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12 Seater tempo Traveller in Hyderabad

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12 Seater tempo Traveller in Hyderabad

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12 Seater tempo Traveller in Hyderabad

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12 Seater tempo Traveller in Hyderabad

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Book 12 seater tempo traveller hire in Hyderabad on rent

If you are planning a trip to Hyderabad and you want to enjoy group traveling then you should hire 12 seater tempo traveller Hyderabad. Tempo traveller is vehicle convenient for large group traveling. Large group traveling is at one hand a wonderful trip and at the other hand a very crucial trip too. The tempo traveller helps you with the entire requirement that one needs while going on the trip to Hyderabad. One will need a large space which can cater the itinerary luggage of people form 9 to 16. This heavy and large luggage will need very big space where the luggage can be put very safely. Since tempo traveller will be for a long duration on the journey in Hyderabad, so it will need to have comfortable sitting facilities like seats which are air-conditioned and have cushions for relaxing too.

12 Seater tempo Traveller in Hyderabad

12 seater tempo traveller rent in Hyderabad for local trip

Local trip is the trip which is taken in the city boundary and to the various kinds of place which make a place famous among the tourists. Hyderabad is very famous and rich place in case of local trips. Hyderabad city is known for its forts such as Golconda fort which is a historical monument. This fort has a rich history and has seen the wrath of many kings but still standing confidently in Hyderabad is a treat for the tourists. You will love seeing the architectural beauty which lies in it. Golconda fort is both historically very rich and architecturally a wonder. Ramoji film city is a big contributor in the Indian film production. It is a wonderful site which has many film sets. These sets attract the tourist from each corner of the nation. Youth is really attracted towards and they want to see the real sets of their favorite movies.

You will Birla Mandir, Nehru Zoological Park, Lumbini Park, Salar Jung museum etc. These are the few popular local places in Hyderabad. You can take the 12 seater tempo traveller in Hyderabad with Chiku Cab by booking it from online platform and the driver will pick you from the arrival points in Hyderabad. After you meet with the driver he will take you to these local places one after one.

Book 12 seater tempo traveller in Hyderabad for outstation trip

If you want to see the places which are beyond the boundary of Hyderabad or to the neighboring places, then you will need to take a 12 seater tempo traveller on rent in Hyderabad for outstation trip. In the outstation trip with tempo traveller you will, go to the outstation places such as Bidar, Nagarjuna sagr, Srisailam, Vijayawada, Hampi, Badami etc. you can book the tempo traveller with Chiku Cab from its online booking platform which is a very quick and smooth to book. The outstation trip will be usually 50 to 400Kms. If you book to go to Hampi then you will have take a trip more than 350km. in Hampi trip you will enjoy the ancient significant remains of many forts and temples. This site is also very significant from the archeological point of view. Warangal is one of the shortest outstation trips in Hyderabad. You can roam around the forts here in Warangal which is lavish in architecture and beautiful.

12 seater tempo traveller Hyderabad for airport transfer

Chiku Cab offers airport transfer services for the customers who are arriving in Hyderabad through air transportation. Airport transfer is used for various purposes by the tourist such as they can go to their hotel after coming to Hyderabad or they can directly take a local trip in Hyderabad. One can also use the airport transfer service for taking flight from the other airport in Hyderabad or the nearest one. People also use airport transfer services for corporate journey in the city or attending any event in Hyderabad. Celebrities and famous people take the airport transfer services for being part of any event in the city as guests or for performing. This 12 seater luxury tempo traveller in Hyderabad help people in their large group travel if they are coming to Hyderabad with their band or groups for performing or attending an event.

Tempo Traveller Hire on Rent Price

Tempo Traveller Price / K.M. Seating Driver Charge Book Here
9 Seater Tempo Traveller 22/- Rs. 9+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
12 Seater Tempo Traveller 23/- Rs. 12+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
16 Seater Tempo Traveller 25/- Rs. 16+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
20 Seater Tempo Traveller 28/- Rs. 20+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
26 Seater Tempo Traveller 32/- Rs. 24+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now

Minimum Kilometer Limit 250/-

12 seater tempo traveller for rent in Hyderabad for participating in an event

There are a range of events which are held every year in Hyderabad. People from far cities come to attend these events. These events include cultural festivals, food festivals, participating in music concerts, and going to the stadium to watch live sports. Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium is a popular cricket stadium where international cricket matches are held. Cricket lovers from every city in India come to see their favorite cricketers play in front of them. Hyderabad Book Fair is also a known event where contemporary and classical literary works are showcased, and you can buy the piece of literature you like the most at cheap prices. Kalakriti Art Gallery is also a great exhibition of beautiful arts made by sketch makers, painters, and sculptors in Hyderabad. The tempo traveller 12 seater rent per km in Hyderabad will be 25Rs.

