• The wonderful tourist places in Bangalore

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    1. Introduction
    2. About Bangalore
    3. How to reach Bangalore
    4. The famous places to visit near Bangalore
    • Mysore
    • Wayanad
    • Bandipur national park
    • Nadi hills
    • Hampi
    1. The popular tourist places in Bangalore to visit
    • Bangalore palace
    • Lalbagh botanical garden
    • ISCKON temple
    • Tipu Sultan Summer Palace
    • Bannerghatta national park
    • Commercial street
    • Woderla amusement park
    1. The awesome tourist places in Bangalore for couples
    • UB city
    • Cubbon park
    • Skyye longue
    1. Tips to explore the tourist places in Bangalore
    2. Conclusion


    Bangalore is one of the most advanced cities in India. In this city, there are a lot of information technology companies. In Silicon Valley, the headquarters of most information technology companies are in the city. In the present time, Bangalore is the first choice for software engineers or information technology lovers. This offers the software enthusiast the best education as well as the best career options. This city is a very popular destination, not only for touring but also for living. Bangalore is one of the fastest-growing cities in India in the technology, tourism, and infrastructure fields. For tourism, Bangalore is a lovely city where you will see historical places, traditional and cultural festivals, modern infrastructure, and colorful gardens. There are a lot of tourist places in Bangalore city. You will experience the fun of traveling, amusement, nightlife, and adventure in this city. The weather in Bangalore makes it an awesome place to visit. The weather in Bangalore remains pleasant the whole year, which makes the journey more fun. The temperature of Bangalore city remains between 15 and 25 degrees, which is very ideal according to the Indian climate.

    About Bangalore

    History tells us that Bangalore was an important center of trade as well as a great center for the rulers. This city has seen many wars, and popular kings have ruled this city. But in the present time, this city is known for its modern infrastructure and scientific development. In this city, you will find towering buildings touching the sky everywhere. Mantri Pinnacle is the longest and biggest building in this city. In the past few years, Bangalore has been the hub of more than 200 lakes and rivers. Because of the rivers and lakes, this city has a charming beauty. Because of modernization, these rivers were destroyed, and new malls and roads were built. If you talk of the population of Bangalore, then you will find 12000 people in the per-square-kilometer area. Bangalore was the first city in India to glitter in the electric light. You will find great places to visit near Bangalore and pubs of different kinds, which makes it the pub city of our country. The most engineering work in the country is done in this city. Most of the ancient engineers live here in Bangalore. In Bangalore, the male-to-female ratio is 908 females to 1000 males.

    How to reach Bangalore through various means

    Bangalore is a metropolis, and the various modes of transportation are connected to Bangalore from one of the major cities in India. People who want to reach Bangalore will have many options from which they can choose to come to Bangalore. If one is a resident of Bangalore, then they can hire the local cab service with Chiku Cab, which will take them to the tourist places in Bangalore city that are in the local area and outstation. For coming to Bangalore, you will have the option of taking a flight, a train, a bus, driving your own cab, or booking a cab to come to Bangalore by road.

    1. By air:

    You can take a flight from your city, either a direct flight, or you can come to another city and then take a flight to the Kempe Gowda International Airport in Bangalore. Most of the flights are directly connected to the Bangalore airport. You can come to the airport, and then from there, you can take the taxi service for your local and outstation trips in Bangalore.

    1. By train:

    Bangalore has several railway stations, which are connected to most of the cities in India. You can book the train ticket from your city railway station and then come to the Yashwantpur railway station. From there, you can travel to the outstation and local destination by taking a taxi with a Chiku cab.

    1. By road:

    Coming to Bangalore by road is an amazing experience. You will see a lot of popular destinations, which are the jewels of Indian heritage. You can hire an outstation taxi from an authentic provider and then come to Bangalore while enjoying the road trip.

    The famous places to visit near Bangalore

    1. Mysore

    Mysore is a culturally rich city in Karnataka and one of the cleanest places in our country. Mysore is known for their ivory works and art made in the woods. The Shree Rangnath Swami and Shree Ranga Pattnam Fort are the best tourist places in Bangalore that one can see in Mysore. If you love birds, then you can come to the bird sanctuary in Mysore. The Vrindavan Garden is also a very popular place, where you can come with your partner and with your friends to see the night shows and the laser shows. Vex Museum and Lalita Palace are also attractive places that you can see.

    Best time to visit: The best time to visit Mysore is from October to March.

    How to reach: You can book a flight to Kempe Gowda International Airport, or train ticket for the Mysore railway station, and also a taxi with Chiku Cab to come to Mysore.

