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Book 18 Seater Minibus Hire in Hyderabad on rent

To enjoy the royal journey in Hyderabad, you should hire the 18 seater minibus hire in Hyderabad. This vehicle is full of extraordinary features and benefits. If one hires the 18 seater minibus, it will help the tourist in their journey with its flexibility, affordable prices, and modern features. Chiku Cab offers the best 18 seater minibus among the best minibus providers in Hyderabad. People can use the minibus to go to places that are local and also to outstations that are beyond the city.


The trips can be of many types, such as people hiring a minibus to visit famous places or to go with their partner to couple-friendly places; young people to adventurous places; and business people to conferences.

Features of 18 seater minibus hire in Hyderabad with Chiku cab

  • Healthy number of seats with comfortable cushions
  • Seats which can recline according to the comfort of customers
  • Space for keeping luggage and space for easily moving and extending legs
  • Professional drivers skilled in driving and behavioral skills
  • Full air-conditioned and LED lights facility
  • Clean and hygienic curtain as well as the glassed windows

18 seater mini bus for local tour in Hyderabad

Chiku Cab offers the 18-seater minibus rental in Hyderabad to customers who are either resident of Hyderabad or from any other place. You can come to Hyderabad, and then by the 18-seater minibus, you can travel in the city to know about the various places to eat, to explore the sightseeing spots in the city, and to go to your office, such as for work or jobs.

The 18-seater mini bus for outstation

People can hire the outstation 18 seater mini bus for rent in Hyderabad from their own city to come to Hyderabad and also from Hyderabad to the various places that are out of station in the city. The 18-seater minibus will be very convenient on the outstation journey. On the outstation journey, people go for attending functions, participation in festivals, and any religious or adventurous tour in Hyderabad.

The 18 seater Airport transfer minibus in Hyderabad

You should come to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad by taking a flight from any major city in India. From the Hyderabad airport, you can go on local and outstation trips. You should book the 18 seater bus hire in Hyderabad with a Chiku cab, which will take you to the local or outstation trip, which you can choose while booking the vehicle. The driver will pick you up from the Hyderabad airport, and then the driver will take you to the hotel that you have booked in Hyderabad, or if you want an immediate trip, your local or outstation journey will take place.

Bus rate chart for Hyderabad

Seat Type AC or Non-AC Outstation Local
Rate per Km Km Limits Driver 8 hr/ 80 km Extra km Extra Hr
18+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
20+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
21+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
25+1 Mini Bus 29 300 500 6500 29 500
28+1 Mini Bus 35 300 500 8000 35 500
29 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 600 8000 44 500
29 Seaters AC 46 300 600 9000 46 500
30 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 600 8000 44 500
30 Seaters AC 50 300 600 9000 50 500
32 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 700 8500 44 500
32 Seaters AC 46 300 700 9000 46 500
33 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 700 9500 44 500
33 Seaters AC 48 300 700 9500 48 500
35 Seaters Non-AC 50 300 700 9500 50 500
35 Seaters AC 57 300 700 10000 57 500
40 Seaters Non-AC 55 300 700 10000 55 500
40 Seaters AC 61 300 750 11500 61 500
49 Seaters Non-AC 53 300 750 10000 53 600
49 Seaters AC 57 300 755 11500 57 600
50 Seaters Non-AC 55 300 1000 10000 55 600
50 Seaters AC 66 300 1000 16500 66 600
45 Seaters Volvo Bus 72 400 1000 16500 72 600
33+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 35 300 500 8000 35 600
35+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 40 300 500 9000 40 600
40+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 44 300 600 10500 44 700
44+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 45 300 600 11500 45 700
49+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 45 300 600 11500 45 700

