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Local Sightseeing in Varanasi

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Local Sightseeing in Varanasi

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Local Sightseeing in Varanasi

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Local Sightseeing in Varanasi

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Varanasi city is considered the oldest and most ancient cities of all. The captivating blend of its spirituality and modernity leaves everyone mesmerized. Varanasi is situated on the bank of the holy Ganga River and it has 84 ghats where you can experience the perfect spiritual atmosphere as lots of rituals happens here every day. Varanasi also has many religious sites in the form of temples, which are of considerable interest from the historical point of view. The Kashi Vishwanath Temple, which has a great importance as one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, is the major attraction of this city and hence this city is also called as the ‘City of Lord Shiva’. You can find lots of wonders and wisdoms on every corner of Varanasi’s diverse streets. You can also go to shopping and buy the traditional Banarasi Saree. And don’t forget to try out the mouth-watering Kachori Jalebi. You can do lots of things here and explore marvellous places. And for your travels, you definitely need a reliable vehicle service. But don’t worry because Chiku Cab got the perfect vehicle for everyone who wish to experience every inch of Varanasi. You can get the best tour of the city with our Varanasi sightseeing taxi. We provide you the best sightseeing experience in our premium comforting car at affordable rental rates. We will show you all the famous places that you will surely love. So just sit tight and enjoy the ride and leave the rest to us.


Benefits of Our Varanasi Sightseeing by Car Services

Varanasi is the city of streets. Any street can lead you to some ancient temple, or some other wonders. Navigating around these streets and roads is not an easy task, especially when you are new to the town. But if you have someone who knows the places would make it much easier for you to travel and enjoy the sightseeing. That’s precisely what our Varanasi sightseeing tour service provide. We provide you comforting vehicle solutions for your journey so that your sightseeing goes smoothly without any issues. These are some of the benefits of our vehicle services which makes it the best choice for your local travels in Varanasi.

Affordable Rides: You don’t need to pay heavy prices for just a cab booking. We know how expensive these private vehicles could be but we provide you cab services which are very affordable and pocket-friendly.


And our Varanasi local sightseeing cabs provide you a comforting and relaxing ride because it got lots of luxurious amenities which other vehicle services do not provide. We also have a transparent billing system to make sure that you are getting the best price for your booking. The rental price of the cab is the only thing that you have to pay. You won’t be asked for any other payments.

Experienced Drivers: We only hire professional drivers with years of experience for the cab services in Varanasi for sightseeing. We go through a strict process to hire them. We make a fun background check of the drivers, test their skills, and provide them further training to make sure that you don’t have to face any difficulties. Our drivers are very courteous, polite, friendly, and easy to talk with. Our drivers know the local area and will have no difficulties navigating you around. They will even show you the best places you should visit, just like a normal tour guide.

Flexible Services: Our services are entirely flexible and we are very punctual with our services. We have many different vehicle services apart from the local hourly rental service that you can hire for yourone-day sightseeing in Varanasi. We have outstation vehicle service and airport transfer service which you can hire for your different travel needs. Our rides are also very flexible. You can add pickups, change routes, add stopovers, or any other changes that you might want to do. You won’t be charged with any extra fess for any modifications that you do.

Diverse Fleet of Vehicles: We have a diverse range of vehicles that you can hire as per your requirements for our Varanasi tourist cabs. We have manydifferent options like cabs, taxis, minivans, Innova, Indica, Indigo, Etios, sedans, hatchbacks, tempo travellers, luxury cars, and more. All these vehicles have different seating options and are available at affordable prices. We also got tempo travellers which provides the best comforts and luxuries and we have many different options of tempo travellers which you can hire. We have seating options from 9 to 26 for your local sightseeing travels.

Varanasi Local Sightseeing Packages

You can book for our local sightseeing vehicle package to get the best local sightseeing tour effortlessly. With our tour package you can cover all the major places of Varanasi in one go. You can book your package for multiple days to cover some of the outstation destinations like Prayag Raj, Agra, Lucknow, or other places as well. We provide fully flexible vehicles which you can customize for your journey. You can also use our package for your daily travels within the city. We provide quick pickups from your place and help you reach to your destination on time. Our drivers will help you get to the place you want to go on time without wasting much time. Our Varanasi sightseeing package by car is always ready for your travels, whether it is an outstation journey or just local sightseeing.

