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    1. Introduction to Delhi Tourism
    2. Historical buildings and museums
    3. The cuisines and foods
    4. Religious sites and temples
    5. Local markets and night-out spots
    6. Educational places
    7. More places in Delhi
    8. About Chiku Cab
    9. Other related links and posts

    Navigating the economic and cultural growth of India by Tempo traveller on rent in Delhi NCR

    Delhi was growing under the rule of Rajputas and Chauhans, but Muhammad Gori made it his single goal to win this city, but no one was so aware of his comeback that he was going to change the course of the history of Delhi, and after the battle of Tarain, he won the city. This shows the significance of Delhi in history and in modern times. Many have fought for Delhi, and very few empires have survived in the bloody history of the Delhi Sultanate. For photographers, this place is like a heaven where, through their cameras, they can pick all the sparkling gems to make their images a piece of beauty and divinity. You should explore the services of Chiku Cab like the 12-seater Tempo Traveller Hire in Delhi, which will make your group visit to this city a wonderful experience, and you will love traveling with the drivers of this service provider because the drivers can interact with you in English as well as know the dialect of the local native people of Delhi, which will make you more aware of places like the Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, Lodi Garden, Delhi Haat, National Art Gallery, the famous Raj Ghat made in the remembrance of the father of our nation, etc.

    Historical buildings and museums to visit in Delhi

    • Qutub Minar

    The height of this seminar is about 240 feet, and there are many stairs in this seminar. There is a kurta masjid that has the unique grace of Allah over it, and the architecture will make you a fan of this place. You will see Alai Darwaja and the Iron Pillar too, which are standing there in the glory of the sultanate architecture. You should also see the tomb of Imam Zamin, which is made up of red stone and is in the Iranian style, as well as the Imam Islamic masjid. Chiku Cab is offering cost-effective Best Tempo Traveller Booking in Delhi.

    • The red fort

    There are five museums in this fort. The Azadi Ke Diwane Museum has the memories of the soldiers who were martyred in the wars. You can also pay homage to them digitally in the Red Fort. The stories are enacted and shown through digital platforms to remember the soldiers. The north-side walls are very ancient and thick. There is also the famous Moti masjid, where the Mughal emperors used to pay their namaz to Allah. It seems that these are the walls made in the Mughal period.

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    • Humayun’s tomb

    After entering, you will see a long passage, and at the end, you will see gardens. You see Arab sarai, Nila gumbad, barbers’ tomb, etc. in this tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humanyun. Bu Halima Garden is a beautiful entrance to this tomb. You will see blue, yellow, and green tiles used in the making of this tomb. The tomb and mosque of the emperor were made by the great architects with their precise and clean art of making tombs. The painted ceiling of the tomb is made of sandstone, which looks stunning.

    Places to enjoy the cuisine and foods in Delhi

    • Lajpat Nagar Central Market

    You will love the ram ladoo, which is very popular and has been serving ladoos for 35 years to the foodie people who want to try out the street food. You will also love the momos, chaat, and the famous kitchen chhole in Lajpat Nagar, which is in the central market. There are many Chinese food shops that serve delicious chowmin. You will enjoy a refreshing beverage popularly known as Banta if you book a luxury tempo traveller in Delhi which will be the icing on the cake of your food love.

    • Daryaganj

    This place is famous for Indian dishes and cuisines of nearly all kinds of variety. You will find chicken pakoda, shahi paneer, kebab, and many other vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian foods. This place has gained popularity for Indian foods, and the butter chicken was first cooked here in Daryaganj. This gives you a real and authentic flavor, which will make your mouth water, and your taste will be enhanced for sure. If you are travelling in a group then look for a reliable 16-seater tempo traveller hired in Delhi NCR 6, Daruaganj.

    • Pind ballache

    After parking your vehicle, which is free, you can reach Pich Balluchi, which is near the LIC building. For partying and drinking, you can enjoy the beverages in pind balluchi. There you will get lots of nonvegetarian cuisines as well as vegetarian foods too. You can enjoy Amritsar chicken, dhaba meat, sagwala murga, Punjabi-style chicken by hiring a tempo traveller rental in Delhi, and many more foods that make your day.

