• The capital of Raghukul and the birthplace of Rama

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    Ayodhya has been the capital of Raghukul, which has witnessed the reign of Suravanshi kings like Dasharath and Rama. Ayodhya is the place where the story of the Ramayana begins. It is the birthplace of Rama, Laxman, Bharat, and Shatrughna. The places and temples in Ayodhya depict the legends of the Ramayana through their architecture, verse written on walls, religious and spiritual living, and the folklore of the people of Ayodhya. Ayodhya is one of the most visited pilgrimages for Hindus, and the Hindu god Rama is the most worshipped god in Ayodhya.

    The UP government is planning to celebrate this year’s Dussehra in Ayodhya, lightening a huge number of diyas throughout Ayodhya and especially on the ghats of Ram Ki Paidi on October 24, 2023. There are plays performed by theater actors to showcase the Ravan Dahan and the victory of Shri Ram. All over Ayodhya, there will be celebrations of the victory of good over evil. This government is planning to surpass the previous record of lighting 5.6 lakh diyas to create a record and showcase the love and devotion for Lord Rama.

    Ram Janmabhumi Complex

    There has been a long debate about the bhumi where Shri Rama was born. Ramajanmbhumi was confirmed to be where Mughal King Babur made the Babri masjid after 200 years of debate and courtroom drama. Finally, the verdict came in 2020. The UP government is planning to celebrate the auspicious days of Ramnavami and Dussehra in the Ram Jannmabhumi complex. You can book a cab service in Ayodhya to visit these places and temples.

    Ram Mandir

    Ram Mandir is a disputed site that has a history of its own. There is a story behind this temple: earliar, there was a temple of Lord Rama here, but the temple was destroyed by Babur, and a mosque was made at that place. In the 1980s, the Babri Masjid was destroyed, claiming that it was created in the place where there was a Ram mandir. In 2020, Narendra Modi inaugurated the making of the Ram Mandi after the court ordered the government and give the verdict that there was a Ram Mandir. Visitors can book a taxi service to see this temple. Now the making of Rama Mandir has started, and the design has been released.

    Hanuman Garhi:

    Hanuman Garhi is a temple in Ayodhya that was offered by Shri Ram to his most loved devotee, Hanuman, who came to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. Devotees come to worship Lord Hanuman before going to Ram Mandir to worship Lord Rama. This temple is the gateway to Ram Temple since it is said that to please Shri Rama, you should worship Hanuman.

    Sita ki rasoi

    This place was the kitchen of newlywed bride Sita to performed the ritual of cooking food for family members on the welcome day. Now this place is turned into an atelier where there are idols of Sita Mata, Laxman Urmila, and Bharat Mandavi. There is Prasad cooked daily, and devotees take it to pay their reverence for Sita. You can book a taxi service from Varanasi to Ayodhya to see the promising kitchen of Devi Sita.

    Dasharath Bhavan

    This mahal was made by King Dashrath for his residence and for sitting with friends and family members. This is not such a big palace, but the architecture and the designs of the mahal will fascinate you towards the charming places where Shri Rama spent his childhood days. Devotees can book a taxi service from Allahabad to Ayodhya to visit the palace of Dasharath.

    Ramkatha Park

    Ram Katha Park is a famous park in Ayodhya where many reverent devotees come to chant the verses of Ramcharitmans and Sundarand, share stories of Lord Ram and his life teachings, and also have lawns that kids use to play on and adults use to walk and relax.

    Ram ki paidi

    Ram ki Paidi is famous for its ghats. This place has a chain of ghats, including the Nageshwarnath Mandir, made on the ghat of Ram Ki Paidi. There are a lot of verses written on the ghats, and these ghats are used for daily worship and bathing for purity of mind and soul. People also go boating to see the structures and temples of these ghats on the Sarayu River.

    Nageshwarnatth mandir

    This temple was founded by the younger son of Shri Ram, Kush. The temple was made by Kush for a nagkanya who fell in love with Kush. Kush offered this temple in respect of Nagkanya’s love for him. And now devotees come here to pay their reverence in a big crowd of reverent to Lord Rama, Kush, and the Nagkanya for their well-being and prosperity.

    Sugreev Kila

    This fort of King Sugreev is now a temple where people worship King Sugreev. This mahal was offered by Lord Rama to Sugreev when they came to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. It was a place for Sugreev to reside, like the place given to Hanuman by Shri Rama. People come to this with a lot of reverence and pay their worship to Sugreeva and Lord Rama. Visitors can book a cab service from Lucknow to Ayodhya to visit this mahal of King Sugeev.