Varanasi Darshan Cab Service

If you want to explore all the ancient temples or other religious spots in Varanasi, then our darshan cab is the best choice for that. This option is same as the local sightseeing and we provide all the services of the local hourly rentals. With this option, you can cover all the famous temples and other religious places. This vehicle service provides you the best level of cab services with all the premium amenities for a smooth journey experience. Our darshan cabs are perfect for all the tourists who are here to experience the spiritual atmosphere of Varanasi.

Local and outstation Taxi fare in Varansi

Vehicle Type Airport Inside City Outstation
Pick/Drop 4HR/40KM 6HR/60KM 8HR/80KM 12HR/120KM Round Trip One Way
Sedan Rs.600 Rs.1,100 Rs.1,400 Rs.1,850 Rs.2,100 Rs.10 Rs.15
Sedan Plus Rs.650 Rs.1,200 Rs.1,500 Rs.1,900 Rs.2,200 Rs.10.25 Rs.16
Sedan Comfort Rs.750 Rs.1,250 Rs.1,550 Rs.1,950 Rs.2,250 Rs.10.50 Rs.16.50
Sedan Premium Rs.800 Rs.1,350 Rs.1,600 Rs.2,050 Rs.2,350 Rs.11 Rs.17
SUV Rs.1,150 Rs.1,800 Rs.1,850 Rs.2,200 Rs.2,500 Rs.13.50 Rs.21
SUV Plus Rs.1,200 Rs.1,850 Rs.1,900 Rs.2,300 Rs.2,600 Rs.13.75 Rs.22
SUV Comfort Rs.1,300 Rs.2,000 Rs.1,950 Rs.2,600 Rs.2,800 Rs.15 Rs.25
Innova Crysta Rs.1,500 Rs.2,200 Rs.3,000 Rs.3,000 Rs.3,500 Rs.17 Rs.30
Tempo Traveller Rs.3,000 Rs.5,000 Rs.6,000 Rs.6,200 Rs.7,200 Rs.24 Rs.38
Driver Charges (After 10 PM): Rs.250 Outstation: Min. 300KM / Day
Route/Cab Sedan SUV Route/Cab Sedan SUV
Varanasi to Ghazipur Rs.1,700 Rs.2,200 Varanasi to Dala Rs.2,100 Rs.2,400
Varanasi to Mau Rs.2,200 Rs.2,600 Varanasi to Chopan Rs.2,100 Rs.2,400
Varanasi to Buxer Rs.2,400 Rs.3,000 Varanasi to Agra Rs.12,000 Rs.14,000
Varansi to Gaya Rs.5,000 Rs.6,200 Varanasi to Renukoot Rs.2800 Rs.3200
Varansi to Babhuaa Rs.1,800 Rs.2,200 Varanasi to Shaktinagar Rs.3,500 Rs.4,200
Varanasi to Patna Rs.4,700 Rs.6,200 Varanasi to Singrauli Rs.3,600 Rs.4,400
Varanasi to Gorakhpur Rs.4,000 Rs.5,200 Varanasi to Prayaagraj Rs.2,200 Rs.2,500
Varanasi to Azamgarh Rs.2,000 Rs.2,400 Varanasi to Kaushambi Rs.3,200 Rs.3,800
Varanasi to Jaunpur Rs.1,600 Rs.1,900 Varanasi to Chitrakoot Rs.4,800 Rs.5,600
Varanasi to Ahraura Rs.1,500 Rs.1,800 Varanasi to Ayodhya Rs.3,500 Rs.4,500
Varanasi to Mirzapur Rs.1,500 Rs.2,150 Varanasi to Lucknow Rs.4,500 Rs.6,000
Varanasi to Robertsganj Rs.2000 Rs.2400 Varanasi to Kanpur Rs.5500 Rs.6800
Varanasi to Mathura Rs.12,000 Rs.14,500 Varanasi to Bhadohi Rs.1,300 Rs.2,000
Varanasi to Ballia Rs.3,000 Rs.3,500
Driver Charges (After 10 PM): Rs.250 Outstation: Min. 300KM / Day

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Varanasi

Here is a list of all the famous places that you can visit during your visit to Varanasi.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple: If you wish to begin your journey firstly, you could do it from the most popular Hindu temple of Varanasi. This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and it is the one among thirteen Jyotirlinga. This place has great significance to Hindu religion and the city of Varanasi especially. Get the feel of the temple and be blessed to be part of the evening Aarti ceremony.

