Gangotri: the source of sacredness and elixir in India

In the stunning city of Uttarakhand, India, lays Gangotri – a holy city whose essence permeates the air of divine grandeur. This holy place is surrounded by majestic mountains that make up the Himalaya range. Below is a detailed description of the various sightseeing spots in Gangotri which make this place so sacred.

Gangotri Temple:

The Gangotri temple unquestionably represents the main focus of Gangotri and it epitomizes devotion and respect. It is one of the four Char Dham pilgrimage sites dedicated to Goddess Gang. From all over, pilgrims undertake a difficult path towards seeking blessings for the goddess. Its stone structure against snow-topped mountains symbolizes typical construction for Himalayas. The surrounding areas emit a spiritual aura while the rivers make melodies providing an enjoyable yet soul inspiring experience to the temple of Gangotri.

Ganges Glacier (Gaumukh):

The completion of a pilgrimage to Gangotri cannot be achieved without journeying to Gaumukha, the origin of holy Ganga. Gaumukh is a huge glacier in the Himalayas that is known as cow’s mouth. The trip to Gaumukh is a magical journey going through rocky trails and wild pastures. The view of the approaching glacier becomes even more impressive as it comes into sight against the background of the surrounding rugged peaks. One can never forget the sight of the revered Ganges River coming from the mouth of the frozen snout. However, this is more than just about a physical wonder as it presents one with an opportunity to access the birthplace of the holy water River Nile.

Surya Kund:

Nearly connected to the Gangotri Temple there is a natural hot water spring called as Surya-kund. Pilgrims regard Surya Kund’s water as holy and think it washes away sins. People usually offer cooked rice and potatoes boiled in the hot spring to the deity. On top of that, the warmth of Surya Kund is in sharp contrast to the chilly mountain breeze, making this sacred pilgrimage even more therapeutic and spiritual.

Pandava Gufa:

Pandava Gufa has some strong connection with mythology and legendary past. Visitors into the cave find themselves in a different world entirely as they journey along the natural rock formations into the echoing silence of that bygone age. There are more dimensions to Gangotri’s spiritual story as the cave is associated with mythical heroes and their epic travels.

Bhairon Ghati:

Panoramic views of the Bhagirathi peaks can be viewed at Bhairon Ghati (10km from gangotri). Pilgrims look for spiritual comfort in the name of a bloodthirsty deity called Bhairon at this quiet place which is also known as Bhairon mandir. The serene surrounding natural beauty and the faint sound of moving water coming from a distance make Bhairon Ghati as a place of meditation and contemplation.

Kedartal (Kedar Tal):

It should be an adventure of all adventure’s seekers towards Kedartal. This glacier lake stands approximately 4,912m with peaks surrounding it. The ascent to Kedartal is difficult, yet rewarding with unparalleled panoramas. The lake’s pristine beauty is an indication of the untarnished splendor of the Himalaya forests.


Thermal springs of a pretty village called Gangnani on the roadway to Gangotri. Here, pilgrims take time to take baths in the refreshment water that refreshes them before proceeding with their journey. The quiet atmosphere and calmness induced by the hot water make this place the best place to rest before the pilgrimage to Gangotri.

Submerged Shivaling:

In the months of winter, when the waters retreat, a natural rock formation resembles Lord Shiva’s Shivalinga in the river Bhagirathi. There’s also a hidden Shivaling that attracts believers in this sacred appearance of the great god Shiva as the Shivaling.


The idyllic village Harsil lies about twenty five kilometers downstream from Gangotri on the banks of the river Bhagirathi. Harsil is famous for its apple plantations and green surroundings – a heavenly abode in the midst of nature. Harsil is a nice place on the route to Gangotri with a picturesque view of a gurgling river on green meadows and old wooden houses that could have been photographed for a post card.


Nearly to Gangotri, there is undiscovered village called Dharali which are quiet village. Set in the middle of mountains, it offers to the people who seek quietness. Terraced fields are characteristic of Dharali and so is its own architectural style emanating life and local people. The village presents an ideal setting where one can contemplate on the lifestyle in the mountains of the Himalaya.

Gangotri National Park:

A paradise of biodiversity for nature lovers! The park is home to various plants and animals, some of which are unique to this part of the world such as the snow leopard that inhabits different habitats in the area. The park is characterized by lush meadows, thick forests, and mountainous ranges covered with snow. A visit in this national park will be a chance for anyone to explore the virgin nature of the Himalaya wilderness.


The Tapovan is a meadow located at a high altitude where one can view the adjacent peaks. Trek to Tapovan which gives you an atmosphere to sit alone and think. Untouched beauty of meadows in conjunction with dominating image of Himalaya’s makes this place popular among people in search for some kind of religious experience.

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