• Decoding the Hidden Message of Tathagat Buddha

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    In the Gautam Buddha Circuit, Sarnath Gaya and Kushinagar are the most significant places, which are the places for Buddha’s first lecture to his five students, the enlightenment of Buddha when Buddha got knowledge about the reality of the world, and the place for Buddha’s Mahaparinirvana when Buddha left his body and mingled with eternity forever.

    Sarnath: Gautam Buddha’s first message to the world and the famous Dharmachakrapravartan

    Sarnath is situated in Varanasi, 12 km away from the Cantt railway station. This is the place where Gautam Buddha gave his first message to his five disciples, who were earlier opposing Buddha for his actions. Because it is said that physical discipline is not the natural and right way to nirvana. But after obsessing and realizing Buddha’s intention, they became his pupils. The other name for Sarnath is Rishipattanam.

     Ashoka chakra

    Ashoka chakra is a symbol that is present on a pillar in Sarnath. This wheel is used in the middle of the national flag of India. This wheel has 24 chakras, which is the depiction of Dharmchakra in the form of a wheel on the Ashoka pillar. It is a national symbol that has significance for the pride of India.

    Sarnath: Gautam Buddha’s

    Dhamekh and Chaukhandi stupes are archaeological sites that were used for meditation by Buddhist monks. These stupas were made during the Mauryan period, and Buddhist monks used to meditate here. These stupas are recognized by the archeological survey of India. You can visit this site by hiring a taxi from Varanasi airport.

    Archeological museum

    The Archeological Museum of Sarnath is one of the most important and early archeological sites and museums. In this museum, you will find many sculptures and edicts of the Mauryan period, like the pillar made by Ashoka and the Ashoka chakra. You will also find the verse from the Mundakupishad, which is Satyamevajayate, etc. This site is recognized by the Archeological Survey of India as a significant archaeological site.

    Tibetan temples

    Many Tibetan temples near Sarnath are beautifully designed and a place for Buddhist monks. In these temples, people from Nepal and Tibet reside and live like Buddhist monks to do meditation and spread the message of Buddha. These temples will fill your heart and soul with peace.

    The Zoological Garden in Sarnath

    The zoological garden in Sarnath is the most sought-after destination for Sarnath visitors. In this zoological garden, there are many birds like cranes, peacocks, ducks, animals like deer, and reptiles like crocodiles, etc. This zoological garden is the best site to visit in Varanasi, especially for kids. To visit this zoological garden with family and friends, you should hire a taxi service for Sarnath.

    Gaya: the place where Buddha became spiritually awakened

    Gautam Buddha got knowledge of reality and understood the root cause of suffering that is according to him Trishna(desire) and after the realization he became enlightened. Then Siddarth Gautam was known as Gautam Buddha, one who knows reality. This place is the Karmbhoomi of Gautam Buddha. In this place, after a long year of meditation, Buddha became spiritually awakened, and then he decided to spread the word throughout the whole world.

    The tree of Bodh ( knowledge)

    The Bodhi tree was the tree under which Tathagat Buddha got the knowledge of the whole world and became enlightened. This tree was cut by a king of Bengal, and thrown into the river. Now other trees have grown up, and people worship this tree as the Bodhi tree to be self-aware and spiritually awakened.

    The figurine of Gautam Buddha

    The idol of Gautam Buddha is an idol which is the height of 18-foot situated in Gaya. In this idol, Gautam Buddha is sitting in the famous Buddha meditative pose, where both hands are on his lap, and he is meditating. This is one of the most visited statues in the world. You can hire a taxi from Varanasi to Gaya to see this figurine.

    The temple of knowledge: Bodhi pilgrim

    The place where Gautam Buddha got his enlightenment is now a pilgrim. In this mandir, the daily routine of Buddha and the meditations have been depicted in the form of paintings and sculptures.

    Barabar caves

    These caves are situated in Barabar hill road, which is almost 46km away from Gaya. This cave has many scriptures, paintings, and sculptures from the Mauryan period, like the message of Ashoka for the world to follow the path of Dhamma and Niti.

    Kushinagar: the Mahaparinirvana of Gautam Buddha and

    Kushinagar is the place where Gautam Buddha left his body on the bed of a rock and became one with the universe. All his disciples, including his favorite pupil Anand, and others were present there on the day of Mahaparinirvana of Gautam Buddha. Visitors can book an airport transfer cab service from Varanasi to Kushinagar to visit this place.

     Mahaparinirvana stupa

    This is the place where Gautam Buddha got his nirvana, which is known as Mahaparinirvana. Now this place has become a temple. In this place, the statue of Buddha is made while Buddha is relaxing on the bed of a rock, and around his statue are his disciples. This place reminds us of the devotion and reverence of disciples towards Gautam Buddha and the grace of Tathagat on his followers.

    Wat thai mandir

    This Buddha stupa was built by the king of Thailand and the Buddhist monks of Thailand. This temple was created in Thai architecture, and followers of Buddha come here from Thailand as well as from different parts of India to see this temple and feel the energy of Buddha and his teachings, which lead them to peace and spirituality.

    Meditation Park

    This is the park where Gautam Buddha and his disciples used to meditate. This meditation park is now a temple where the walking and meditating idols of Gautam Buddha have been installed, and people from all over India come to this park to visit the meditation zone of Gautam Buddha and his disciples.