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Book Tempo Traveller On Rent in Allahabad

Hiring a tempo travelleris now one of the most efficient and unique modes of transportation available. The best tempo traveler in Allahabad be booked for a price that won't break the bank, and you can count on it to get you where you need to go safely and on schedule. When it comes to transportation, tempo travelers will play a significant role. Here you will find all you need to find the ideal tempo traveller for a relaxing holiday with the family. You can go anywhere you like in style with all the conveniences provided by the tempo traveller in Allahabad. A rental tempo traveller from Allahabad is a great option for those who want to take a long vacation with friends or family.

Benefits Of A Tempo Traveller Booking With Chiku Cab


The need to possess a vehicle will decrease as reliable and speedy tempo traveler hires become more commonplace. Renting a tempo traveller in Allahabad is a much more cost-effective option than buying and maintaining your own vehicle. See the benefits of hiring a tempo traveller in Allahabad that are listed below.

Support Available Around the Clock : Tempo travel service in Allahabad is available whenever you need it. This means you can schedule them for whenever you like. You will find the services of a tempo traveller to be extraordinarily helpful in times of crisis. If you have booked a tempo traveller for the late night, you may rest assured that you will arrive at your destination safely. The chauffeurs will be extra watchful and cautious, ensuring a safe and comfortable travel to your destination.

Cost that is within reasonable limits : Booking the top tempo traveler hire in Allahabad will typically only cost you a fair bit of money. However, the price will be slightly higher than that of a train ticket. This tempo traveller is the best option for rent in Allahabad mostly because of how pleasant it is. In addition to the familiarity that comes with driving a vehicle you own; this mode of transportation can provide a sense of ownership and independence.

Experienced riders : Professional drivers are the only ones authorized to operate the tempo travelers for rent in Allahabad. Given that they value security above everything else and wish to move forward with an efficient procedure. They have a lot of skill and are familiar with every corner of Allahabad. They are great law-abiding citizens, therefore your ride in this tempo traveller will go smoothly and without incident. If you're in a problem, your chauffeur will take you there quickly and safely on the quickest route allowed by law.

Timely pick-up and delivery options :; In most cases, you should aim to arrive early rather than late. As a result, you need to reserve a tempo traveller in Allahabad well in advance to ensure a prompt pick-up and delivery. When you need to get to the airport, they are your best bet.

Convenience :; The services provided by tempo traveller hiring in Allahabad are convenient and well-suited to your individual needs for ground transportation. Since the driver are handling the driving, you can relax and enjoy the ride without fretting over things like parking fees, finding a suitable parking spot, and finding your way around town.

Various Sizes Of Tempo Traveller Available

  • 9-seater Tempo Traveller in Allahabad
  • 12-seater Tempo Traveller in Allahabad
  • 16-seater Tempo Traveller in Allahabad
  • 20-seater Tempo Traveller in Allahabad
  • 26-seater Tempo Traveller in Allahabad

Hassle Free Journey WithA Tempo Traveller

These days, the modern world offers a plethora of tempo traveller facilities, each with its own set of amenities. They are the best and most well-known company in Allahabad for renting out tempo-travelers. They can ensure your complete satisfaction with the trip by providing a relaxing ride there and back. The cost of hiring a tempo travelleris fair, and you may be able to negotiate a flat rate for the route you need to take. You can receive a dependable smoke-free tempo traveler service because the tempo travellers are very clean and well-equipped. The driver will always put the safety and comfort of his or her paying passengers first. The drivers will operate the vehicle in accordance with the specified parameters and standards.

Tempo Traveller Fare Price in Allahabad

Tempo Traveller Price / K.M. Seating Driver Charge Book Here
9 Seater Tempo Traveller 22/- Rs. 9+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
12 Seater Tempo Traveller 23/- Rs. 12+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
16 Seater Tempo Traveller 25/- Rs. 16+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
20 Seater Tempo Traveller 28/- Rs. 20+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
26 Seater Tempo Traveller 32/- Rs. 24+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now

Minimum Kilometer Limit 250/-

12 Seat + Sofa Tempo Traveller State Tax Charges

State Name Price State Name Price
Haryana 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Himachal 550/- Rs.Per Day + Entry
Uttar Pradesh 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Uttarakhand 520/- Rs.Per Day + Entry
Rajasthan 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Madhya Pradesh 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry
Punjab 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Maharashtra 8500/- Rs.30 Days + Entry
Gujarat 1650/- Rs. Per day + Entry

16, 20 Seater Tempo Traveller State Tax Charges

State Name Price State Name Price
Haryana 1500/- Rs.Per Day Himachal 5000/- Rs.Per Day
Uttar Pradesh 800/- Rs.Per Day Uttarakhand 2700/- Rs. 3 Days
Rajasthan 4500/- Rs. 4 Days Madhya Pradesh 7500/- Rs. 3 Days
Punjab 5000/- Rs.Per Day Maharashtra 10000/- Rs.30 Days
Goa 8500/- Rs. Per day


Can I book a tempo traveller for Airport Services?

Yes! We do provide Airport Pickup and Drop Tempo Traveller Services. Our drivers are extremely efficient and we assure you that you will never be late for your flight. One more added advantage of hiring a tempo traveller for Airport Services is that you have enough boot space for luggage which in turn helps you to travel in comfort.

What are my options to book a tempo traveller with Chiku Cab?

You can book a tempo traveller with Chiku Cab through our website or by downloading our Smartphone application - ‘Chiku Cab’ through the Google PlayStore. In case you are not the comfortable with technology you can always opt for calling us on 844-844-5504 for any assistance.

What is the e-mail address of Chiku Cab for enquiries and booking related questions?

For any kinds of doubts, feel free to email us at Our customer care representatives will reply to your mails within 24 hours.

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