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Tempo Traveller on Rent in Madurai

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Tempo Traveller on Rent in Madurai

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Tempo Traveller on Rent in Madurai

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Book Tempo Traveller on Rent in Madurai

Madurai, an ancient and beautiful city of Tamil Nadu witness huge footfall every year. Visitors visit this city mainly during Pongal festival in January and Cithara festival in April. It is a sacred city with many temples dedicated to different Lords. So, the temples here also attract many pilgrims. During the festival times its quite packed. So many visitors, makes lots of rush in the city. So, to have a pleasant travel experience during rush times, you can book a tempo traveller on rent per km in Madurai with Chiku Cab. As Chiku Cab has been fortunate in accomplishing many travel smoothly, so we have full knowledge about how to make travel experience smooth in the rush time also. We have attained full customers’ satisfaction during peak rush time with our on time services. Starting with the tempo traveller booking in Madurai till the end of the trip, our representative will be with you to answer all the questions you have. Our drivers make sure that you have a peaceful and relaxed journey with them with their sensible driving skills.So, without thinking much tempo traveller hire in Madurai with Chiku Cab.

Economical Tempo traveller

The best thing of booking with Chiku Cab is tempo traveller price in Madurai which is so economical that you and your family can enjoy the whole trip under your budget easily. Lets talk about our tempo traveller. We have huge range of tempo traveller for our customers with different features and number of seats. We can provide 9 seater tempo traveller in Madurai, 12 seater tempo traveller in Madurai, 16 seater tempo traveller in Madurai, 20 seater tempo traveller in Madurai and 26 seater tempo traveller in Madurai. A huge group of family members, friends, pilgrims or colleagues can easily fit in our tempo travellers. We provide all the basic facilities with our tempo traveller that is needed while travelling for customers comfort. The time and places all will be according to your priority. This is best benefit of booking a personal tempo traveller for rent in Madurai.


On time services

We are well known or we have gained our customers’ trust with providing our effective services on time. Let’s know about the services provided by Chiku Cab:

One way trip : In this we take bookings regarding trip to be done one side. It includes door pick up and drop off to the selected location.

Round trip : In this, bookings regarding round trip is taken. For example, customers will be picked up from their door then drop off to the selected location and after the trip of the time chosen finishes then we return our customers back to the pick up location.

Outstanding cabs : We get booked not only for the same city but also for the cities nearby your city for any kind of event for the any number of days selected by our customers.

Airport pick up and drop off : In this, we are available for our customers to pickup them from airport pickup & dropoff them off to selected location or pick them up from the selected location and drop them to the airport. We provide all of our services 24*7 as we understand the need to travel during emergency. For tempo traveller booking in Madurai contact 844-844-5504.

Luxury travels

Do you wish for luxury tempo traveller in Madurai? Chiku Cab is there to fulfill your this demand.

We deal into luxury tempo traveller on rent all over India. We have the best quality of branded tempo travellers that can definitely provide a lavish feeling while travelling. They are not only luxurious to witness but even sumptuous in feel. They are made up of premium quality. They had features like inbuilt GPS, washroom, refrigerator, sleeping seats, sofa, table, etc. They are made up in such a way that they can provide full comfort during the trip. This sumptuous looking tempo travellers definitely enhance the travel experience and add more joy &fun. This is mostly comfortable for the groups who have small kids with them or who have old people with them. They can relax easily in this and can even do long hours of journey without getting tired. Basically, our luxury tempo traveller is suggested for long hours journey, so that our customers did get tired much and get all the facilities inside, so no stoppages required for washroom. As it is quite difficult to find hygienic and clean washrooms at every stoppage.So, for a comfortable journey book Madurai tempo traveller on rent.

Best rental deals

Choose Chennai to Madurai tempo travelleron rent or Tempo traveller in Madurai we can provide best rental deals in all kinds of services. We have a website named, all the tour packages are listed their with the vehicles we have. One can get full information regarding the tour packages, how to book, when to book, how to cancel, how to pay and much more from our website. At our website, we have chat facility available, so after reading the tour packages if you have any questions you can chat with one of our trained representative and get the answers or you can even drop your number our team member will get in touch with you. Moving on, you can also get in touch with us through number 844-844-5504 and get information about the tour. Moreover, we also have our mobile app named as Chiku Cab, which can be easily download in any smart phone and our customers can easily scroll and get all the information regarding any trip they are planning in India. Choose, Tempo travellerin Madurai at best rates.

