• Exploring the Great Thar Desert

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    1. Introduction
    2. How to reach Thar desert, Jaisalmer
    3. The best time to come to the Thar Desert
    4. The best time to come to the Thar Desert
    5. Enjoy the ride on a camel safari in the Thar Desert
    6. About Jaisalmer
    7. Take a ride on the Jeep Safari
    8. What is dune bashing?
    9. What you will see on the one-day trip in the Thar Desert
    10. Travel tips in Thar Desert
    11. Top places to visit in Thar Desert
    12. Thar Desert and Bikaner connection
    13. Few other places to visit in Jaisalmer
    14. conclusion


    The Thar Desert is a wonderful destination in Jaisalmer, which is known for its vast history and tourism significance. There are many beautiful pieces of architecture. There are many folk stories and facts that will reveal many important stories about our past and ancestors. You can come to see the desert National Park, which will take you on a tour of the various dunes as well as many architectural buildings that will offer you a great experience. There was a time when the Thar Desert was full of greenery because of the river flowing from there. But today there is only sand, and there is so much sand that it can cover cities like Mumbai in the blanket of these desert sands. This is such a kind of desert that has many faces in it. In this desert, there are dunes covered by grass, unproductive lands, etc. There is a border to and also fields. There are many big cities too. All these have got their shape with water, which is in some places not even a drop. Many super-hit films have been shot here; for example, the Batman movies were shot here. You can come to the Thar Desert to enjoy the local food named Ker Sangri, which is a very popular food in the Thar Desert.

    Where is the Thar Desert and How to reach the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer

    The famous Thar Desert is in Jaisalmer city, which is connected to many major cities by the railway and airport transportation systems. The Thar Desert in India map is on the western side. You can take the train from your city to the nearest cities, such as Delhi and Jaipur. You can also take a direct bus from your city to Jaisalmer railway station. Since Jaisalmer doesn’t have an airport, you can take a flight from your city to the nearest airport, such as Jodhpur Airport, and then from there, you can hire a taxi with Chiku Cab to come to Jaisalmer and then to the desert. You can also book a minibus, tempo traveler, or other taxi with Chiku Cab to come to the Thar Desert by road. The by-road trip will offer you more views and places to visit on the way to Jaisalmer.

    1. To take the flight from your city can come to Jaisalmer Airport, Jodhpur Airport, and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport and then you can come to the Thar Desert by taking a taxi.
    2. You can take the train from your location to go to Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur railway stations, etc. to come to Jaisalmer.
    3. If you want to come to the Thar Desert then you can hire the outstation taxi service if you live outside Jaisalmer or the local taxi if you are a resident of Jaisalmer to come to the Thar Desert with Chiku Cab.

    The best time to come to the great desert of India: Thar

    The Thar Desert is a place that has a high degree of atmosphere throughout the year, but in the winter season in Jaisalmer, you will have the best time to come to the great desert of India. You will enjoy visiting this place from October to February. In this season, you can take the camel safari or the jeep safari to explore this desert. You will feel like a king once you ride on any of the safaris in Jaisalmer. If you travel in the monsoon season, then you will have a little rainfall in Jaisalmer. This will provide you with a different kind of climate for the tour. In this season, you can see traditional activities such as dancing and singing. In the summer season, it is not ideal to visit, but you can take a trip to a few less hot places.

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    Enjoy the ride on a camel safari in the Thar Desert.

    Camel safaris are the most popular way to travel in the Thar Desert. You will see people taking the camel safari ride with their friends and family members for a fun and adventurous experience. Camels are considered the best option for traveling in the desert because of their natural legs, which allow them to walk in the desert without any difficulty. You can book the camel safari from the camp for the tour in the Thar Desert. The camel safari guide will explain to you the famous sites in the Thar Desert. There will be different kinds of camel safaris; you can choose one of them and take a ride with the camel. The charge of camel safari is near about 50Rs per person.

    Taking a ride on the Jeep Safari

    You can take a Jeep Safari ticket, which is 200 Rs, for a ride and explore the Thar Desert. You will have a thrilling feeling when the Jeep is on the slope and it comes from top to bottom. The Jeep Safari Journey is an amazing adventure and a lovely ride for adventure lovers. On the sand, the jeep will be riding, jumping, and coming up and down, which will make you feel scared at times, but overall, the experience will be a fun one. You can take this Jeep safari trip with your friends and kids. The shooting of the Bollywood movie Bajrangi Bhaijan was done here. You must have seen your favorite actors driving the Jeep Safari in movies. You will find people taking on the jeep safari with their friends.

