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Frequently Asked Questions for Attach Taxi with Chiku Cab

1. How can I attach my cab with


You can visit our website link
Fill all the basic details & upload the necessary documents mentioned below:

For vendor registration

  • Address proof
  • Office details with GST (if you have)
  • Aadhar & Pan Card
  • Driver License
  • Bank details (Account no with bank name, Account holder name & IFSC code)
  • Passport size photograph
  • For Vendor registration kindly fill the below form for vendor application

For cab registration

  • Cab photo with front & back view
  • Registration copy(RC)
  • Insurance & Route permit
  • Pollution certificate

Driver details

  • Aadhar card
  • Driver License
  • Pan no
  • Address proof
  • Passport size photo
  • Driver's phone no
  • Police verification details
  • For Driver registration kindly fill the below form for driver application

2. Shall I get any referral benefit if I refer my friend as Chikucab patner?


Yes, you can get Rs. 1000/- as referral amount in your chikucab recharge wallet.

3. Can I use un-registered or unapproved drivers and/or vehicles?


No, you can never use un-registered or unapproved drivers and/or vehicles.

4. Shall I carry my documents during the trip?


Yes, You will always have to carry your documents during the trip.

5. Can I cancel my booking after acceptance?


No, you can't cancel any booking after acceptance or post assignment. If you cancel, you will be penalized with 10% of that particular booking amount.

6. Can I change assigned vehicles or drivers?


No, you can't change; however you can take preapproval before trip in emergency siyuation.

7. How can I get my duties?


You can get duties over vendor application panel. For that, you must be active on software . Company also broadcast the duties & its your responsibility to pick the duty.

8. How can I recharge my wallet?


You can deposit your recharge amount in company's account. We will share account details once documentation process is done.

9. Why Shall I Recharge my wallet?


Wallet Recharge is mandatory to purchase the Lead(booking) ,since chikucab deducts its commission from the wallet recharge amount.

10. How much shall I purchase any lead (Booking)?


You will have to pay 6% of lead(booking) amount to purchase the lead.It is to be noted that this booking amount is the purchase amount made by vendor for the particular booking.

11. How shall I get my payment?


You will be fully paid by customer in cash on real time basis.

12. Is recharge amount is refundable?


Never, recharge amount is not refundable because its not a security amount; company deducts its benefit against each booking from this recharge wallet.

13. How can I update my driver details?


You can update your driver details on vendor parner app.

14. How can I update my vehicle details?


You can update your vehicle details on vendor partner app.

15. What about Silver/Diamond vendor?


These are category of vendors decided on the basis of the service provided. Please visit for more information.

16. What about the rating?


Company provide rating to each vendor based on the feedback provided by the served customers.

17. How can I pick my duties?


Company do broadcast the duty to vendors. Its your responsibility to pick the particular duty on real time basis. Also it would be visible on your vendor app.

18. Can I use Non approved vehicles and Driver?


No ,The operator (Vendor) shall only deploy vehicles and drivers that are owned and /or in regular services of the operator and for which all relevant documents for driver and car have be on duly submitted and approved on file the company.

19. How do I become an ChikuCab Fleet Operator?


You can become an Chikucab Fleet Operator by attaching multiple cars owned by you or your company.

20. How will I receive my daily bookings?


You will receive your daily bookings on the ChikuCab app installed on your device. Training will be provided on the app.

21. Will I get priority bookings?


No, we do not have a concept of priority bookings. However ChikuCab has a large customer base, hence there is no shortage of bookings for you.

22. What is the difference between an ChikuCab Fleet Operator and a DCO (driver-cum-owner)?


Since you can have multiple cars attached as an Chikucab Fleet Operator, the revenue will be higher. You function like a business entity than just an individual driver-partner. Hence the financial growth rate is higher.

23. Is there a limitation on the number of cars I can attach to my fleet?


No, we do not impose any limitation to the number of cars you can attach to your ChikuCab Fleet.

24. Will Chikucab provide driver-partners for my fleet?


We cannot guarantee providing driver-partners for your fleet but we will definitely assist you in finding them.

25. When can I become an ChikuCab Fleet Operator?


Visit the nearest ChikuCab Partner office with the required documents. Our team will be happy to assist you.

26. Can I have two drivers for a single car?


Yes, of course you can have two drivers for any single car, provided they are both attached as driver-partners with us.

27. What kind of support can I expect from Chikucab to handle my daily fleet operations?

  1. 1. We provide an operator app for mobile phones and web portal for computers. It allows you to access the productivity and performance of all your cars attached on our platform in real-time.
  2. 2. 24/7 partner care helpline
  3. 3. Attachment training program.
  4. 4. Dedicated counter at offices for any issue resolution.
  5. 5. On-field training programs.

28. Will Chikucab pay my drivers directly?


No, we do not pay your drivers directly. For an operator, payments are processed to a single operator a/c. You will need to pay your drivers.

29. Will I make more money as an Chikucab Fleet Operator?


The amount of money you earn as a Fleet Operator totally depends on your fleet's performance. However, you will earn more revenue compared to a DCO as your revenue is not limited to one car.

30. Will I continue getting the same incentive scheme for a specific time period?


This is purely decided by the management after considering the market fluctuations.

31. Can I attach private number car with chikucab


No , you can attach only taxi number plate(commercial) licensed vehicles . Fleet operator/DCO/Vendor here by agrees that shall use only commercial licensed vehicles for serving trips assigned by company.

32. How to collect the additional charge through customers


If any additional charges are to be levied to the customer which are incidental to the trip, and not covered in the booking amount payable by the customer the operator or driver must be notify and confirm of the charges first and only with due permission request the customer for these additional charges .The company are approved by the company.

33. What is software support charge?


Software support charge is the Chikucab mobile application maintenance charge that is paid monthly in first week of each month.

34. How much amount to be paid as Software support charge?


You need to pay Rs. 300/- as monthly software support charge in each month.

35. What happened if I do not pay software support charge?


If you don't pay monthly software support charge, your application & vendor-ship account will be blocked for that particular month & your whole Wallet amount will also be deducted on temporarily basis till than you pay that charge. Once you paid, the same amount will be added again.

36. Is Software support charge mandatory?


yes, it is mandatory to pay in each month to keep your application active & updated.

37. Can i get booking without paying Software support charge?


No, you can't get bookings without paying software support charge until & unless you don't pay the same.

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