• The legend of the poison : Maha Shivratri

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    The Trinity in the Hindu religion comprises Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

    Maha Shivratri is the Hindu Festival held every year in honor of Lord Shiva. The day generally falls in late February or early March when we are in a mood to bid farewell to winter.

    One of the most important festivals of Hindus, it is celebrated so people can tide over darkness and ignorance. This important festival will fall on the 8th of March, Friday this year. This is the Mahashivratri 2024 date.

    About MahaShivratri

    Mahashivratri is sacred to Hindus all over the world. This festival is celebrated with a lot of fanfare and flourishes in the major states of India.

    It is called the ‘Night of Shiva’, and Hindu women hold this day as extremely pious. A new moon lightens the sky after fourteen moonless nights in the month of Phalgun. Devotees of Lord Shiva take an opportunity to fast during the day, performing the holy rituals and then partake in food.

    This festival celebrated once a year holds a lot of religious significance as it helps devotees to tide over obstacles in life. Fasting and meditation are integral parts of the festival. During the festival, the divine energies of Shiva and Shakti converge, to give light and positive energy to the devotees.

    This festival not only involves feasting and fasting but also promotes social harmony and vigils at the temple, at the wee hours of midnight. It is believed that the energies of the Universe become highly portent on the first night of the festival. It differs from other Hindu festivals in that other festivals are held during the day whereas this festival is held at night.

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    Several legends have outgrown this story of maha shivratri, its story is especially invoked in the study of Puranas, including the story of Linga Purana. As a part of the ancient ritual, people pour milk over the lingam. According to one legend Lord Shiva performed the Tandav dance, an expression of the divine forces of creation and destruction.

    Devotees chant holy mantras and read aloud scriptures, symbolically participating in the process of cosmic dance by the Almighty Lord of heaven. Another legend by far celebrates the marriage of Shiva to the female Goddess Parvati, making it an important day for married couples.

    Even unmarried women seeking a loyal husband worship God Shiva on this day, observing fast and performing the rituals.

    Maha Shivaratri Puja Rituals

    On the day of the festival, devotees take a bath in the early hours of the morning before sunrise, wear new clothes, and make their way to the Shiva Temple. The puja of Lord Shiva requires water milk, bel leaves, jujube fruits, and incense sticks. Then the puja involves circumambulations, and the devotee has to do a three or seven times walk around the temple before worshipping the Lord with milk, water, and incense sticks.

    The Maha Shivratri entails the performance of these steps with perfect devotion and love in the heart of the devotee.

    The steps are explained below, and each has a symbolic significance.

    • The first step implies the purification of the soul where the Shiva Lingam is bathed with milk and honey.
    • Vermilion is applied which means the gradual expanse of virtue
    • Fruits are offered to the Lord that stand for longevity and fulfillment of desire
    • The burning of incense sticks symbolizes the gradual ascent of wealth and prosperity
    • Betel leaves a sense of contentment from worldly desires
    • The lighting of lamps signifies the attainment of knowledge and wisdom

    Devotees keep vigil at the temple precincts and perform Jagraan together. The chant of Om Namah Shivay keeps reverberating from all corners of the temple.

    Story of MahaShivratri

    Many legends have mushroomed about the significance of this special day. Many hold that after months of penance to get Shiva as her husband, Parvati became successful. They were entwined into holy matrimony after this day. This is the reason why this day is held as auspicious by people across the world.

    The Garuda Purana encapsulates a different legend. In this tale, a hunter makes a journey into the heart of the forest along with his faithful dog. He was hungry and exhausted and came across a Shiva Lingam at the foot of a Bilva tree. He wanted to seek respite and plucked a few Bilva leaves that fell into the Shiv Ling. To clean his feet he sprinkled water and some of it once more fell into the Lingam. Next, he bowed before the Lingam as an arrow slipped from the stack at his back. He had completed the Shiv puja on the day of Shivratri. After his death as Yama came to claim his soul, celestial beings sent by Lord Shiva protected him.

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    Why celebrate Maha Shivratri?

    In the daily pressures of a life that runs fast – we forget the source of energy that reinvigorates us. We should develop awareness regarding Lord Shiva because the Universe is a powerhouse of energy.

    Many tales and legends throw light on the event that Shiva married Parvati on this special day and this day celebrates their union.

    Another legend revokes the story of ‘Samundramanthan’ where Gods and demons were churning the floor of the ocean. A pot of poison emerged and Shiva to save mankind and Gods drank it. The terrible venom made his throat turn blue and on this day we honor the savior by worshipping him.

    As the story of Ganga’s descent into the earth holds, Shiva caught her in his matted locks and released her on earth as several streams. He prevented the occurrence of terrible destruction. As a mark of thanksgiving, the earthlings started bathing the Linga on an auspicious night.

    Many hold it true that Sadashiv appeared in the middle of the night in the form of a Lingodbhav Moorthi, the reason why people stay awake all night on this auspicious day.

    How is Maha Shivratri celebrated in India?