    Thar Desert and Bikaner connection

    Bikaner is a small part of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan and a great place to explore in the Thar Desert. Both places are famous for camel safaris, and they have a lot in common. Tourists can come to Bikaner to see the Janagarh Fort, Laxmi Niwas Palace, Rao Bikaji’s Fort, Karni Mata Temple, Bishnoi Temple, etc. This is a great site for tourists who are on a trip to the Thar Desert. Bikaner will offer them amazing artwork on the walls; inside the temples, you will find great architecture, and the structure of the palaces will remind you of the luxury this place has. You can come to see the Lalagahr Palace, which is the house of the royal family in Bikaner. You will find camel safaris in the place too, which will make you travel to the top location of the back of the camels.

    What is dune bashing?

    Dune bashing is a popular adventure activity in the deserts. The tourists who come to the Thar Desert take the dune bashing tickets. In this package, they will be given a jeep and a guide, and then they will drive the jeep into the desert. The desert is not a flat place; it is in a zigzag shape, and it also has mounds of sand in the way. That is why the drive becomes very interesting and adventurous. You will love it when the Jeep goes down on the dunes.

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    What you will see on the one-day trip in the Thar Desert India

    If you want to take a one-day trip in the Thar Desert, then you can come to the desert by choosing any means of travel: by air, train, or road. Then you can come to Jaisalmer with the one-day itinerary. You can go to see one of the villages in the Thar Desert, which will make you aware of the life and culture of the local people. You can talk to them through the guide, which you can hire for the trip too. Then you can go to see the forts and a few more monuments in the desert. You can also enjoy the jeep safari and camel safari rides in the Thar Desert. Then you can choose one of the hotels to taste the delicious local foods of the Thar Desert. This whole trip will be covered in one day.

    1. Come to the nearest railway station or airport and then take a taxi to come to Jaisalmer.
    2. Start the journey by taking a tour of the villages in the Thar Desert.
    3. Then go to the Rajputi forts and the temples in Rajasthan.
    4. If you are with your friends then you can go for trekking and dune bashing.
    5. You can try out the other adventurous activities.
    6. In the evening or at the end of your one-day tour eat the street foods and the famous dishes of Thar Desert.

    Exploring the flora and fauna in the Thar Desert

    If you want to take a trip to the Thar Desert to explore the wildlife in the desert, then you will have a lot of places to go in the desert to learn about the flora and fauna. You can see the Chinkara animal, which is very fascinating for tourists. You will also see the fowl and rare birds in the desert. The back buck, which is the glory of Rajasthan, can be seen here. This place not only has animals and birds, but you also see very rare herbs and plants that have medicinal benefits and are on the verge of being distinct.

    1. Great Indian bustard
    2. The Indian Gazelle is popularly known as Chinkara.
    3. Desert foxes, cat, and reptiles of different species.
    4. Indian pangolins and blackbucks.

    Travel tips in the Thar Desert

    1. If you are going on a trip to the Thar Desert India, then you must prepare yourself for the heat. The desert has generally hot weather, which is why you should wear sunglasses, which will protect your eyes from the heat. You must take care of your body by wearing weather-friendly clothing. You should wear light clothes, which will be much more airy, and you should also wear a cap to save your hair from the heat.
    2. You must carry water bottles and take a few sips at regular intervals, which will save you from the heat or sunstroke while traveling in the Thar Desert. You should drink beverages that will keep your body cool. For the best trip, you should go to the Thar Desert in the winter season, which is from October to February. It will be the best season for exploring the Thar Desert. The Thar Desert in India map falls on the western side.
    3. You should hire a travel guide to explore the Thar Desert in depth. The charge of a travel guide is not very high, and a little investment can bring great returns for you. If you have a travel guide, then you will travel in the Thar Desert to the famous places on the best route and with more awareness.
    4. You should take care of the safety measures while riding on the camel safari, Jeep safari, dune bashing, trekking, and camping in the desert. You should take a guide who will be there while taking on the adventurous activities of different kinds. You must wear glasses and safety clothes while taking the ride on the dune basking, which will save you from the sand and other injuries too.

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    Top places to visit in the Thar Desert

    Sam dunes

    If you love camping and adventure activities, then you can come to Sam Sand Dunes. This place will offer you amazing views that will look heavenly when the sun’s rays fall on the desert. You can take a jeep or camel safari ride to explore the places, which will add to your thrilling experience in the Thar Desert.