How to book 18 seater bus for rent in Hyderabad with Chiku cab

Inter State Road Tax
Type of Vehicles



Andhra / Telangana




Per Head In Buses (Per/S 650) (Per/S 400) ( Per/S 400) ( Per/S 300) 2Days ( Per/S 250)  ( Per/S 400) 
Dzire/ Etios Rs.500/- Rs.1500/- Rs.1000/- Rs.1500/- Rs.500/- Rs.1500/-
INNOVA  (6+1) Rs1000/- Rs.2000/- Rs.1500/- Rs.3000/- Rs.750/-  Rs.2500/-
INNOVA (7+1) Rs.1200/- Rs.3500/- Rs.2500/- Rs.3000/- Rs.750/- Rs.3500/-
12 Seater Rs.1500/- Rs.5500/- Rs.3500/- Rs. 5000/- Rs.1000/- Rs.8500/-
16 Seater Rs.5000/- Rs.9000/- **** Rs.8500/- Rs.3500/- Rs.10000/-
21 Seater Rs.5000/- Rs.9500/- Rs.10500/- Rs.8500/- Rs.3500/- Rs.10000/-
25 Seater Rs.7000/- Rs.10000/- Rs.12500/- Rs.9500/- Rs4000/- Rs.10000/-
32 Seater Rs.21000/- Rs.11500/- Rs.14000/- Rs.10500/- Rs.8000/- Rs.13500/-
35 Seater Rs.25000/- Rs.15500/- Rs.15000/- Rs.11000/- Rs.9000/- Rs.14500/-
40 Seater Rs.26000/- Rs.17000/- Rs.16500/- Rs.12000/- Rs.10000/- Rs.16000/-
45 Seater Rs.30500/- Rs.18000/- Rs.17500/- Rs.13500/- Rs.11500/- Rs.18000/-
49 Seater Rs.33000/- Rs.20000/- Rs.20000/- Rs.15000/- Rs.12500/- Rs.20000/-

The amazing perks of hiring 18 seater minibus in Hyderabad with Chiku cab

Chiku cab: the best 18 seater mini bus provider

Chiku Cab is a convenient provider of 18-seater minibus rentals in Hyderabad. Chiku Cab is an established brand that offers the Hyderabad 18 seater minibus rental to customers who are traveling in Hyderabad and also to outstation travelers. It has the latest and most upgraded 18-seater minibus rental in Hyderabad. In this minibus, the cutovers will get features such as LED lights, glassed windows, cushioned seats, space, adjustable seats, and professional drivers. All these features will provide the customer with amazing benefits. If anyone wants to book the 18-seater minibus, then they can visit the website and app of Chiku Cab, which are available on the Google Play Store. Anyone can book the minibus with Chiku Cab because the website is very smooth and responsive.

Hyderabad: the top places to explore

Hyderabad is famous for the delicious Biryani, pearls, and the unity between Hindus and Muslims. Hyderabad is a crowded city where the Urdu and Telugu languages are spoken. Hyderabad is one of the fastest-growing metropolises in our country. The branches of Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. are now in Hyderabad. There are a lot of management colleges, engineering colleges, and medical colleges. Osmania Medical College is the top medical college in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is also leading in the sports industry. There are a lot of cricketers and sportspersons who are making India proud. The festivals in Hyderabad are also very famous in the country. There is also a Rashtrpati Bhavan in the city. Salar Jung Museum, Mecca Masjid, Birla Mandir, Golconda Fort, etc. are the top places to explore in Hyderabad.


What is the price of 18 seater sleeper bus for rent in Hyderabad?
If you are willing to rent the 18 seater sleeper bus then you will have to pay 24Rs/km for 300km drive and the driver charge will be 450Rs.

How to book 18 seater mini bus Hyderabad with Chiku cab?
Chiku cab helps customers in booking the 18 seater mini bus in Hyderabad through the website or app.

Does the 18 seater volvo bus rental in Hyderabad have AC?
The 18 seater Volvo bus is fully air conditioned and you can hire the minibus with Chiku cab.

What is the per km cost of 18 seater volvo bus hire in Hyderabad?
The 18 seater bus rate per km in Hyderabad is 24Rs.

Is the 18 seater volvo bus for rent in Hyderabad comfortable for a trip?
Absolutely, the journey by the 18 seater Volvo bus in Hyderabad is a very comfortable one.

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