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  • No matter how good a product or service is, it can always be improved.

  • Luxury car owners can now relax by training their drivers in personal grooming, communication, etiquette, passenger service, alertness, and making them conscious by realising their mistakes and making them a responsible personal driver thanks to an educational video cum facilitator drivers training programme.

  • Thousands of luxury automobiles are sold in India every month now, but the sad thing is that the calibre of drivers has not improved. They lack the elegance and delicateness that these cars require, and many of them don't even understand the fundamentals of providing decent service.

  • During this period, a driver was known as a driver or a driver Saab and was respected as a family member; however, today, that same professional is known as a mazdoor and does not command the same level of deference.

  • The city's current drivers' self-esteem has been significantly diminished by this shift in automobile owners' perceptions, and to a large extent, the drivers themselves are to blame because they frequently lack soft skills like manners, communication, grooming, etc., in addition to acting recklessly.

  • However, we at Drivers Booking have taken up the challenge to alter how people view this industry and assist drivers in regaining their lost sense of self-worth for this undervalued sector of our labour force.

When a driver is motivated and takes pride in their work, learning can begin. The programme emphasises that driving is a respectable career and that a driver has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, which increases their self-esteem and confidence as drivers.

This training emphasises the importance of first listening to and fully comprehending instructions without interrupting in the middle, confirming the task before moving forward, and communicating the completion of the work completed to your boss or the appropriate person. This training helps drivers realise how frequently they make mistakes due to a communication breakdown and are unable to identify where they went wrong.

For drivers, this session is a crucial eye-opener. Many drivers are unaware of their errors; they consider things like being late, dressing impolitely, eating in the car, and sleeping in it to be normal. The workshop highlights many errors made by drivers, many of which result in job loss or pay stagnation.

It is a crucial session since it directly addresses the safety of the driver, the passenger, and the vehicle. The lesson instils the duty to maintain the vehicle and to remain vigilant at all times to prevent theft, loss, and threat.

The majority of drivers are aware that their duty as a driver is limited to driving, but many are utterly ignorant of what is meant by providing a good service. This session helps them realise that being a good driver alone is insufficient in the long run. The lesson covers a variety of subjects, including grooming, punctuality, courtesies, and opening doors. Additionally, we provide this training curriculum to business organisations with a driver fleet.
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