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Allahabad to Chitrakoot Taxi Service

Chitrakoot, a journey into the world of Ramayan

The town of Chitrakoot is situated on the banks of the Holy River Mandakini. The town in the Vindhya Range of mountains is spread over the states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Chitrakoot is a place of historical, religious, cultural, archeological, and natural retreats. The real meaning of the town’s name is ‘Hill of many wonders’ and Chitrakoot justifies its name.

Chitrakoot is about 135 kilometers away from Prayagraj Allahabad and there are Allahabad to Chitrakoot cab services available which you can hire. In Chitrakoot, it’s all about Lord Ram and Ramayan. According to Hindu mythology during his 14 years of exile from his kingdom of Ayodhya.

Lord Ram spent a considerable time in Chitrakoot. Because of the same reason, the town is filled with folklore and legends of Ram, Sita, Lakshman, and Hanuman. This amazing and rich mythological folklore town can be reached by booking a cab service in Chitrakoot. This was the same place where Bharat, brother of Lord Ram came to visit him and asked him to return to Ayodhya and rule the kingdom.

Allahabad to Chitrakoot Taxi Fare:

Vehicle Type Airport Inside City Outstation
Pick/Drop 6HR/60KM 8HR/80KM 12HR/120KM Round Trip One Way
Sedan Rs.600 Rs.1,400 Rs.1,800 Rs.2,100 Rs.10 Rs.15
Sedan Plus Rs.650 Rs.1,450 Rs.1,850 Rs.2,100 Rs.10.25 Rs.16
Sedan Comfort Rs.750 Rs.1,500 Rs.1,950 Rs.2,250 Rs.10.50 Rs.16.50
Sedan Premium Rs.800 Rs.1,600 Rs.2,050 Rs.2,350 Rs.11 Rs.17
SUV Rs.1,100 Rs.1,700 Rs.2,200 Rs.2,500 Rs.13.50 Rs.21
SUV Plus Rs.1,150 Rs.1,800 Rs.2,300 Rs.2,600 Rs.13.75 Rs.22
SUV Comfort Rs.1,300 Rs.1,950 Rs.2,400 Rs.2,750 Rs.14.5 Rs.25
Innova Crysta Rs.1,800 Rs.2,200 Rs.2,700 Rs.3,300 Rs.18.5 Rs.30
Tempo Traveler Rs.3,000 Rs.6,000 Rs.6,000 Rs.7,200 Rs.24 Rs.38
Driver Charges (After 10 PM): Rs.250 Outstation: Min. 300KM / Day

If you are in Chitrakoot, it will overwhelm you with options to explore if you are here for a short visit. Tourists are advised to spend a longer duration at Chitrakoot to feel the different aspects of tourism. Gupt Godavari, Ram Ghat, and Hanuman Dhara are some of the major attractions of Chitrakoot. The Kamadgiri Parikrama at the Kamadgiri Mountain is a must-visit to get the real feeling of Chitrakoot.

"Chitrakoot to Allahabad Triveni Sangam cheapest one-way Trip fare without GST is Rs. 2084 and with GST is Rs. 2188".

You can also visit some of the famous sites of the towns like Ram Ghat, Bharat Milaap temple, Hanuman Dhara, and Kamadgiri Parikrama. Bharat Milaap temple is situated where it is believed that Bharat met Lord Ram after leaving Ayodhya.

If you are visiting Ram Ghat, the evening is the best time to visit this ghat on the banks of Mandakini. Most of the time the evening Arti resembles the famous Ganga Arti in Varanasi.

How to reach

Chitrakoot is just 135 km away from Allahabad and it takes about 3 hours to reach Chitrakoot if you are opting for a cab service one-way drop from Allahabad to Chitrakoot. Apart from this if you are landing at Prayagraj airport you can book an airport taxi for affordable taxi fare.

If you are in Allahabad and planning to visit Chitrakoot, there are plenty of Allahabad to Chitrakoot cabs you can book. Chiku Cab provides one-way or two-way Allahabad to Chitrakoot car rental with affordable Chitrakoot to Allahabad Taxi Fares. Chiku Cab also provides Chitrakoot Airport taxi service from Allahabada’s Prayagraj Airport and makes your journey of almost three hours comfortable and memorable. You can also hire Allahabad to Chitrakoot Cab Service to extend it for a city tour on a per-day basis.

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