    Things to do: You can see historical palaces, temples, handicrafts, gardens, bird sanctuary, etc.

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    1. Wayanad

    Waynad is known for its attractive lakes, historical caves, and temples. It is known for its spice gardens and sanctuaries. To make a trip to Wayanad, you can hire a taxi from Bangalore. The natural beauty of Wayanad will provide you with divine views, and you can enjoy trekking here too. You can see elephants, leopards, and bears in this city. If you are planning to make your weekend trip, then you must explore tourist places in Bangalore to visit in Wayanad.

    Best time to visit: The ideal time to visit Wayanad is from November to February month.

    How to reach: You can take the train from your city to Wayanad railway station or the Karipur airport and a taxi with Chiku Cab to come to Wayanad.

    Things to do: You can enjoy exploring the lakes, caves, temples, natural beauty, trekking, adventure sports, seeing the wild animals, etc.

    1. Bandipur National Park

    If you come to this park, then you will have to take the bus ticket, which is very minimal. The tour guide will tell you about the animals and places that you will see. There are a total of 173 tigers in the city. October to March is the best time to visit top tourist places in Bangalore of this place.

    Best time to visit: For touring Bandipur National Park you should come in the months from October to March.

    How to reach: To get to Bandipur National Park you can book an air ticket for the Bangalore International Airport, or the train for the Mysore railway station and hire a taxi to take you to this national park.

    Things to do: In this national park, you will see elephants, deer, leopards, tigers, etc.

    1. Nandi hills

    Nandi Hills is a very serene hill station. There you will see the Nandi Palace built by Tipu Sultan. This hill station is known for trekking and other sports. This place is on 40008 fit heights from the sea. You can enjoy paragliding and trekking with your friends. There are a lot of temples and spiritual places, too. You will see many rivers flowing here too. To make this trip memorable, you can worship the Lord among the pilgrims at this hill station.

    Best time to visit: the best time to see Nandi Hills is from September to February months.

    How to reach: to get to Nandi Hills you can take the trains from Jalahalli railways station, or the taxi service with a reliable agency.

    Things to do: trekking, paragliding, rivers, spiritual places, etc.

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    1. Hampi

    Hampi was known as the Kishkindha Nagar, which has its reference in the Ramayana. This place has a lot of ancient temples. The Vriupaksh temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is known for its historical significance and architecture. On the front of this temple, there is an idol of Lord Narasimha. You can also travel to Hampi Market, which is near the temple. Vitthal Temple is also very famous for its authenticity and architecture. You can enjoy the Bangalore trip places in Hampi. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

     Best time to visit: The winter season is the most ideal time for exploring Hampi.

    How to reach: The nearest airport is Hubli airport where you can take the tickets for coming to Hampi.  If you want to come to Hampi by train then you can take the train from Hospet railway station. To come to Hampi by road you can hire a taxi with a Chiku Cab.

    Things to do: Historical remains, rare temples, architecture, marketplaces, etc.

    The popular tourist places in Bangalore to visit

    1. Bangalore palace

    Bangalore Palace is built in Tudor architecture. In this palace, there are a total of 35 rooms. In this palace, the king used to talk to the Vidhan Sabha. The Darbar Hall is the most attractive room in this palace. You will find the best tourist places in Bangalore and lots of antique pieces in this palace, which are put in the galleries. Many paintings made by Raja Ravi Varma are put here in this palace, which showcases the emotions of rural colonial India. This palace has been the host of lots of modern architectural meetings.

    1. Lalbagh botanical garden

    The temperature of the botanical garden is very pleasant, which will be nice to see in this garden. You will find many gardens in the botanical garden. There are a lot of lakes in the garden. You will see many couples sitting in the park and spending their leisure time. In the middle of the botanical garden, you will find the center, where you will see the rare flora and fauna being preserved. It is one of the most unique and famous tourist places in Bangalore. There you will find a narrow park, which will be great for coming with your family.

    1. ISCKON temple

    This Isckon temple is in Rajaji Nagar in Bangalore. This temple is known as the Shree Krishna Chandra Temple. Krishna Janmashtami and Radha Ashtmai are celebrated in full swing by the devotees. People from all over the nation gather here to chant the Hari Kirtan and pay their devotion to Lord Krishna. You can take a special entry ticket of 30 rupees to explore this temple with your whole family. After worshipping Lord Krishna at the temple, you can buy the spiritual books. You can have breakfast at the canteen too. You will find a lot of delicious food here on the temple campus. You will get Khichadi Prasad at the temple.