Uses of the Best 12 Seater Tempo Traveller in Hyderabad

  1. Educational trips : Birla Science Museum is an amazing educational site where students can find modern technologies and ancient scientific research. They can see various portraits and manuscripts of ancient India written on various topics in science and technology. They will see the latest technologies being developed by top scientists. This trip will be both fun and educational.
  2. Picnic and family trip : There are many parks in the city that are really great picnic spots which one can enjoy with their family and kids. Lumbini Park, full of greenery everywhere, offers different types of flowers and plants that fill the air with amazing fragrance. In this beautiful and peaceful lap of nature, you can relax and enjoy your leisure time with your family.
  3. Spiritual trip : Chiklur Balaji Temple is a spiritual landmark in Hyderabad. This place has tranquility spread all over, and you can explore yourself here. You will find many saints and devotees who have been in search of truth for more than 50 years, and their experience can help you know yourself better. You can meditate there under the guidance of those saints. This place is a great option to spend some time amidst your busy schedules, providing rest and energy for your work.
  4. Business trip : Hyderabad city is an ideal place for having meetings with international business partners as well as national business persons. You can book the top hotels in Hyderabad, which will be luxurious, and for picking up guests from the airport, you can hire the best 12 seater tempo traveller in Hyderabad with Chiku Cab. The cab driver will suggest you the top places where you can stay, and if you have already booked the hotel, then the driver will drop you at your location in Hyderabad.
  5. Tourism : There is so much in Hyderabad that you will need a lot of time to explore it fully. You will find a lot of parks such as Lumbini Park and many temples such as the Temple of Venkateshwara and film city of Ramoji. This city offers all kinds of trips, either educational or fun, with friends in Hyderabad. You can book the tempo traveller for a more comfortable and hassle-free trip in Hyderabad.
Inter State Road Tax
Type of Vehicles



Andhra / Telangana




Per Head In Buses (Per/S 650) (Per/S 400) ( Per/S 400) ( Per/S 300) 2Days ( Per/S 250)  ( Per/S 400) 
Dzire/ Etios Rs.500/- Rs.1500/- Rs.1000/- Rs.1500/- Rs.500/- Rs.1500/-
INNOVA  (6+1) Rs1000/- Rs.2000/- Rs.1500/- Rs.3000/- Rs.750/-  Rs.2500/-
INNOVA (7+1) Rs.1200/- Rs.3500/- Rs.2500/- Rs.3000/- Rs.750/- Rs.3500/-
12 Seater Rs.1500/- Rs.5500/- Rs.3500/- Rs. 5000/- Rs.1000/- Rs.8500/-
16 Seater Rs.5000/- Rs.9000/- **** Rs.8500/- Rs.3500/- Rs.10000/-
21 Seater Rs.5000/- Rs.9500/- Rs.10500/- Rs.8500/- Rs.3500/- Rs.10000/-
25 Seater Rs.7000/- Rs.10000/- Rs.12500/- Rs.9500/- Rs4000/- Rs.10000/-
32 Seater Rs.21000/- Rs.11500/- Rs.14000/- Rs.10500/- Rs.8000/- Rs.13500/-
35 Seater Rs.25000/- Rs.15500/- Rs.15000/- Rs.11000/- Rs.9000/- Rs.14500/-
40 Seater Rs.26000/- Rs.17000/- Rs.16500/- Rs.12000/- Rs.10000/- Rs.16000/-
45 Seater Rs.30500/- Rs.18000/- Rs.17500/- Rs.13500/- Rs.11500/- Rs.18000/-
49 Seater Rs.33000/- Rs.20000/- Rs.20000/- Rs.15000/- Rs.12500/- Rs.20000/-

Amazing Benefits of 12 Seater Tempo Traveller on Rent in Hyderabad

Features of Luxury 12 Seater Tempo Traveller in Hyderabad

Comfortable Booking Process of Tempo Traveller with Chiku Cab

Exploring Hyderabad city like a local Hyderabadi


What is the luxurious 12-seater tempo traveller vehicle for rent in Hyderabad?
The rent of 12 seater luxury tempo traveller is 24rs for per km journey in Hyderabad and the charge for the driver will be 500 for a day.

How to book luxury 12-seater tempo traveller in Hyderabad?
To book tempo traveller you need to download the Chiku Cab app or click on the website link.

How many people can sit in 12 seater tempo traveller hire in Hyderabad?
A total of 12 travelers and 1 driver will be sitting in the 12 seater tempo traveler.

How much is the rent 12 seater tempo traveller in Hyderabad?
25Rs/km is the rent of tempo traveller in Hyderabad and the driver charge is 500Rs/day.

Is the 12 seater tempo traveller for rent in Hyderabad comfortable vehicle?
This tempo traveller is really a very comfortable option for traveling in Hyderabad.

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