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    Goa is not just about solo trips, wine, music, or other things. Goa is famous for its festivals too. You will love to learn about Goan culture and people. There are some of the most amazing and happening festivals in Goa. Goa Carnival is a unique and very different celebrated festival in Goa. It is loaded with brilliant scenic views, food, and beaches. It is the best time with friends and family. Christmas is celebrated in Goa in its full Portuguese legacy, and the majority of Christmas is celebrated in Goa. Feats take place when three boys play the role of Jesus taking his character.

    Goa is mostly famous for its beaches, nightclubs, water sports, and casinos but the festivals of Goa also attract tourists because these festivals are unique and celebrated in a new and different manner. Tourists feel like European tradition and culture are being celebrated in India itself. So be a part of festivals with family and friends by booking a taxi in Goa.

    VIVA Carnival Goa

    Carnival is celebrated in four places, including Mapusa, Madgaon, Vasoco, and Panaji, and the Carnival of Panaji is the most celebrated. After 2 p.m., this festival starts and is celebrated in Goa until 8 p.m. It is generally called the Vivian Carnival. A composer of music developed this carnival to bring in tourists. This usually happens in the days leading up to the first day of Catholics in February and March. Mary’s Church is prominent. This celebration began as a Christian custom of consuming food and beverages and dancing following a protracted fast in honor of Jesus. This festival’s philosophy encourages us to enjoy life to the fullest by indulging in food, drink, and dance.


    Goan villages light up and embrace the Shigmotsav holiday with gaiety. It is known as the spring festival, or shigmo festival because it is observed during the month of spring. It is celebrated in the month of spring, which is why it is remembered as the spring festival or stigma festival. In this festival, the villagers of Goa perform contemporary floats and dances, which attract tourists, and they also take part in the celebration. In the parade of Shigmo Fest, you will see traditional folk dance, street dance, the religious showcase of deities performing, and the tradition of Goan villagers. Chiku Cab is a trusted taxi provider in Goa, you can book a cab for the one-way or round trip in Goa.

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    Ganesh Chaturthi

    Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in many places in Goa, but the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated in Mapusa is a unique and significant festival. This place has no Hindu temples, and the villagers celebrate it by making different types of Ganesha idols where Lord Ganesh is sitting on his safari, which is a mouse. Battle nuts, coconut, and other crops are given to Lord Gonaesh while worshiping pigs. Since Lord Ganesh loves laddos, the people of Goa make various kinds of laddos and sweets, which are delicious and mouth-watering. You can hire an outstation cab service to explore the various places where Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in Goa.


    Christmas is amazingly celebrated in Goa. If you want to celebrate Goa differently, then Goa can be the place for you to celebrate the festival of Christ. Portuguese legacy and catholic population make the celebration of Christmas in Goa a new experience for the tourists who come to see the Goan festival and folk tradition with the people of Goa. The festival of Christ is known for its integrity between friends, family, and relatives while celebrating this festival in Goa. Churches and houses are decorated in different shades of color in Goa. Children sing and dance for a long time at night, and people of all ages join them too.

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    Diwali in Goa

    Diwali is celebrated in different ways in Goa, where it is celebrated by lighting the effigy of Narkasur on the Nark churdashi. Narkasur was a demon who terrorized the poor villagers and looted them, so Lord Krishna himself killed Narkasur, and then the villagers got freedom from the shackles of Narkasur. After burning the effigy of narkasur while roaming around with the effigy on the road, sending the message to burn the evil in our hearts like narkasur, they put oil on their body and took a bath to clean themselves.

    Monte Music Festivals

    Many music festivals are held in Goa, and almost all the beaches and sites in Goa have a musical band, and many artists who reside there perform their art. But the Monte Music Festival is a special one. All the musical bands and artists gather at the Monte festival and pay their tribute by connecting people with their art and talent to the famous music composers and singers at the festival.

    Sao Jao Festival

    This is a Catholic traditional festival that is celebrated authentically for an interesting story and message. While celebrating this fest, people jump in the river and wells. It is said that when St. Baptist heard that Jesus had taken birth while he was in the womb of his mother, he jumped out of the womb, so this fest is celebrated to pay tribute to St. Baptist for his love and devotion to Jesus. And people celebrate it with the message of devotion, which brings righteousness.

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    New Year’s Eve in Goa

    On New Year’s Eve, people want to go to Goa to celebrate the New Year. There is so much to explore and enjoy in Goa for your New Year celebration. People enjoy the cuisine and foods in Goa on beaches like Anjuna and Colva beaches which are heaven for having fun and drinking beverages. The sunset on these beaches makes your new year bright and a sight to see. If you are thinking about celebrating New Year in Goa then you can book a Cab in Goa at affordable prices and make your new year an offspring and blessing.


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