Dashashwamedh Ghat: Varanasi has 84 Ghats and out of all the names, this Ghat has its own significance because of the Ganga Aarti that takes place in the morning as well as in the evening. It also one of the best tourist spot in Varanasi. Participate in the Aarti and get a feel of the spiritual and religious side or aspect from very close. Even on the Ghat there are many temples which are located there which you should go and visit.

Sarnath: This place is one of the most visited sites with the Buddhist significance. It is also culturally important as it’s the place where Gautam Buddha, founder of Buddhism, gave his first sermon. This place if significant to Buddhists as it forms part of their main source of beliefs.Other things that one may do include visiting the Dhamek Stupa and also have a stopover at Sarnath Museum. It is more preferable if you want to have some time of calm and quiet.

Assi Ghat: This ghat is also one of the many famous ones. You can find all the ghats very relaxing and pleasing anyways. This ghat is famous for its many cultural programs or other events which is organised every day. You can also enjoy a soothing Yoga and meditation session by the side of Ganga River and cleanse your mind and soul.

Ramnagar Fort: This historic fort is also one of the famous Varanasi sightseeing places. This royal fort still gives you the glimpse of history of Varanasi along with the elegant style of architecture of that period. Within the walls of the fort there is a museum that contains many original pieces of weaponries, Armour and other things of that era. This is a rare kind of learning that is a plus to both adults and children.

There are more places to visit in Varanasi, that’s why our vehicle service would be an excellent choice for your sightseeing tour. Our drivers know all the famous of Varanasi and they will help you explore all of them. They will not only show you around, but will also brief you about its importance and significations as well, making it your tour unique and interesting at the same time.

Easy Varanasi Sightseeing Cab Booking

You are not required to search for a vehicle by yourself for your sightseeing travels. You can just book it online with the Chiku Cab mobile application. You can book for a vehicle easily within seconds with the help of the app. It also provides you some benefits such as getting notifications of the new offers, some exclusive discounts which are available to the app users, etc. To book a vehicle, you just have to select vehicle you need for your sightseeing journey, enter the pickup time and other details, and then just finish up the payment and get confirmation immediately. Your Varanasi tourist car booking is complete and now you are ready to explore. Our vehicle service provides the best level of comforts and convenience at most reasonable prices. And our friendly driver cum tour guides makes the journey even more fascinating and enjoyable. Our service is available 24/7 so whenever you are in a need for a reliable vehicle for any of your travels, just hire our services with few taps and we will be there at your service immediately.


What is the rental cost of the Darshan cab in Varanasi with Chiku Cab?

You can do varanasidarshan by cab at affordable prices. The actual price of the cab will depend on the rental time, distance covered, amenities opted, and other such factors. You must check our website or the mobile app before booking to get the actual rental price of the vehicle.

What vehicles are available to hire for outstation tour in Varanasi with Chiku Cab?

We have many different vehicle options that you can hire for your local sightseeing journey. We have options of cabs, minivans, vans, taxis, Innova, Indica, Indigo, Etios, sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, tempo travellers, luxury cars, and more. We even have different seating options in tempo travellers.

What is the benefit of hiring Chiku Cab for local sightseeing in Varanasi?

We provide affordable varanasi Sightseeing Cab with lots of luxurious amenities for a comforting. We have professional drivers who are your tour guides as well. They will show you all the famous places to visit in Varanasi. Our vehicle services are very flexible and we have a transparent billing system as well. You will not find such benefits with any other vehicle services.

How can I book for a vehicle for sightseeing in Varanasi with Chiku Cab?

You can book for our vehicle service with the help of your mobile app. You can also book the vehicle through our official website. And if you are facing some issue with the booking process, you can give us a call at our customer service number and we will assist you with the booking process.

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