• Unfolding the mysteries of Underwater Dwarka City

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    1. Introduction
    2. The myths behind the sinking of Dwarka
    3. The history behind the Dwarka city
    4. Archeological excavations in Dwarka
    5. How to reach Dwarka city
    • By air
    • By road
    • By train
    1. Archeological excavations in Dwarka
    2. The best time to visit Dwarka city
    3. Places to stay in Dwarka
    4. Places to see in Dwarka
    • Dwarkadheesh temple
    • Gomati ghat
    • Sudama Setu
    • Panchanada
    • Laxmi Narayan temple
    • Rukmini Devi temple
    • Dwarka beach
    • Nageshwar Jyotirlinga temple
    • Bhadkeshwar Mahadev temple
    • Dwarka Lighthouse
    • Dwarakadhish market
    • Gopi Talav
    1. Conclusion


    Dwarka is the city where Lord Krishna ruled as a king in the Dwapar Yuga but now this city is underwater and you will hear only the noise of waves. underwater is situated on the Sangam of the Gomati River and the Arabian Sea.

    This city is a symbol of devotion and faith. Dwarka is an ancient city combining the faith of devotees and the history of India. It is a Devbhoomi for the Hindus.

    On the western coast of India, Gujarat is spread around 6500sq ft. When you move towards the Saurashtra district then you can see the symbol of Sanatan Dharma reflecting the significance of its heritage.

    The underwater city of Dwarka is considered a Moksha city, which is a symbol of Indian Dharma and devotion. From this city, the pilgrimage of the Hindu religion begins. This was the city which Lord Krishna developed.

    The history behind the Dwarka city

    The city of many Dwars, Dwarka is one of the seven pilgrimage sites in India. It is significant not only religiously but archeologically. Underwater Dwarka city is a Hindu Dham out of the Chardham.

    It is the one pilgrimage place for Yatra out of the Saptapuri. The Puranic and historical background of Dwarka is full of mystery. If we talk about the Puranic background then we find that the 8th incarnation of Vishnu, Lord Krishna established this city.

    According to the Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta, Krishna was birth in a prison in Mathura. But his father Vasudev for the safety of Krishna took him to Gokul.

    Krishna was brought up in Gokul and there Krishna grew up doing Rasleela with the Gopis and Radha. This is the place where Krishna killed his uncle and the cruel king of Mathura, Kansa.

    The father-in-law of Kansa attacked Mathura 18 times, which is why Krishna moved towards the west with the people of Mathura.  Then Lord Krishna decided to establish an island.

    According to Puranic stories, Krishna took the land for making the island from the Samundra Dev and ordered the great architect Lord Vishwakarma to build the city.  This city, Dwaraka underwater was surrounded by four walls. It was a great example of architecture. The walls of this city were made of Gold.

    The myths and intriguing stories behind the sinking of Dwarka

    There are many stories and myths behind the sinking of Dwarka. According to Mahabharata Lord Krishna was with the Pandavas against Kauravas.

    In this war, Kauravas were defeated by Pandavas. Ganghari cursed Lord Krishna after the death of 100 sons by the Pandavas. Gandhari cursed Lord Krishna that as the Kaurav Vansha is destroyed; the Yaduvansha will also see its downfall.

    Gradually the Yuduvanshis started fighting with each other. They started killing each other and when all the Yuduvanshis were killed, Balram also left his body.

    After Balram left his body, Lord Krishna started roaming around the forest in sadness. He sat under a tree thinking about the curse of Gandhari. When he was resting, a hunter named Jara thought that there was a deer and he shot an arrow.

    The arrow wounded the thumb of his leg. When went near he saw Krishna and he asked to forgive him. Krishna gave him Abhaydan and left the Body.

    When Arjuna heard this news he became very sad and he asked Vsudev to send the people of Mathura to Hastinapur. The next day Vasudev left his body and Arjuna performed the cremation of all the Yadfuvanshis. When Arjuna and the people left the city and sank Dwarka under the sea.

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    There is another story which is about the curse given by Lord Vishnu to the song of Lord Krishna, Samba. Once, the saints Vishwamitra, Narad, and Kanva went to Dwarika.

    Then a few children of Yaduvansha to mock the saints sent Samb in disguise as a girl. They said to the saints that this girl was pregnant and asked them to tell them what would take birth.

    The saints cured that from the womb of this girl a Musal will be born and by this Musal the whole Yaduvansha will be killed.

    How to reach Dwarka city

    By train

    If you want to come to Dwarka by train then you can take a train from your city to the Dwarka railway station which is on the Ahmedabad to Okha railway line. The distance between Dwarka railway station and Dwarakadhisha temple is 2.5km.

    By air

    If you want to come to Dwarka by flight then you can take a flight from your city to the Jamnagar airport. You can also come to the Porabandar or Ahmedabad airport too.

    By road

    You can also take the bus from Ahmedabad to Dwarka. You can also hire a taxi service from Ahmedabad to Dwarka with Chiku Cab for coming to the lost city.

    Archeological excavations in Dwarka

    Dwarka is now a very significant archeological site. The pilots of the Indian Air Force discovered the city for the very first time Dwaraka city under sea.

    They flew over the sea and then in 1970 it was mentioned in the Gazetteer of Jamnagar. Before this people used to say that Dwarka is an imaginary city and imaginary stories do not have historical facts.

    However, the first historical record of this city was found in the 6th century in Bhavanagar. This was found in the Palitana copper plate. On this edict, it is written that Lord Krishna used to live here.

    The head of CSSIR, Rajeev Nigam quotes Mahabharata to prove that Dwarika is mentioned at the same place where it is found now. In the year 1979 Archeological Dr, S.R.Rao and his team started excavating and examining this place.

