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Book 18 Seater Minibus hire in Bangalore on Rent

Chiku Cab offers 18seater minibus hire in Bangalore for local tours, outstations, airport transfers, and corporate transport. The 18-seater minibus is a luxury vehicle that is equipped with amazing features. If you want to go on a tour, whether local or outstation, you can hire the 18 seater minibus. It will be very convenient for traveling with 18 people. The price of the 18 seater minibus is very affordable, and one will enjoy the air conditioning facility, the comfortable seats that are adjustable, and the glass windows that can open and close. Customers who are coming to Bangalore by train or air transport can book the 18-seater minibus rental in Bangalore in advance, and then after their arrival, they can go on a local or outstation tour.


For booking the minibus, the customer needs to visit the booking platforms such as the website, app, and customer care with Chiku Cab .

Features in the 18 seater minibus hire in Bangalore

  • The 18-seater mini bus for rent in Bangalore has air conditioning features.
  • It also has enough space for putting different luggage.
  • It has glassed windows which can open and close.
  • It has cushioned seats which are adjustable.
  • The seats are reclining and there is LED lights facility too.
  • In this mini bus 18 people can travel.

18 seater minibus rental in Bangalore for local tour

The local trip in Bangalore will be an amazing experience if you are traveling by the Bangalore 18-seater minibus rental with a Chiku cab. On the local trip, the minibus will pick you up from your arrival railway station or airport if you are coming from any other city, or if you are a resident, then the minibus will pick you up from the location that you have specified while booking the services. The driver will pick you and your group up, and then the trip will take place at the temples, parks, market places, and towering monuments. For hiring a local trip or minibus in Bangalore, you can contact Chiku Cab through their various booking facilities.

Bus rate chart for Bangalore

Seat Type AC or Non-AC Outstation Local
Rate per Km Km Limits Driver 8 hr/ 80 km Extra km Extra Hr
18+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
20+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
21+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
25+1 Mini Bus 29 300 500 6500 29 500
28+1 Mini Bus 35 300 500 8000 35 500
29 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 600 8000 44 500
29 Seaters AC 46 300 600 9000 46 500
30 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 600 8000 44 500
30 Seaters AC 50 300 600 9000 50 500
32 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 700 8500 44 500
32 Seaters AC 46 300 700 9000 46 500
33 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 700 9500 44 500
33 Seaters AC 48 300 700 9500 48 500
35 Seaters Non-AC 50 300 700 9500 50 500
35 Seaters AC 57 300 700 10000 57 500
40 Seaters Non-AC 55 300 700 10000 55 500
40 Seaters AC 61 300 750 11500 61 500
49 Seaters Non-AC 53 300 750 10000 53 600
49 Seaters AC 57 300 755 11500 57 600
50 Seaters Non-AC 55 300 1000 10000 55 600
50 Seaters AC 66 300 1000 16500 66 600
45 Seaters Volvo Bus 72 400 1000 16500 72 600
33+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 35 300 500 8000 35 600
35+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 40 300 500 9000 40 600
40+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 44 300 600 10500 44 700
44+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 45 300 600 11500 45 700
49+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 45 300 600 11500 45 700

Outstation 18 seater minibus in Bangalore

On the outstation trip, if customers have booked an 18-seater vehicle for rent in Bangalore, then the vehicle will take them to various places. There are various outstation places that have captivating views, amazing wildlife, road trips, and various places to eat. The customer can choose the outstation place according to the distance, the popularity of the place, and the types of tours they want to take in Bangalore. If you are coming with your friends and you want to go to a place that will be very convenient for an adventure trip, then you can go to Ooty, which will offer you the opportunity for hiking, trekking, and paragliding. So you can hire the minibus with a Chiku cab for the outstation tour.

Bangalore 18 seater minibus rental for Airport transfer

The main airport in Bangalore is Kempe Gowda Airport, and from the major cities, you can take a direct flight to Bangalore Airport. You can book the 18-seater luxury mini bus for hire in Bangalore or Airport transfer cab in Bangalore before coming to Bangalore airport. When you reach the airport according to your booking, the driver will take you to your hotel, outstation places, or any tourist location in the area. The minibus will help you travel to various places with the benefits it has. The flexibility of the minibus will help you stop at any place for the duration of which you want to stay in the hotel or at any place, and then you can again start your journey.

