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    The word goa comes first in inng clubs, music parties festivals friends, and beverages but the beaches of Goa are also the most attraction of Goa. A beach is a land on the shore of a sea or river which is formed after the collision between the waves of a sea and the rocks. When these two collide the rock breaks into the sand and the sea waves bring them on the shore of the sea and this process makes land on shore that is made of sand, pebbles, and sails. This land is used by people to enjoy the canopy, and landscape and sunbathe on the shore with their family, friends, and kids. This land is known as a beach.

    There are more than 30 beaches in Goa. Here we are mentioning the top beaches in Goa. These beaches can be reached and enjoyed by hiring a taxi in Goa at the most affordable price. These beaches are :

    Candolim beach

    This beautiful beach is in north Goa. The weather is often gloomy and rainy, it is near the famous Baga beach around the north Goa market. There are many tourist residences where you can book rooms for Indian as well as for foreign tourists. You can also go to the tourist information center for details and information about the Candolim beach. People come here to have a good time playing water sports like swimming, jetski racing, boat racing, rafting etc, and with the waves and sands. You need to use safety kits and wear glasses while enjoying water sports. You will love coming here using the Best cab service in Goa.

    Colva beach

    This beautiful beach is in South Goa. You need to sit on the Maggoan bus to reach Goa. This is rich in vibrant atmosphere and natural beauty. The water here is cool and soothing best suited for swimming. The waves are here very strong so you need to use safety kits. This is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. There are fewer water sports and this beach is less crowded. The sunset of Colva beach is a worth a sight to the sea. This beach is a tropical heaven for tourists.

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    Palolem beach

    Palolem Beach is located in south Goa. You can rent a cab at the most affordable price in Goa from the airport this beach is around 55 km from the airport. You can book a hotel near the beach and enjoy the sunset and the dry weather of Goa. You can hire musical bands and boats and enjoy boating in the sea. You can enjoy eagle hunting too on this beach. You enjoy the food and beverages in the famous shacks. This beach is great for trekking and watching the sunset. The greenery and beautiful look will make you feel blissful and awesome.

    Vagator beach

    His north Goan beach is a beautiful and heavenly place for tourists. Many famous shacks provide you with delicious and exquisite breakfasts and beverages, you can try one of them. It is a small beach but a beautiful one. The cocktail and sunset of this place are awesome. You can enjoy the Chapura River while enjoying water sports and boating. This place is a hidden gem of a beach.

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    Benaulim beach

    Benaulim Beach is located in South Goa. This beach also has a free parking slot. This beach is near Colva Beach, there are many Portuguese villas near this beach. Clean water and a long seashore make it great. Patrons is a famous restaurant here which is famous for its breakfast and live musical band. You can temp traveler from Goa airport if you are with your friends and family, then you can come here to enjoy delicious fish dishes, beverages, and water sports.

    Baga beach

    Baga Beach is a world-famous beach in North Goa. On the streets to the beach, there is a beautiful market where you enjoy shopping and restaurants for breakfast. There is a water sports counter. You can book a ticket and you will get a kit as well as a pass to enjoy the swimming. Rafting, jet ski driving, and the water here are cool, clean, and beautiful. You will see starfish and pebbles and you can also enjoy parasailing with friends and family.

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    Anjuna beach

    Anjuna Beach is a fun place for parties, clubbing, etc it is made in the European style. The EVA Cafe at Anjuna Beach is must must-have to try its foods and beverages. The musical bands and artists make this beach a perfect spot for newly married couples and youth. The evening and night in Goa is like heaven which will remind you of your favorite Bollywood scenes. Visit Chiku Cab.


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