    On the day of Puja, people take a dip into the sacred river and after wearing new clothes, visit the temple.

    The Shiva temples are beautifully decorated with flowers and incense. People flock there to pray for their husband’s well-being. Boys also pray to Lord Shiva to get a beautiful life and wife.

    This puja is celebrated all across India and it holds special significance for Hindus. Some of them are described below.

    Celebrations in Tamil Nadu

    In Tamil Nadu, a distance of 14 km is perpetrated by worshippers as they walk around the Annamalai Temple. After the walk ends a huge oil lamp at the hilltop is lightened by the people.


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    A big fair is held in Mandi on the eve of the auspicious day called Shivaratri. The locals residing in the place believe that all Gods and Goddesses assemble here on the sacred eve. The fair continues for seven days.

    Many devotees arrive here with the idols or pictures of Gods and Goddesses in palanquins. These palanquins are followed by playing traditional instruments and singing religious songs.

    On the second day of the fair, a day after Mahashivratri a pageant is held which includes folk bands worship and dancers, held in the large area at Paddal between Beas and Suketu rivers.

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    The fair is also a huge marketplace where people sell local products such as opium, wool honey, walnuts, and butter from the neighboring areas of Kullu.Shimla,Kangra, and Bilaspur aw well as from Punjab.

    The night watch or Jagran is held in the evening. The Guru along with his disciples make certain prophecies. On the last day, the statues of Gods and Goddesses are homeward bound as prayers are chanted and the journey from Mandi to distant centers.

    Apart from Mandi the two other places that you can visit in UP are Varanasi and Haridwar, places which are sites of Hindu civilization and attract devotees from all around the world.


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    Varanasi is famously known as the spiritual capital of India and is home to the Viswanath Temple. More than a million devotees flock to this place every year to participate in the many rituals.

    Many temples organize a wedding procession for Lord Shiva where many people dress up as Gods and Goddesses. This is done after the committee organizes a meeting and chooses the different characters for the parade.

    This parade lasts for five hours and takes place in the southernmost tip of the city in the holy temple of Tibhadeswar. The procession is accompanied by music and people many of whom drink bhang a drink often mixed with cannabis.

    Once this procession ends people enter the temple to offer their prayers.


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    Another place that attracts millions of devotees during Mahashivratri is the Land of Yogis known as Haridwar. A city that is famous for its temples and Ghats where people bathe themselves to fulfillment wash off their sins.

    Devotees here mainly choose the Har ki Pauri Ghat before making a journey to the Neelkanth Mahadev temple. There they will make an offering comprising of Bael leaves, coconut, honey, milk, and water to the diety.

    There are also numerous tourist spots to visit in Mathura which stands as remnants of Krishna’s childhood. The most important among them is the Potara Kund where Krishna’s garments were washed and Vikram Ghat where Krishna rested after Kansabadh.

    Why is Maha Shivratri celebrated?

    There are also a few procedures that help you to celebrate Mahashivratri at home. They are:

    1 First we need to wake up early and take a bath

    2 You can always visit a Shiva temple nearby

    3 Try Mahashivratri fast if that is possible

    4 Find friends who are observing the day and try observing with them

    5 Meditation plays an important role in Mahashivratri

    6 Attend a Mahashivratri function that is happening close to your home.

    7 You can stay awake the whole night if you want to. You can also spend your time discovering folklore, chanting mantras, and visiting temples that are open at night.

    If you have a picture of Lord Shiva in your room you can decorate it with flowers, making home-cooked dessert for Lord Shiva as well as your family.

    Which countries celebrate MahaShivratri?

    Shivratri is one of the most important occasions for Hindus. All Hindu temples and houses that pray to Shiva are decked with flowers. Pujas are offered throughout the day and also after night.

    This day is also celebrated in Nepal and is observed as a national holiday. The Pashupatinath Temple is beautifully decorated and visitors flock here to get a view of the diety.

    The Shree Rameswar Mahadev Temple in Karachi is another place where this festival is celebrated grandly. The Pakistani Hindus flock here in great numbers.

    Apart from these many Hindus across the world whether in Singapore or the United States celebrate the day by observing fast and offering special Pujas.


    Like every year the MahaShivratri will fall on Chaturdashi Tithi of Krisnaaksa in the month of Falgun according to the date assigned in the Hindu calendar.

    The grand night comes only once every year whereas puja is offered to Shiv once every month. Lord Shiva is referred to as Mahadev. Special historical importance is given to Tandav or the dance of creation. In many temples, dance festivals are held within the boundaries of the temple.

    This festival is especially significant in the way people observe fast and prayers. Local communities organize celebrations, and meditation camps are part of the culture in many places. Prayers are uttered before God craving for worldly success. People also make donations to charities and local temples.

    Maha Shivratri is a time for people to come together and celebrate the greatness of Mahadeva. This festival is a way to promote spirituality and peace and to help people make positive changes in life. One of the principal deities of the Hindus he is still worshipped in all corners of India.