About Madurai

Madurai is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This city is situated on the banks of Vaigai river. It is one of the oldest and historical city of India.Madurai is popular around the world for its temples and monuments. This city is also known as cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. This city is known as ‘Sleepless city’ and ‘city of temples’. There are many temples in this city. This city is also famous for its cultural game named as ‘JalliKattu’. Apart from this Jasmine flower in Madurai is famous worldwide. This flower is produced in Madurai in large quantities for its export in countries like Germany, America and Italy. Very expensive perfumes, soaps and oil are made from this flower in foreign countries.There are many tourist places to visit in Madurai where people visit every year. The famous places are:

Shri Meenakshi Aman temple : This temple is one of the quite, holy and popular among all. This temple is also known as ‘Sundereshwar temple’. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. All the visitors must visit this temple.

Thirumala Kayaker Palace : This palace is 1.5 kilometres away from Meenakshi temple. This place is one of the famous tourist place of Madurai.

Thiruparan kundaran Murugan Temple : This temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan. This temple is believed to be one of the 6 abodes of the Lord Murugan.

Gandhi Memorial Museum : This museum is one of the five Gandhi Museum in India. It is also known as Gandhi Museum. This Museum was established in 1969.

Shri KoodalAzagar Temple : This is one of the holy and prominent temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Hire a tempo traveller in Madurai and visit the most famous places with Chiku Cab.

Tempo Traveller Hire on Rent Price

Tempo Traveller Price / K.M. Seating Driver Charge Book Here
9 Seater Tempo Traveller 22/- Rs. 9+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
12 Seater Tempo Traveller 23/- Rs. 12+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
16 Seater Tempo Traveller 25/- Rs. 16+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
20 Seater Tempo Traveller 28/- Rs. 20+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
26 Seater Tempo Traveller 32/- Rs. 24+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now

Minimum Kilometer Limit 250/-

9, 12 Seater Tempo Traveller State Tax Charges

State Name Price State Name Price
Haryana 500/- Rs. Himachal 550/- Rs.
Uttar Pradesh 500/- Rs. Uttarakhand 520/- Rs.
Rajasthan 500/- Rs. Madhya Pradesh 500/- Rs.
Punjab 500/- Rs. Jharkhand 2200/- Rs. 7 Days
Jammu & Kashmir 400/- Rs. Maharasthra 8500/- Rs. 30 days
Gujarat 1650/- Rs. 7 days Bihar 2400/- Rs. 7 Days
Goa 5000/- Rs.

12 Seat + Sofa Tempo Traveller State Tax Charges

State Name Price State Name Price
Haryana 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Himachal 550/- Rs.Per Day + Entry
Uttar Pradesh 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Uttarakhand 520/- Rs.Per Day + Entry
Rajasthan 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Madhya Pradesh 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry
Punjab 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Maharashtra 8500/- Rs.30 Days + Entry
Gujarat 1650/- Rs. Per day + Entry

16, 20 Seater Tempo Traveller State Tax Charges

State Name Price State Name Price
Haryana 1500/- Rs.Per Day Himachal 5000/- Rs.Per Day
Uttar Pradesh 800/- Rs.Per Day Uttarakhand 2700/- Rs. 3 Days
Rajasthan 4500/- Rs. 4 Days Madhya Pradesh 7500/- Rs. 3 Days
Punjab 5000/- Rs.Per Day Maharashtra 10000/- Rs.30 Days
Goa 8500/- Rs. Per day


How would I know my booking is confirmed?

You will receive a message on the registered phone number and even a email at registered mail id about your booking details.

What will be the cost for airport pick up and drop off?

Visit our website and chat with our team member, you will get full information about airport pick up and drop off facility.

What if the delay is from your side?

We are mostly on time but if due to any unavoidable reason there is a delay from our side, we will inform you prior and arrange another vehicle as soon as possible.

What expenses are included in total cost?

To know the each and every minute expenses please call at 844-844-5504 and get full information about the expenses.

Are online payments safe?

Yes, completely safe. Infact, most of the products and services online payments are done now-a-days.

Do you sanitize your tempo traveller?

Yes, we sanitize our tempo traveller before every trip.

Do I have to pay full amount in advance?

No, we don’t take full amount in advance; instead amount is distributed from the starting till the end.

Do you provide one person for personal assistance?

Yes, for every trip we have one of our skilled representative who is their to help and guide you throughout your trip.

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