Corporate transport by the 18 seater minibus in Bangalore

Many business people hire the 18 seater sleeper bus for rent in Bangalore for their meetings and trips in Bangalore, both outstation and local. Bangalore is an ideal place for having a meeting with international as well as national clients because it has amazing five-star hotels and a luxurious stay. You can hire the minibus for the clients who are coming to the airport or railway station, and from there they can reach the meeting place by the 18-seater minibus. If they are coming at night, then the LED lights will help them, and if they are coming during the summer season, then the air conditioning will make the journey comfortable.

The booking of 18 seater minibus rental in Bangalore with Chiku cab

The booking of 18 seater Volvo bus for rent in Bangalore is a step-by-step process and an easy one. You can check the ratings and feedback of Chiku cab from the website. You can also check the remarks from the other brands on Google and after being assured about the reputation and authenticity of Chiku cab you can follow the below given steps:

  • After checking the rating and feedback, you need to click on the website link, or download the app and also you can contact by the customer care.
  • Once you choose any of the options then you can log on by providing the basic information.
  • Once you provide the basic details then you will have the services with their entire feature and prices in front of you.
  • Choose the vehicle type as the 18 seater bus for rent in Bangalore and then choose the local, outstation, or airport transfer services.
  • Calculate the total amount on money to pay and pay the charges through the payment options of Card payment, UP or net banking.
  • After paying the prices Chiku cab will send you an email or a message which will ensure the booking and you need to come to the pickup point where the driver will come on the date and in time to pick up for the local, outstation or airport transfer.

The amazing benefits of 18 seater tempo traveller with Chiku cab

  • The 18-seater minibus has a lot of space, which will help the customers keep their itinerary items such as luggage and other things they will buy or carry on the various trips in Bangalore.
  • The flexibility of the minibus will be very convenient, which will help the customers spend time in the place they prefer, and then the journey will take place again.
  • The prices of minibusses will be very cheap and affordable because in the minibus, a total of 18 people can travel, and the prices per head will be very affordable.
  • The modern features such as charging points, air conditioning, LED lights, and glass windows will assist the customers in traveling at night or in the dark, and the windows can open and close according to their preferences.

Know about Chiku Cab: the top 18 seater minibus rental in Bangalore

Chiku Cab is continuously making travel in Bangalore very easy for the customer with the 18-seater minibus. It has been a true travel partner, helping the traveler whenever they have any kind of need. It offers the 18-seater minibus for local, outstation, and airport transfers in Bangalore. The booking of the minibus is quite easy and responsive because the website and app were designed by the top developers. The ease of booking and the affordable prices, make customers book 18 seater mini bus Bangalore with confidence.

Travel in Bangalore like a local

Bangalore is the software and information technology hub of India. Bangalore is progressing on the path of modernization, bringing ancient culture and tradition with it. Bangalore has a high literacy rate, which is around 88 percent in India. Bangalore is full of pubs, clubs, and music concerts, which make tourists, go crazy about this city. Bangalore also has a lot of towering monuments and buildings. This city has produced a lot of great personalities, such as C. V. Raman, Rajinikanth, Deepika Padukone, Anil Kumbale, Robin Uthappa, etc. If you have a hobby for street foods, then you must come to Bangalore to taste delicious South Indian street foods. Bannerghatta botanical garden, Lal Bagh botanical garden, and shopping destinations such as MG Road and Commercial Street are popular destinations in Bangalore.


What is the price of 18 seater volvo bus rental in Bangalore?
The price of 18 seater mini bus is 24Rs/km for 300km and the driver charges will be 450Rs.

How people can sit in the volvo bus with Chiku cab in Bangalore?
Chiku cab offers 18 seater volvo bus hire in Bangalore, which has the capacity for 18 people.

Does the 18 seater bus hire in Bangalore have AC?
Yes, the 18 seater mini bus has air conditioned seats with comfortable cushions with Chiku cab.

What is the 18 seater bus rate per km in Bangalore?
The per km rate of 18 seater mini bus is 24Rs.

Is the option of net banking available for booking 18 seater mini bus?
Chiku cab offers the option of net banking for the 18 seater minibus.

Outstation Tempo Traveller from Bangalore

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