• A Basic Guide to the Garden City of Bangalore

    Posted on November 29, 2023 by in Taxi Service

    A city that is bustling with life, consisting of people who work hard but have a great social life. As the clock draws to the close of the weekend, people in offices hurry up after spending long hours in the office, to unwind and relax. There is a crowd rubbing shoulders with you, if you have planned to visit the amusement park that has become an integral part of the city’s culture.

    Here the some places from the top 10 places to visit in Bangalore which will be dealt with. Chiku Cab provides you with the most affordable and cheapest taxi service in Bangalore. With our cabs, you can always visit the tourist places in Bangalore.

    Wonderla Amusement Park

    There are several parks and they are filled with fun rides and you can get ready to spend a thrilling evening in Bangalore. Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore is one of the biggest amusement parks where there are sixty rides and you can also taste the authentic local cuisine. This place is extremely well maintained and safety provisions have been given much attention, and hygiene also plays a major factor in making this place stand out. Along with it, there are extremely helpful staff members who make this place a lifetime experience. Wonderla is a must-visit place and you will certainly have a great time if you visit it.

    If you are planning to visit this place give second thoughts to the weather as sometimes a hot and humid climate can simply spoil your day. If you want to visit Wonderla you can do that between November and February when the sky is clear and the day is pleasant. While Wonderla is still operational during the rainy season, some rides are canceled due to the gusts of wind that might be affecting the passengers. So you can enjoy Chiku Cab’s city cab service specially designed for this purpose.

    Wonderla Ticket Prices

    The park offers you a range of ticket prices and also different packages which will make your trip worth remembering. The ticket prices are Rs1400 for adults and Rs1100 for children.

    There is a Fast track option so that you can avoid the queue on select rides. Promotions and discounts are offered by the park. Wonderla tickets are priced at Rs 2800 for adults and Rs 2200 for children. You can also plan to take your meals outside as your needs change from time to time.

    When you plan a trip it is not just the way up but also the way down. If you are traveling with kids you might miss the fun. The Bangalore Taxi services can help you plan a trip to Wonderla where our experienced taxi driver will be safely taking you to your destination.

    Besides this, our cabs will provide you with pick up from your doorstep allowing you to follow the road that you would like to take.

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    The way to Wonderla

    Wonderla is located 28 kilometers from the Central Business District. It is comfortably placed on Bangalore Mysore Road. There are drivers at our service who take little time to traverse huge distances with thin traffic. You can choose your car according to your preference and the number of passengers present. The approximate time taken to travel is one month.

    Bangalore Palace-Where charm meets elegance

    The area where the palace is presently situated belonged to Reverend J Garrett, who was a principal in the cantonment town. The Palace belongs to the Wadiyar dynasty. The initial construction was completed in 1878 and later additions have been made.

    The Majestic Architecture

    The palace is surrounded by gardens and the architecture is a mix of Tudor and Scottish Gothic with healthy ingredients from Britain. Chamaraja Wadiyar also found inspiration from the Windsor Castle and other structures of Normandy, England. There are fortified towers and turreted parapets. Roman arches greet you and then there are different shapes and projections. The walls are wine-covered making the palace a strange lift from the English countryside.

    The Armour and the Sword-A Landmark in the Palace

    Apart from the artworks, the complex architecture, and the photography collection, there are many more attractions in the palace. A weighing chair for jockeys and a coat of arms are the primary sources of attraction.

    Nearby Attractions

    There is the Fun World Amusement Park nearby where there are many rides, including a snow room and water slides. Not only this Equestrian Centre for Excellence is a horse riding school that has produced many jockeys and is home to any breed of horses.

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    How to reach the Bangalore Palace

    It is connected through an intricate web of roads, the Bellary roads and the Sankey road. Besides hiring a Cab from us which will take you to your destination, there are also buses plying the city. The place was noted for international music acts so the region is culturally relevant. A visit to the palace is a step back in time which you will enjoy with our excellent driver services. It is one of the best tourist places in Bangalore.

    Bannerghatta National Park

    There is a Lion Safari and a Tiger Safari with enclosures recreating their national habitat. From there the giant cats can be watched carefully in their habitat. Besides this, there is a snake, a butterfly park, a zoo, and a nature camp for children. The Bannerghata Camp has dormitory facilities, log huts, tented cottages, and more.