    Desert national park

    You can come to Desert National Park if you love the flora and fauna. In this national park, you will find great wildlife adventures. In this wildlife adventure, you will see rare animals, birds, and plants too. You can take a tour guide and a ticket, and then you can see those wildlife places and do activities too.


    Kuldhara is a very strange village in Jaisalmer. It is said that the Chiriya wala Baba cursed this place to be deserted forever. Once the Baba came to the village and asked for water from one of the houses, but they denied it, so the Baba cursed the village. This village is not only popular but also considered haunted. You can come with friends to this village to learn about the mystery that this village holds.

    Ramdevra temple

    This temple is a tribute to the living saint, Baba Ramadev. People love the teachings and ideology of Baba Ramdev here. They follow the path of life taught by Baba Ramdev. You can come to this place for spiritual knowledge and meditation. You will feel the vibe of religious energy once you come to this place with your family.


    Lodurvqa is 15 km away from Jaisalmer. This is a historical site famous for its medieval temples. This was an important part of the Kakatiya dynasty. This place influences the Jain religion, which you can see on the walls and in the temples of this place. This is a village on the banks of the Kaka River. The beautiful Japanese temples are a treat to watch and worship for the many pilgrims.

    Khaba fort

    Khaba Fort has cultural and artistic traditions reserved in its structure. You will see many rocks in the temple that have religious significance. Once you enter the fort, you will see the grand fort, which has the luxury of the medieval period. The carvings on the walls will make you a fan of the Rajasthani architectural style.

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    Gadsisar lake

    You can come to Gadsisar Lake, which has been made by the people of Jaisalmer to preserve the water. This place is designed and made artificially. You will see temples. Ghats and the beautiful lake, which has become a great tourist spot in Jaisalmer, The Bengali film Sonar Kila was shot here.

    Pokaran fort

    If you want to witness the royal lifestyle and times of the Rajpoot kings, then you can come to this fort. This fort has many artifacts and remains of the kings’ daily life memories, and it also has many stories. You can unravel the hidden mysteries of this fort by taking a trip to Jaisalmer. The famous nuclear test in India was done here in this place, which is very near this fort too.

    Activities to do in the Thar Desert

    1. Camel safari
    2. Jeep safari
    3. Dune bashing
    4. Camping
    5. Hot air balloon ride
    6. Trekking
    7. Biking
    8. Village tour
    9. Eating local foods and popular cuisines

    About Jaisalmer

    Jaisalmer is the golden city of India. You can come to Jaisalmer to explore the cultural richness and traditional lifestyle in Rajasthan. There you will see deserts, temples, forts, monuments, and many other adventurous places. The Museum of Jaisalmer has its history in its artifacts and ancient remains. You can see thousands of years-old houses in Jaisalmer. You will know about many ancient kings in the city too. Jaisalmer War Memorial is also a great place to which you can come with your family. You will see the war remains and many fighter planes in this memorial, which is 10km away from Jaisalmer city. The memories of the 1965 war are fully preserved in this war memorial. If you are a history lover and you want to know about India from a deeper perspective, then you should visit by hiring a taxi service in Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer will offer you all the significant places and adventures that you can wish for.

    There are a few other places to visit in Jaisalmer.

    1. Jaisalmer fort
    2. Patwon ki Haweli
    3. Jain temples
    4. Tazia tower
    5. Salim Singh Ki Haveli
    6. Amar Sage Jain Temple
    7. Desert festival
    8. Kuldhara haunted village


    The dunes, which are spread till the horizon, look very beautiful and fascinating to each tourist. These dunes attract tourists from all parts of the world to explore the beauty and mystery of the Thar Desert. The 85% part of this desert is in India and the 15 percent of the part is in Pakistan. This desert is spread over a long area that covers many places and ends in Kutch in the Aravali ranges. This is one of the densest deserts in the world. This country has the largest population in the world. This desert is not just known for desert, but it has also been a great center for trade and the holistic growth of our country. Many kings fought for the desert because it has been an important center of economic development. Jodhpur is the welcome door of the Thar Desert and one of the biggest places in the Thar Desert Rajasthan India. Meharangarh Fort is one of the attractions, and it was the residence of the Mewad Rajpoot kings. This fort is known for its wonderful architecture. This is why not only Bollywood but also Hollywood have chosen it for movie shootings too.