    They found the 560-meter-long wall of Dwarka. The details about the structure of the wall are similar to the description in Mahabharata. According to the Puranic details, there were 50 pillars in Dwarka Gujarat under sea.

    The archeologists find 30 pillars underwater. They also found utensils of that time which were of the time from 1528 to 3000BC. All these findings prove that Dwarka is not an imaginary story but a real fact.

    In 2005 the excavations in Dwarka were started again by the archeological survey of India. With the help of sea divers, the archaeologists started excavating the underwater Dwarka and they found many samples.

    All these were way older than the Indus Valley civilization. According to the director of the Archeological Survey of India, the excavation was done to the 10-meter depth in the sea and on the land. In these excavations, they found many coins and artifacts.

    The best time to visit Dwarka city

    The weather of Dwarka remains ideal for a visit in any month. But the most ideal time will be the winter season. You come to visit Dwarka between September and February.

    During the winter season, the climate of Dwarka is very pleasant and all the places are open for the tourists to explore. You can visit during the Janmashtami festival which is celebrated in Dwaraka water city with lots of excitement and joy.

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    Places to stay in Dwarka

    There are many guesthouses, Dharamshala, and private hotels. You can book rooms in Dharamshala, the non-AC room will cost you 400Rs and the dormitory will cost you 200Rs.

    You can also book private hotels which will begin at 700Rs. The Fern Sattva Resort Dwarka, Hawthorne Suites, private hotels, Ginger Dwarka, etc. are the few famous hotels in Dwarka.

    Places to see in Dwarka

    1. Dwarkadheesh temple

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    Dwarakadheesh temple is the social and spiritual center for the people of Dwarka. This temple has witnessed many attacks and reconstructions.

    Adi Shankaracharya reconstructed the temple in the 8th century. The temple is at a great height and it can be seen from the distance of 10km. Lord Krishna is established in Swaroop form, not as an idol. People can see the Arti and take blessings of Lord Krishna.

    1. Gomati ghat

    You can come to Gomati Ghat which is on the banks of the Gomati River in the underwater city of India Dwarka. People take Holy baths in the river and then they worship Lord Krishna on the Ghat. There you will see people taking camel and Jeep safaris. You can also take the camel safari for fun activities.

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    1. Sudama Setu

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    Sudam Setu is a bridge named after Sudama, the childhood friend of Lord Krishna. You can come to see this bridge with your family members. You can take a camel safari to get to this bridge.

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    1. Panchanada

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    There are five kinds of different rivers. The Pandavas performed the Pinddan of their ancestors. Rishi Marichi, Rishi Angira, and the other three saints established these rivers here. The water of Bhim Kund tastes sweet. The other kunds are Yudhishtir kunds, Arjuna kund etc.

    1. Laxmi Narayan temple

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    Laxmi Narayan temple is a south Indian-style temple in Somnath. Acharya Radha swami established this temple 125 years ago. Aarti is performed in the morning according to the Ramanuj creed.

    1. Rukmini Devi temple

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    Rukmini Devi temple is 3km away from the Dwarakdheesh temple. Once Saint Durvasha cursed Rukmini that she would live away from his husband, Krishna and the water of Dwarka will become salty. If you come to this temple and take blessings then your ancestors will get Moksha. The carvings and the idols of Gajraj are beautiful. You can come from November to March.

    1. Bhadkeshwar Mahadev temple

    It is said that around 5000 years ago a Shivlinga appeared here and now it is known as the Bhadkeshwar Mahadev temple. On the occasion of Mahashivratri, a big fair is held here. This temple is surrounded by the sea. You will love the views of the temple and sea.

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    1. Nageshwar Jyotirlinga temple

    This is the 10th Jyotirling. It is 25km away from the Dwarakpuri. Once, Lord Shiva gave Darshan to Supriya.  He was a devotee of Lord Shiva. It is said that a person who takes blessings at the Nageshwarnath temple becomes free from all kinds of sin.

    1. Dwarka beach

    Shivrajpur Beach is a blue flag beach and is famous for water sports. The parking here is paid. The parking fee is 50Rs and the entry ticket is 30Rs per person. You can go boat riding. You will get stalls for eating the street foods. You can also enjoy the other sports.

    1. Dwarka Lighthouse

    You can come to see the sunset views from this lighthouse in Dwarka. There is a garden, which kids will love the most. You can also take blessings at the Ganesh temple. The views from the top of the lighthouse will be an amazing sight to see.

    1. Dwarakadhish market

    You will shop for pearls and gemstones. You can set the local foods of Gujarat. The sweets, the idols of Lord Krishna, Gujarati traditional clothes, etc. are the top attraction in this market.

    1. Gopi Talav

    Gopi Talav is 5 km away from the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga. It said that this was the place where Gopis performed Rasleela with Lord Krishna for the last time. The soil of Gopi Talav is yellow. It is said that on each Ekadashi, Shree Krishna comes here and does Rasleela with the Gopis.


    You must visit this Indian heritage, if you want to know about Indian mythology, and stories related to Mahabharata, to explore the city of Lord Krishna and many more temples.

    Dwarka India Underwater will make you realize the mythological and puranic stories have a connection to the various temples and, monuments in India.

    You can come to Dwarka with your parents on a religious tour by hiring a taxi service with Chiku Cab. Dwarka is being developed by the government to preserve the historical heritage of India.

    You can take a tour with your friends for adventurous activities too in Dwarka. You can enjoy the water sports on the different beaches. So, take a train or flight from your city and come to Dwarka to explore the Indian heritage and the mystery of Dwarka.