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    Religious sites and temples

    • Akshardham temple

    This example is divided into five parts. You can easily reach this place by Akshardham metro station, and from there, 300 meters is the temple. Here, you can park your vehicle in the parking lot, for which you have to pay nearly 50 rupees. The temple is closed every Monday. You can put your mobiles and other costly items in the clock room. You can also enjoy the water show with a minimal charge, and for sure, you will feel worth paying for this water show and exhibition show for senior citizens as well as children. You will get affordable luxury tempo traveller on hire in Delhi from the Delhi metro station.

    • Jama Masjid

    Jama Masjid is a proud monument to our country. The very name of this masjid is related to Friday, which is the English translation of the word Jama. There is a large area where a large number of people can sit and pray namaj to Allah. This building took a large number of architects to build. The stairs of this mosque are very steep, and when you reach the top of it, you will see the whole city from there. This mosque has been attacked many times, but it was not hurt much in those attacks. You will have a small water pond where you can wash your feet and pay your namaz to Allah.

    Local markets and night-out spots

    • Chandini Chowk

    You will see a busy market and many temples while entering Chandani Chowk. You can buy ready-made lehenga, sarees, and other wedding things. You need to be extremely aware of pickpockets here in this place. There is a famous gali known as Parathe Wali Gali, where you can enjoy shopping for festivals and parties as well as the street food of Delhi. This market has all the materials that you need for marriage and functions, like bangles, sherwani, jewelry, clothes for the bride and groom, etc. You can also customize jewelry and bags here in Chandani Chowk. The Kinari bazaar is famous for home decorating materials and equipment.

    • Connaught place

    You will enjoy shopping here in the street market, where you will see many vendors selling unique and creative things that will fascinate you. If you are coming by taxi, then you can park your vehicle in the parking zone. If you are coming in the evening, you can sit in the park, which is always well-maintained and clean. You can enjoy the central park with your loved ones. This market is in the basement between the two circles. Here, you can buy a variety of products at pocket-friendly prices. You will enjoy drinking various shakes from the Shake Square shop, which offers you strawberry shakes, which are very famous.

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    Educational places to visit

    • Jawaharlal Nehru University

    This is one of the finest colleges in our nation. This university is always in the news because of its quality education and political awareness. Economically challenged students can also afford to live and study at this university. Many political lectures and motivational talks are held in the famous spot at the university. Get a luxury tempo traveller hire in Delhi with Chiku Cab to explore this educational institution thoroughly at the most economical price. You need to take the Minorca bus, which is very close to this university. All the educational and administrative work is done around the ring road of this university. In front of the statue of Jawaharlal Nehru, you will see Adam’s house.

    • Delhi University

    Delhi University is a prestigious educational institution in our country. St. Stephens and Lady Shri Ram College are top-rated colleges in India, which many students in India aspire to study at. A famous actor, Saurabh Shukla, graduated from Ramjas College in Delhi University. You will love seeing the north and south blocks of this university. These two blocks have many popular and sought-after colleges as well as hotels. The reading halls and library are open day and night for the students who are studying here at this university.

    More places in Delhi that you can explore:


    1. Sarojini Nagar Market
    2. Hauz Khas Village
    3. Karol Bagh
    4. Dilli Haat
    5. Jantar Mantar
    6. Lotus Temple
    7. Swaminarayan Akshardham Water Show
    8. National Museum
    9. Safdarjung’s Tomb
    10. Old Fort (Purana Qila)

    About Chiku Cab

    Chiku Cab has delivered luxury tempo traveller on rent in Delhi according to the convenience of tourists coming to see this amazing city, which has great significance in the politics and economic growth of our country. It delivers various kinds of cab services, including the Tempo Traveller, with different types of seating facilities and luggage storage space. To learn more about Chiku Cab, visit the site www.chikucab.com.