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    Topic: Traveller’s Choice: Top 10 Destinations for Valentine’s Day Getaway with your Valentine

    What is Valentine’s Day?

    Valentine’s Day is the day of love celebrated annually by people around the world on February 14. It is also referred to as the Feast of Saint Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day. This day is celebrated to demonstrate love and passion for the people you love, especially your romantic partners. Every couple celebrates it as their special day when they send each other cards, love letters, and gifts along with spending some quality time together. It is an opportunity to shower affection and spend some quality time together; hanging out on a date, having dinner together, or doing something else that will show your appreciation. In brief, Valentine’s Day is a day to honor love and those whom we cherish in our lives; on this wonderful occasion of the year, people try to make their loved ones feel special.

    Why is Valentine’s Day Celebrated?

    Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine who lived in Rome in the 5th century. He used to help soldiers get married to the person they loved against the rule of the Roman Emperor Claudius II who did not want soldiers to get married because he used to think single men made better soldiers. Valentine secretly helped people to get married and when the emperor found out about this he threw Valentine in jail and gave him a sentence of death. When he was in jail he became friends and fell in love with one of the jailer’s daughters and used to write letters to her signed as “from your Valentine,” from there, it is believed that the tradition of sending love letters started.

    So that is why people began celebrating Valentine’s Day to honor Saint Valentine’s courage and believe in love. With time it also became a day symbolized not only in love but also as an affirmation of giving affection to those we cherish. It is a day when individuals exchange gifts and cards, and spend time with their loved ones to show how special they are.

    How Valentine’s Day is celebrated today?

     Valentine’s Day today is meant to celebrate love and express gratitude for loved ones, especially significant others. Individuals send each other gifts such as chocolates, flowers, or letters filled with touching words of love and appreciation. Several couples go on romantic dates or even make plans with each other to watch a movie or take long walks for example. Others may travel and stay away on trips or weekends. All in all, it is a day for showing love and relishing the special moments with people you cherish. Express your love and affection with heartfelt Valentine’s Day wishes to your beloved.

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    Top 10 Destinations for Valentine’s Day Getaway with your Valentine

    Valentine’s Day is coming up, and one of the best ways to celebrate love would be whisking your partner away for a romantic getaway. But if you would like to enjoy serene hill stations, ancient marvels, or cities within the country with sparks of love flying all over then India has many places ready for embracing romance. These are our offbeat recommendations for a Valentine’s date that you will enjoy with your loved one, full of events and memories to cherish forever. Book a luxury cab with us and discover places to go for a Valentine’s Day holiday as you enjoy yourself with your better half.


     Think about living close to the majestic mountains and flourishing greenery, breathing in all the freshness that comes from being amidst such beauty. For couples who wish to enjoy some quiet moments away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Dehradun is just the right destination. Enjoy romantic walks with your loved one to discover nature’s hidden treasures such as magical waterfalls or secluded trails. The romantic adventure will be accompanied by the pleasant sound of flowing streams and those birds chirping.

    Explore the flavors of local cuisine, from delicious steaming momos to Garhwali thalis. Enjoy every bite savouring the memorable culinary moments. Enjoy a romantic, exciting, and relaxing couple’s Valentine’s getaway as you indulge in some quality leisure moments.


    The best place for Valentine’s Day in the Dehradun celebration is Mussoorie. It has also been given the title “The Queen of Hills,” and is heaven to lovers; as it features breathtaking views of majestic snow-clad peaks and green valleys. The landscape’s beauty will hypnotize you. Cuddle with your partner near a cozy fireplace, enjoy the serenity of your surroundings, and relish quality moments together. Walk through lush forests and winding trails while joyfully holding hands. Give your partner a surprise with a thrilling ride in our luxury car, along the beautiful views of the Garhwal Himalayas.


    Nainital is a magnificent place for couples. It has magnificent lakes and beautiful forests that make it seem like a fantasy. The Naini Lake is among the calmest with its reflection of not only nature around but everything forming a magical atmosphere. You can go on a boat ride with your partner in the lake and take time to relax amidst each other. You can also find cozy cafes where you can enjoy delicious chocolates. At night, you can drive to the Tiffin Top where one gets an opportunity to watch out remarkable sunset with diverse colors overlaying on top of the sky. It is just the right place to spend Valentine’s Day and build memorable moments with a special one in your life. Focus on exciting and creative Valentine’s Day ideas to make your special one surprised yet delighted.

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     Do you and your partner enjoy adventures? Thus, Auli is an ideal destination for a slightly adventurous Valentine’s Day trip. Think about skiing together down scenic slopes, feeling the wind lashing past you as your heart fills with joy. Get in our luxury car, and climb up to see the breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains. Enjoy the magnificent landscape and create lasting memories with your beloved one beside you.

