins. There are roughly 84 ghats on the River Ganga, from which you can choose anyone to get into the waters to have a holy dip. It is believed that the Hindus will for sure attain Moksha or Salvation with this one dip in the holy waters.

Safety Precautions followed by Chiku Cab during COVID 19 Pandemic

  • We sanitize all our vehicles with regulatory disinfectant before the start of every journey.
  • All the drivers provided by Chiku Cab are double vaccinated and wear their face masks at all times during the journey.
  • We also request all our passengers to keep their face masks on during the whole journey.
  • To avoid the occurrence of cross-contamination, the vehicles in our fleet are given a burnout time after every journey.
  • We also promote digital payments rather than paying by cash to avoid contact of any kind.
  • There is a sanitizer at all times available in all our vehicles for your benefit.


Which all types of Innova hire in Varanasi is feasible?

Chiku Cab provides 3 types of Innova on hire in Varanasi

  • 6+1-Seater Basic Model
  • b.7+1-Seater Medium Model
  • c.Innova Crysta – The topmost model

Generally, we provided both, the AC and Non-AC variants of Innova taxis, but due to COVID 19 and Government Regulation, we only provide the AC variants now.

What is the cost of the Innova Crysta taxi in Varanasi?

The cost of an Innova Crysta Cab in Varanasi depends on which type of ride you require. Whether it is a local ride, outstation ride, or an airport drop ride. You can get in touch with us at 844-844-5504 to get a detailed costing for the same. Don’t worry, we follow a transparent billing system and our rates are reasonable.

What if I require extra luggage space in my ride?

All our customers are allowed one handbag and one traveling bag to carry in the car allotted. But in case, you need more space, let us know during the booking time itself so that we can make some arrangements for you. We could probably help you with an Innova cab with a carrier. The charges for the extra space will be different.

Can I do bulk bookings of Innova cabs?

You are more than welcome to do bulk bookings of taxis with Chiku Cab. We will also help you with a discounted rate for the same. We have many cars in our fleet so you need not worry about the availability of the cabs.

What is the way to book a Chiku Cab service?

You can book a taxi with Chiku Cab in three easy ways:

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