    1. Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

    You can take the online ticket for the palace tour, and then through the first gate, you can enter the park. You will find the small miners here, and 80 percent of the palace is made up of wood. This park was made for staying in the summer. You will see a small park here in this city. You will see the Tipu Sultan Palace and Museum too. The whole palace is covered with paintings of the Tipu sultan’s life. All the paintings made are of the battles fought by Tipu Sultan. The museum is inside this palace. After the death of Tipu Sultan, this palace was under British rule.

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    1. Bannerghatta National Park

    In this park, you will see deer, elephants, bears, lions, and many other animals. You are not allowed to go into the park. But you can take a bus ticket, which will take you through the parks, and from there, you can see the rare animals and birds in Bannerghatta Park. There is a zoo in which you will see giraffes, zebras, etc.  You will find a map of the park, and on each route, you will see different kinds of animals. You can also enjoy boating with your friends if you come to see this amazing national park in Bangalore. White peacocks are the major attraction in this park.

    1. Commercial street

    This is a very famous market and shopping center in Bangalore. You will find many places for sarees, jeans, shopping plazas, etc., where the prices of things are comparably cheaper than outside shops. You can shop for things from cosmetics to household things. You will get everything related to your domestic needs, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and dining. Not only can you shop, but you can also enjoy eating here in the cafes and restaurants too. You will also see the flower shop, where different kinds of flowers will be available. In the Kashmir House Shop, you will find all the antics and artifacts to decorate your house.

    1. Woderla amusement park

    Wonderla Amusement Park is a heaven-like place for adventure lovers and kids. There are many pools here, such as a kids and family amusement park. There are a lot of roller coaster rides in the air and water sports. There you will see wave pools and entertainment water activities. You can see the 3D and 4D shows here with your family. You can also enjoy seeing the laser shows. For kids, there are different kinds of rides. You will get a thrilling feeling once you take a roller coaster ride. The Bhoot Bangla of Wonderla amusement park will bring your fears out of your guts due to its horrifying shows.

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    The awesome tourist places in Bangalore for couples

    UB city

    Couples can come to UB City for shopping. This is a VIP mall that will offer you all the shopping things that you can buy for your partner. This is one of the most luxurious malls in Bangalore.

    1. Cubbon park

    You come with your partner to enjoy a picnic and leisure time. You can enjoy cycling and skating here. There is a library, which you can visit too. This park is full of flowers and greenery. You will find many couples sitting and chatting with each other. The park has a large area, and you will enjoy a picnic here. There are a lot of small fields and gardens; you can sit in any garden. There you will find water shows, play parks for kids, and a lot of spots for relaxing.

    1. Skyye longue

    If couples want to enjoy the nightlife in Bangalore, then they can come to Skyye Lounge. You can enjoy drinking and dancing to rock music here. There, you will see a lot of couples dancing and enjoying each other.

    Tips to explore famous tourist places in Bangalore

    You must plan your trip, whether to the local places or the outstation places in Bangalore. If you have a proper touring plan and to-do list, then you will find yourself in a better position to explore the city. You should sit with your family members and then decide on the places that are most attractive to you, and then decide on exploring those places.

    1. You should take the taxi service, which will make your journey more convenient because you won’t need to look for your traveling vehicle and the parking tension of the cab in which you will explore the city. If you have a taxi service booking in advance with Chiku Cab, then you do not need to think much about the vehicle because the taxi service will take care of that.
    2. Meet the local people and interact with them, which will make you more aware of the culture of the city. Show respect to the culture and lifestyle of native people in Bangalore.
    3. Always make sure that you have put on your seat belts while sitting or driving the cab. Be aware of the pickpockets and take safety measures if you are traveling at night in Bangalore.

    Conclusion: the top tourist places in Bangalore

    In Bangalore, the delivery centers of many big brands are there. This is the only city where the state government has given free wifi to the whole city. The wifi in Bangalore city is known as Namma Bangalore. Bangalore Buns, coffee, and sambhar are a few delicious dishes in Bangalore. You must try the sweet dishes of Bangalore, which are mouth-watering. The famous Rava idli was first made in Bangalore, and it is now popular in all the major places in India. Each weekend, you will see many events being performed. National and international bands come to perform here in this city. This makes it the rock music capital of India. Cricket is also a popular sport, and the Royal Challengers Bangalore is the IPL team, which is the most popular cricket team in Bangalore. Commercial Street in Bangalore is the most popular destination for street shopping, and you will find all the shopping materials here in one place. So all in all, making a trip to Bangalore is always a productive experience.