• Mingle yourself in the divine celebration of Gods.

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    Table of contents

    1. Introduction
    2. History behind celebration
    3. How to celebrate
    4. Places where Dev Deepawali is celebrated
    5. Conclusion
    6. About Chiku Cab

    Dev Deepawali: Mingle yourself in the divine celebration of Gods.


    Dev Deepawali is one of the sacred festivals celebrated in this country. This year, Dev Deepawali will be celebrated on November 27, 2023, in the Hindi month of Kartik, which is a sacred month according to the Hindi almanac based on the Shak Sanvat. It will be celebrated from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the 27th of November. This is the day when Lord Shiva defeated the demon Tripurasur, and then all the gods joined him in the grand celebration of victory with the Lord. You need to come to the spiritually significant and one of the most ancient cities by cab in varanasi from your destination by air or by train. All the gods lit up Deeps to celebrate the victory. That’s why people coming from each corner come to Varanansi to lit Deeps to celebrate and take part in the divine celebration with the people coming from each corner of the land. You should lit 27, 54, or 108 Deeps with the pure ghee of a cow on the bank of the Ganges to get the blessing of Mahadev. You should light the candle after taking a holy bath in the sacred river of Varanasi. If you follow the right ritual, then all your work and business will run smoothly, and you will see yourself becoming successful. On this day, according to the astrologers, not only Ravi Yog but also Shivyog is being celebrated which makes this festival more special because of this rare event. People are expecting that almost 12 lakh deeps will be lit this year, and the laser show will be done in a grand manner. Usually on Dev Deepawali, there is a lot of rush, but if you book a VIP space and car rental in varanasi for celebrating the festival, then you will see such a light and laser show that you won’t have seen in your whole life. In this festival, you will see students of Banaras Hindu University, pupils of many famous music teachers, as well as dancers, performing their first on the ghats of Varanasi, which will make this festival more amazing to see. In reality, you will feel like you are in the heavens that we have heard and visualized since our childhood. The colors of light and dark and the sound of musical instruments and singers will make you feel like losing yourself and mingling with the joy of Lord Shiva. If you have booked a taxi with Chiku Cab, then the driver will drive you to the ghats of Varanasi, and you can stay in hotels like the Radisson Hotel, Santoor Hotel, or the famous Hotel Madhuvan Palace. And then you can go for the celebration of the fest on the Assi ghat, where you will see the famous ganga aarti before the celebration of dev deepavali. Varanasi, a city standing on the blessings of Lord Shiva and his janitor, Lord Kal Bhairava, is a very ancient city. A Varanasi cab with Chiku cab can make your visit more affordable in Varanasi.

    History behind celebration

    There is a story in Shiv Puran that says that once there was a big impediment in the Tripur of gods, and all the rishis were frightened by the killing of Tripurasur. It was necessary to kill Tripusasur because he was frightening the Ridhis and common people. All the gods requested and prayed to Lord Shiva to kill this demon. Tripurausr worshiped lords, got blessings, and then tortured the common people. His demons rose so high that he kidnapped Lord Ganesha too. A fight took over between Lord Shiva and Tripurasur, which lasted for many days, and finally Tripurausr was killed. Tripurausr became arrogant because of the blessings he got after making gods happy with his Tapasya. After the defeat of Tripurasur, Lord Ganesha was saved from his shackles, and peace was established in the world. And then all the goods chanted the name of Tripurari Mahadev. To celebrate this hard-fought battle, the gods lit deep candles to celebrate the joy and relief. Book cab in Varanasi, To join the divine joy of this festival. The terror of Tripura was so high that all the gods were hiding here and there to save their lives, which is why the lord himself has to take the initiative to end this terror. According to puranic stories, when Lord Kartikey killed Tarkasur, the three sons of Tarakasur, tarkasha, Kamalaksha and Visyunmali, took the oath to tackle the revenge of their father’s death. It was very tough to defeat the gods, which is why they disregarded Tapasya and prayed to Brahmdeva. After the long Tapasya of these two, Brahmadev became very happy, and he gave blessings to them. They asked Brahmadev for the blessing of immortality, but it was not possible to give it. So Brahmdev suggested they ask for any other blessing of their choice. So they asked for making three puris from brahmadev to create these tripuris, and then they said that these puris should be in a row in the Abhijit Nakshatra, then they could be killed. It was very rare to get three puris in a row, so they played their three smartly. Swarna puri, Rajat puri and lush puri, which were made by Lord Vishwakarma.

