Kedarnath Weather

Badrianth Weather

Visiting season for Badrinath would be a summer month May-November, with May/ June being the busiest month with lots of pilgrims and the quietest period being Sept/Oct. Monsoons also can make it difficult for visitors to get to the temple because of strong rainfall in the area.

Kedarnath in Summers

Summer have cool and charming environment and is the right time frame to spend loosening up minutes and visiting the Kedarnath sanctuary. Summers is great for all touring, sanctuary visit and furthermore for visiting close by attractions. Summer (May to June) are exceptionally wonderful with moderate environment, with normal around 17°C.

Kedarnath in Monsoons

In Monsoons, the Landslides are normal so travelers ought to keep away from visit to Kedarnath Shrine in Monsoon season. Storm months are End of July, Aug and Early September. Storm (July to August) are went with incidental downpours and furthermore temperature drops down to 12°C. Avalanches are normal so sightseers ought to try not to occasion in this season.

Kedarnath During Winters

In winters because of weighty snowfall, the Kedarnath Temple is shut and nobody stays in Kedarnath. For quite some time (November to April) the Palki of Lord Kedarnath is moved to a spot close to Guptakashi called Ukhimath and is reestablished at Kedarnath, in the long stretch of May. It is as of now, that the entryways of the sanctuary are opened up to pioneers, who assemble from all pieces of India, for a sacred journey.

Best Season / Best Time to Visit Kedarnath

Kedarnath has a cool environment for most piece of the year and the greatest month for movement is May, June, September and October. Stormy Seasons ought to be stayed away from because of land slides in different regions on the course of Kedarnath.

Kedarnath Monthwise Weather Details

Kedarnath in May

Max Temperature: 14C and Minimum Temperature: 5C. Climate is Moderately Cold in May and it is nibbled warm and is appropriate for a wide range of vacationer exercises in Kedarnath. Kedarnath Temple for the most part opens in May month. This is the month when the streets get cleared and all traveler too as pioneer exercises can be delighted in. Snow can be found on high elevations.

Kedarnath in June

Max Temperature: 18C and Minimum Temperature: 9C. June is great for to have audacious voyages and open air exercises, such as traveling close to Kedarnath. The environment begins to get hotter and the skies are to some degree obfuscated.

Kedarnath in July

Max Temperature: 17C and Minimum Temperature: 10C. Lovely climate in July with few showers. July is the hottest month in the year yet the unforeseen downpour that lashes the ground can cause avalanches, disturbing the sightseers.

Kedarnath in August

Max Temperature: 18C and Minimum Temperature: 10C. August is really great for investigating the regular attractions in the area however intermittent precipitation might cause obstruction in movement. The sky is seldom blue and cooling breeze keeps the climate cool.

Kedarnath in September

Max Temperature: 15C and Minimum Temperature: 8C. The nature looks new and wonderful. September environment is tolerably cold and the normal magnificence merits locating. Precipitation is definitely not a typical event, in this way experience can be delighted in.

Kedarnath in October

Max Temperature: 12C and Minimum Temperature: 5C. Climate is cold now with winds making hard for travelers. This month is authoritatively the last month for visiting Kedarnath, as after this month the streets are shut down because of weighty snowfall.

Kedarnath in November

Max Temperature: 4C and Minimum Temperature: 0C. November offers a freezing environment and snowfall is normal banning the sightseers from getting a charge out of. Weighty snowfall can cause detours.

Kedarnath in December

December is amazingly cold. The streets are covered with snow and the environment is unwelcoming.

Kedarnath in January

Freezing Cold with Snowfall. Max Temperature 0C January is snowbound and offers a freezing environment.

Kedarnath in February

Freezing Cold with Snowfall. February is incredibly cool and frequently snowfall make the area not appropriate for vacationer exercises.

Kedarnath in March

Walk is freezing. The outside is delightful with scent and blossoms. Winter garments are fundamental for agreeable stays.

Kedarnath in April

April is cold with cool days and crisp evenings. Temperatures begins to ascend from the finish of this current month yet some snow can be found on the ground.

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