    After such a thrilling day, you can go to luxurious spas to relax or have candle candlelight dinner under the starlit sky and enjoy mouth-watering local cuisine with your partner. With thought-inspiring and beautiful Valentine’s Day ideas, you can make your trip to Auli memorable.


     Ooty, often known as Queen of Hill Stations is an ideal place for a honeymoon and a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway. Think of walking together in delightful flower gardens overflowing with splendidly colored flowers and their pleasant fragrance. Alternatively, you can ride a train that is toy-shaped and have fun seeing breathtaking views of landscapes as the train moves. As night falls, embrace your beloved under starry skies in the tea gardens and create awe-inspiring memories. Organize a memorable romantic Valentine’s Day trip to spend the day with her or him.


     Shimla is an enchanting town nestled in snowy hills and oozing with old-fashioned elegance. It is an ideal place for romantic couples. Its quaint streets and old-fashioned structures make one feel like walking into a fairy tale. Have a stroll along the famous Mall Road together. Cute shops, cozy cafes, and breathtaking views can be found everywhere. It is also an excellent place where couples can create cherished memories.

    And for the adventurous ones, skating on Asia’s only natural ice rink is a classic winter sport to try. Skate on the ice, hold hands, and laugh together while breathing so fresh mountain air. Shimla has many things to offer even on 14 February Valentine’s Day, either sharing a romantic dinner or doing something new as this day will be unforgettable.

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    In the timeless love city of Agra, you and your partner can have a magical moment at the Taj Mahal. Imagine the two of you wandering hand in hand, under an early morning sun and admiring this beautiful white marble landmark. Find the hidden treasures and famous Valentine’s Day spots that will help you create some amazing memories.

    While you are here, make sure to visit Agra Fort, a stunning Mughal palace. Walk through its magnificent corridors and picturesque gardens, thinking of the lives of kings and queens who once lived here. And, of course, enjoy the exquisite flavors that include Mughlai cuisine. Enjoy yourselves with a variety of mouthwatering dishes, rich in flavors such as tender kebabs and creamy curries.

    Make a Valentine’s Day list for both of you on the activities that need to be done, it can range from exploring new locations or simply spending quality time in each other’s company. It will undoubtedly be a trip not to forget and while making these memories live on forever.


    Manali will offer you a place that is close to heaven; with snow-capped mountains and sprawling landscapes. It is ideal for a romantic sojourn with your love. Getting a paragliding session together is an even better adventure activity to try where you fly high up and feel the wind rushing past through your face. After one thrilling day, lay at rest in the warm and comforting Vashisht hot springs. These natural waters will give you a sense of comfort and relief, healing from the stress.

    During the evening enjoy a special dinner beneath the starry sky. The Himalayas serve as a beautiful background. The fantasy of the moment is enhanced by the soft candlelight. Relish this moment together, sharing love while creating long-lasting memories. Whether this is for a Valentine’s Day weekend getaway escape as a couple, it allows both of you to get away from that crowded and hectic everyday routine.


    There are quite a few romantic things that couples can do while in Delhi, the frenetic capital of India, and where they desire an escape from city living. With all the hustle and bustle, some hidden places could make your Valentine’s Day a celebration of love.

    Find a picturesque Valentine’s Day getaway near Delhi, where you can enjoy romantic time away with your soul mate. Go and walk hand in hand along the serene avenues of Lodhi Gardens, where old structures and well lots of greenery make a stunning backdrop for your dating. Go for a night dinner at one of the rooftop restaurants, where you can have delicious food and stare out to city lines.

    Grow familiar with the buzzing culture of Old Delhi, where you will experience very narrow roads and brimming marketplaces ideal for your romantic excursion. Taste the street food and discover what new surprises you will find. Go visit the romantic spots in Delhi NCR for couples only and create everlasting memories.


    If you are someone who enjoys travel as well as tranquillity, Rishikesh is the ideal destination for Valentine’s vacation. It stands majestically atop the feet of the Himalayas, in a natural setting.

    This will be thrilling to do with your partner as you two experience the excitement of riding rafts on water through waves along the Ganges. It is akin to an exciting journey across rushing water and huge waves. It is a joyful way to become one with each other and the earth.

    Be sure to attend the Ganga Aarti ceremony. It is a special occasion to request blessings over your relationship. If you are thinking of going on a romantic weekend, have a look at the Valentine’s Day getaway package. We include everything that you require for a trip with your loved one.

     Final Words/ Epilogue/ Closing remarks/ Last word/Wrap-up/ End Note

    This year, plan a dream vacation for your Valentine in any of the above-listed top 10 places; India has some of the most beautiful places to spend quality time. It ranges from tranquil hill stations to historical sites there is something for every couple out there. Decide the perfect venue to celebrate Valentine’s Day and make memories of your loved one that will last forever. Did you know that we have recently put together a list of the most romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day? This exclusive offer is only made especially for couples. Book your journey today with Chiku Cab and have the most memorable festivities this year.




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