• Kolli Hills Travel Guide: An Experience Worth Traveling

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    The falling water of the Ganges from the Agaya Gangai waterfall, the beautiful idol and temple of Ord Shiva, the caves, and the forests of Kolli Hills attract tourists from all over.

    If you are in search of a place to travel in Tamil Nadu, then you should go to Kolli Hills. The view you will see will look like scenery to be sketched or painted on canvas.

    This hill is worth a travelling experience and a spot for bike or cab lovers because it has zigzag roads that surround the whole hill, and the roads are the way to explore the scenery and luxurious views of forests, hills, elephants, many birds, and reptiles as well.

    The forests are full of everlasting trees, flowers, and herbs. Kolli Hills is a place of study and research for Ph.D. students and research scholars to research the herbs, ancient rishis who used to live in these hills, and temples and their significance in modern life.

    The roads in Kolli Hills are small and narrow, so you need to take care of your safety while driving. People come to this place with friends and family for picnics, adventures, hill climbing, etc., and the everlasting forests on this hill and the cooking foods on it make it a must-visit destination.

    Chiku Cab taxi service in Tamil Nadu is an excellent option for exploring these hills with taxis of all kinds at the most affordable prices. Which offers outstation cabs to explore the Kolli Hills in Bangalore?

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    How to reach Kolli Hills

    To reach Kolli Hills, you should hire a taxi from Chennai and reach Namakkal Road, which will lead you to Kolli Hills.

    Suppose you want to stay here for a few days with family or friends and enjoy the adventure and greenery of Kolli Hills through the mysteries of temples, waterfalls, the history of Kolli Hills, and meeting the local villagers.

    In that case, many tourist residential places are available at affordable prices. Which will provide you with food and a free parking facility, as well as make your stay and visit worth an experience to cherish for the rest of your life and family?

    Agaya Gangai waterfall

    This waterfall is in the Nammakal district, where the Ganges River flows, and it falls at the steepest speed that looks like a heavenly scene, attracting tourists from all over India.

    You need to climb up many steps to reach this waterfall in Kolli Hills. The flowing and falling water of this waterfall and people enjoying it to the fullest make Agaya Gangai waterfall a must-visit.

    To enjoy the waterfall, you should book a cab in Chennai, making your journey affordable and convenient. The falling water looks like the Ganges is flowing from the matted hairs of Lord Shiva, which will leave you stunned with its beauty and stillness.

    Arapaleshwar temple

    Arpaleshwar Temple is a temple that presents devotion to Lord Shiva and his different forms. This south Indian temple is in Kolli Hills, a religious and spiritual site devoted to Shiva for his blessing and grace over the Tamil people.

    Visitors come to this place to worship their lord and pray for the grace of Shiva so that their body and mind remain pure and they can get the ultimate peace in their lives.

    This temple is made in the south Indian Nagar style of architecture and has a beautifully crafted Lord Shiva idol. Lord Shiva is worshipped in South India with great devotion. To get the blessing of Lord Shiva, you can hire the best outstation cabs in Bangalore.

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    Tampocal medicinal farm

    This medicinal farm in Kolli Hils was started for the research and development of herbal plantsand grasses, which are very rare and significant.

    This farm is partially open to visitors, and most of the parts of this medicinal farm are for the scientists and the workers on the farm.

    So the tourists can see those plants, and some guides will introduce the herbs and their qualities. Tourists can also buy some products made from those herbs for their health and fitness.

    To see this medicinal farm, and especially if you love knowing about herbs and hills, then this place is for you to explore and learn.

    The herbs found here are used to make ayurvedic as well as homeopathic medicines to cure rare and chronic diseases without any side effects. Chiku Cab offers reliable cab services in Bangalore to get the experience of Kolli Hills.


    Siddhar caves

    The Siddhar caves in Kolli Hills have a great and ancient history of their development. It is said that in these caves, the ancient rishis used to live here and do their meditation for the moksha.

    And they were enlightened people who had a very deep knowledge of herbs and life. So people from far away used to come to Siddhar caves for the cure of their diseases and to find the answers to their questions.

    The temple of Shiva and the waterfall on the Ganges make this cave a marvelous and attractive place to visit. You can hire a cab for an outstation visit in Bangalore to learn about these caves.

    The Siddhar caves were where people were doing sadhana and becoming Siddha, or enlightened. This place was also a kind of research and institution for the spiritual world and religious significance.

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