    How to celebrate

    You should take a bath in the brahmamuhurta, and then you should go to a temple or on the bank of a river to light a Diya in the name of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, and Lord Vishnu. You should pay flowers, ghee, and the Bel Patra to Lord Shiva to get his blessings of prosperity in life and education. You should buy a fresh portrait and idol of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha, wear new clothes, and take a holy bath in the Ganges River to worship the gods. You need to chant the mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva. You must worship Lord Vishnu because the month of Kartik is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and this year, Dev Deepavali will be celebrated in the Kartik month. Since this is in the Purnima too, that’s why you should pay the Jal Arghya to the moon when the moon is in its full-fledged shine. You can ask for your wishes from the gods, and it is such a sacred day that the wishes asked on Dev Deepawali are always fulfilled. You must light deep in front of the basil plant, which is always in a house, or you can light your whole house with the natural ghee deeps. You need to light a candle in the nearby temples and hire a outstation taxi in Varanasi to see the Ramnagar fort as well.

    About Varanasi: A Spiritual Heritage

    Varanasi is a city in Uttar Pradesh that is known for its spiritual significance and religious beauty. The beautiful scenery of this city will touch the souls of the tourists who come to see it and the divine energy stars flowing in its full fledged speed. The native people of Varanasi are so blessed that they say that they have taken birth where people come to die, and in the world where everyone wants to live as long as they want, if they want to die anywhere in this world, the first priority will be Kashi, known as Varanasi, because of the Varuna River on the north side and the Ass River in the south. You should book a cab service in Varanasi to know more about this city. This is an amazing city that is full of art and culture. Many Greek artists and personalities have grown out of this city. Each corner of this has its own history and significance. This place is full of the ultimate knowledge that one can get in his life. The changing of the mantras and culture of this city makes you remember yourself as the self that you are and the meaning of your existence. This city is one of the roots of Sanatan Dharma. A dharma, which was stated by our ancient rishis, is to live a balanced life with the full relationship of the world around you and within you. This city is standing tall because of the pride and glory of the Sanatan dharma. Hiring the best taxi service in Varanasi to see the Ghats and temples will keep you realizing the truth of life and death with their peaceful environment and feel-at-home vibes.

    How to reach Varanasi to celebrate Dev Deepawali

    If you want to come to Varanasi from your destination, then you need to come to the Cantt railway station or the Manduadih railway station if you are coming by the train facility, and then you will get a taxi with a Chiku cab at a reasonable price, and then your journey will start in this spiritual city. If you are coming to this spiritual land by air, then you need to book a cab with Chiku for the ghats and temples of Varanasi. If you are coming by air, then you need to come to the Lal Bahadur Shastri international airport, which is almost 25 km away from the Cantt railway station in Varanasi. You can book a Varanasi airport cab for reaching the Ghats in time to join the fest.


    Chiku Cab welcomes you in this city, especially for the celebration of Dev Deepawali, with its affordable cab booking in Varanasi to help you know about this city and not only in exploring the temples but yourself too. In this journey of creativity and realization, the taxi service will make you free from the stressful burden of transportation, and you can confidently unravel the mystery that is hidden in this city, which makes people come here again and again. Hire a car on rent in Varanasi to make your journey safe and convenient.

    More places to visit by cab service in Varanasi

    Varanasi is a popular city among tourists because of its spiritual significance and being the land which has always been blessed by Lord Shiva. There are many outstation and local places to see in this city with Chiku Cab outstation taxi in Varanasi. Following are places to see and know about the heart stories of Varanasi by car rental services:

    Places to visit by outstation cab in varanasi

    1. Chunar fort
    2. Swami Anagananad Ashram
    3. Kaimur
    4. Vindhyachal devi temple
    5. Shahi Atala masjid

    Local places to visit

    1. Vishwanath temple
    2. Banaras Hindu University
    3. Sarnath Museum
    4. Ramnagar Fort
    5. Sampurnanand Sanskrit university

    About Chiku Cab

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