• Traveling by cab? Chiku Cab takes care of safety precautions during COVID-19

    Posted on August 25, 2020 by in Taxi Service

    The novel coronavirus pandemic has caught the world by storm and made normal lives quite weird. Everyone is tensed while taking a step out of their home. This virus has shaken most businesses throughout the globe. With millions of individuals infected, everyone is taking precautionary measures to tackle the spread of COVID-19. Everyone wants to go back to their native place, but traveling is not convenient these days. Going to outstation destination in private taxis are safer than riding on a public bus, train or airplane. Chiku Cab has issued safety guidelines and following it to ensure everyone is safe throughout the journey. Booking a safe outstation taxi service in Delhi with Chiku Cab can help you reach your destination on time and without the fear of catching any virus.

    COVID-19 safety precautions are taken by Chiku Cab driversĀ 

    The drivers who are working with Chiku Cab have undergone several pieces of training for personal and cab hygiene. They have been provided with hand sanitizers and face masks to keep the virus at bay. Cleaning the cab is mandatory before a passenger board the cab for an outstation trip. Proper sanitization is performed to keep the cab clean. The drivers are asked to provide the customers with hand sanitizers from time to time throughout the trip.

    If drivers notice passengers with any symptoms, they will reach out to the Chiku Cab head office and report. The drivers will self-quarantine themselves if they also display any symptoms. If the driver gets tested positive, then the company will reach out to the passenger and the concerned authorities. Equally, the customers can reach out to the company, if he or she feels they have come into contact with any driver/passenger displaying the symptoms. The passengers should also contact the company if they have taken a ride in the past fourteen days and tested positive for COVID-19.

    How do we provide a safe outstation taxi service in Delhi?

    Chiku Cab has been providing easy mobility of the passengers by road during the pandemic situation. This involves a careful approach to all the safety and precautions according to the government guidelines. The drivers are willing to get on the road to help people from Delhi to reach other cities in a private cab. The drivers are well trained to keep the safety measures in mind. Booking a cab in Delhi is easy as it is either through the website or by giving a call on the 24×7 helpline. The booking process is transparent and streamlined. To make payment feasible, cashless options are available. The passengers can pay through UPI easily. The drivers strive to go that extra mile to keep you satisfied. From the booking to the quality service, the experience is easy as well as seamless. When you book a cab with Chiku Cab, you can be assured of convenience.

    How do we ensure customer safety during the outstation trip?

    With the choice of cars from economy hatchbacks to the sedan, from premium sedans to SUVs, Chiku Cab offers you a one-stop solution for all your travel needs. They take care of all the preventive measures for a stress-free outstation trip. Book one-way or round trip, plan in advance or just book immediately, and make traveling completely hassle-free and safe. Being reliable, safe, and transparent, Chiku Cab is your trusted ride for every occasion.

    Whatever your reason for traveling, Chiku Cab is here to provide you with comfort and quality service within a pocket-friendly price. The drivers understand that your journey experience has to be safe and stress-free during this pandemic and that is why they take care of your safety and hygiene. Book with us and travel safely.

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