    The safari by car costs Rs3500 and by bus it costs Rs 500, the safari timings are nine-thirty to five pm. The drive from Bangalore to Bannerghata National Park is a mere 22 km. The Bannerghatta National Park covers a huge area and you can always avail of our cab service to get there. Our drivers also possess a lot of local know-how and you will benefit from it. This is also one of the few parks that have a fenced elephant sanctuary. There are also ancient temples in its premises a reason why many people visit it. You can go for a full-day cab booking in Bangalore.

    Cubbon Park

    Spread across 300 acres this green paradise provides the people of Bangalore with a refuge away from the teeming life of the city. This park also houses the Shesadri Iyer Memorial Hall, a splendid red Gothic structure. The whole park is marked with fountains, flowering trees, statues, and greenery.

    Entry to this park is free and there is a Children’s play area and toy train and Govt Aquarium, where visitors can see aquatic creatures on display. Cubbon Park can be reached using a Bengaluru Metro taxi or Chiku Cab; it is situated 35 km from Bengaluru Airport. You have to go for a full-day cab booking in Bangalore.

    Lalbagh Botanical Garden

    The city’s major attraction is the Lalbagh Botanical Garden. It is a beautiful 240-acre piece of land situated in the heart of the city. It has India’s biggest collection of tropical and subtropical plants as well as trees that are several centuries old. A national watchtower is perched atop 3000 million years old rocks. Bonsai Garden and Hibiscus Garden are other interesting spots to look out for.

    The place is open from morning 6 am to 7 pm. Entry is free during the morning and during the evening a nominal fee is levied. There are shops run by the horticulture Dept which sell fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, etc.

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    Lalbagh Botanical Garden is located in the Mavalli area of Bangalore. This place is four kilometers away from City Centre and takes ten minutes to drive. Sometimes heavy traffic fills this area but the roads are easy to drive.

    There is a paid car parking at the east gate, the parking cost is very low from rupees thirty to fifty. At Chiku Car Service we drive you around the city, and our extremely professional drivers take care of your various needs. Public transport is also available.

    Nandi Hills

    Nandi Hills also called Nandi Durga is the most popular weekend destination near Hyderabad. The rivers South Pennar, North Palar, Chitavathi, and Papaghni take their birth at these hills. The Nandi Hills measure up to 4850 feet above sea level,

    It provided the British and Tipu Sultan with an idyllic resting place. The weather of the place is pleasant throughout the year and you can go outside for a stroll.

    For adventure sports lovers there is parasailing. It is also an ideal trekking destination, many places can be visited from Nandi Hills.

    Why Visit Nandi Hills

    The fort here was initially built by the Paleyagers of Chikkaballapura and later strengthened by Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali. This place was under Maratha control. There is a precipice in the South West which is called Tipu’s drop as prisoners were pushed from the peak.

    There is a big water pool at the center of the plateau where water is stored. The pool is called Amrit Sarovar. There are also two ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva that are found in the Nandi Hills. Tipu’s summer residence is also found in the place. A pond and garden are found in the nearby area.

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    Monkeys are living in the place so one has to stay alert. Nandi Hills is located sixty kilometers away from Bengaluru. You can hire our outstation cab to reach the place. Our service at Chiku Cab remains foolproof. We provide the best cab in Bangalore.

    Brigade Road

    The Brigade Road is a shopping paradise for tourists. It is situated at the intersection of the MG Road and the Residency Road. There are standalone shops, individual retailers, as well as shops selling almost everything worth watching. This colorful shopping hub also houses many outlets and the New Year here is celebrated with a lot of fanfare.

    Brigade is one of the busiest shopping areas situated in the heart of Hyderabad city. It is the one-way connecting road from MG Road to Hosur Road. It has many bistros, bars, hotels, and street vendors in the area. Besides it, there is the Tibet Bazaar with a lot of shawls and tees for women.

    The MG Bus Stop near Brigade Road is two kilometers away. It can be reached very well by hiring a cab from us.

    Chiku Cab is the best cab booking app in Bangalore. You can book a cab one hour before your journey and the cab will arrive at your doorstep. It is one of the best taxi booking apps in India. The drivers are well-trained and can drive through Bangalore’s congested streets. They are alert, adept, and proficient and can make your experience a pleasant one.