• Places to visit in Varanasi: from Sightseeing to Mandir Darshan

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    Varanasi is one of the most interesting cities in Uttar Pradesh which is visited by many tourists throughout the year. Known as the spiritual capital of India, the city welcomes the Hindu pilgrims with open arms who come here to take a dip in the Ganges River and perform funeral rites. There is a lot to see in this amazing place including a wide number of temples. Travel within the city becomes much comfortable when you have a taxi service by your side. You can simply book cab service in Varanasi and enjoy a smooth ride. So, here are some of the places to visit when you are in Varanasi.

    Assi Ghat

    Assi Ghat is one of the must-visit places in Varanasi. This place is located far south, and it is where the people pay homage to Lord Shiva. They worship the huge lingam that is situated under a peepal tree. This ghat is a lively space, rippling in the chaos and commotion and one that vividly that captures the beauty of Kashi. Among all the different religious places, Assi Ghat is a must-visit. The alluring sight of the aarti here makes Varanasi one of the most beautiful cities in India. You can go there anytime. This ghat is famous for recreation and festivals. The ghat was made in the year 1988.

    Tibetan Temple

    Tibetan Temple is a stunning temple located in Varanasi. This temple is where Lord Buddha taught his disciplines the four truths of life. You can visit the temple and enjoy the beauty of the Buddhist paintings that beautifully adorns the walls of the temple. The temple has another very unique feature that is the prayer wheel. This prayer wheel releases strips of paper with chants written on them if rotated clockwise. The Tibetan temple is located in Sarnath.


    Sarnath is another destination that is quite beautiful. It is located 13 km northeast of Varanasi, Sarnath, they are among the famous Buddhist pilgrimages in India. It is one of the best places for local sightseeing in Varanasi. If you want to see something better than ghats and gullies, you can come to Sarnath and enjoy an amazing time. The popular sightseeing places in Sarnath include the Dhamekh Stupa and Monastery Ruins, the Archeological Museum, the Chaukhandi Stupa, and so on. To reach Sarnath, it is best to hire a taxi service in Varanasi


    Vindhyachal has located 70 km from Varanasi and it is a religious city that is dedicated to Goddess Vindhyavasini (daughter of Yashoda-Nanda). It is one of the most revered Sidhapeeths of the presiding deity, Vindhyavasini Devi. With cab service in Varanasi, reaching Vindhyachal is quite easy and convenient.

    Banaras Hindu University

    Banaras Hindu University, earlier known as Central Hindu College which is a public central university, is located in Varanasi. It was established in the year 1916 by Maharaja of Darbhanga Rameshwar Singh, Madan Mohan Malaviya, Sir Sunder Lal, and British Theosophist and Home Rule League founder Annie Besant.

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