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Hire Driver in Indore

Have you landed in Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, and now you need to get around to all the places on your itinerary? While you could try navigating the busy streets and traffic yourself, hire car driver in Indore and driver to shuttle you around is smarter. Chikucab is your best bet for an affordable, comfortable, and hassle-free way to explore Indore.
Their fleet of well-maintained sedans and SUVs, along with professional, experienced drivers, ensure you have a great experience getting from point A to B and beyond. Read on to find out how to book a car for your Indore adventures and travel like a local without the stress. Chikucab is your key to unlocking this vibrant city.


Reasons to Hire a Car and Driver in Indore

Affordable and Convenient

Hire driver in Indore through Chikucab is an affordable and convenient way to get around the city. You'll have a personal chauffeur to transport you wherever you need to go without the hassle of driving yourself.
We offer competitive car and driver in Indorehire rates, starting at just 800 INR per hour. We have various vehicle options, from compact cars to SUVs, to suit different needs and group sizes. You only pay for the hours you use so that you can hire a car and driver for a full day of sightseeing or just a quick trip across town.

  • Save time searching for addresses or parking spots. Your driver will handle navigation so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Avoid traffic and congestion. Let your driver deal with the busy roads while you relax in the comfort of your private vehicle.
  • Travel in safety and style. All our vehicles are thoroughly inspected and insured, and have an experienced driver to provide door-to-door service.

Knowledgeable Drivers

Our driver on call Indoreis professionally trained, licensed, and familiar with the Indore area. We can suggest points of interest, recommend restaurants, or share insights into the local culture. If you're new to Indore, hiring a car and driver is a great way to learn about the city from a knowledgeable source.

  • Get tips about must-see attractions and places to visit during your stay.
  • Find out about events or festivals going on during your trip.
  • Ask your driver for restaurant recommendations to experience authentic Indian cuisine.
  • Inquire about the history of Indore and its architectural landmarks. The drivers are happy to share information about their city.
  • Customize Your Journey

    When booking with us, you can specify exactly what you need for your car and driver service in Indore. Select from options like:

    • Number of hours (minimum of 4 hours)
    • Type of vehicle
    • Additional services like a guided tour
    • Specific destinations or stops you want to make

    We aim to provide a customized experience tailored to your needs. Just let me know how we can assist you in exploring all Indore has to offer. Hiring an affordable car and driver required in Indoreis the perfect way for visitors to get around Indore comfortably and in style.

    Go to a famous place in Indore with our best driver service

    Are you need driver in Indore. Indore has several great sights to see. Our skilled drivers know the city and can take you everywhere.

    Lal Bagh Palace

    Every Indore visit includes Lal Bagh Palace. Architecturally stunning, this early 1900s palace is famous.
    Our driver service Indorewill transport you to tour the palace's halls, courtyards, and gardens at your leisure. The palace museum displays Holkar dynasty paintings, sculptures, and antiquities.

    Sarafa Bazaar

    Sarafa Bazaar, Indore's night food bazaar, offers an authentic experience. Our car driver in Indoremay drop you off at night so you can try garadu, sabudana khichdi, bhutte ka kees, and mawabaati at the street vendors. Late-night market hours allow you to try local specialties.

    Indore Museum

    Art and history buffs will enjoy the Indore Museum's antiquities, sculptures, and paintings.
    Visit the museum's six departments, featuring prehistoric fossils, temple sculptures, and contemporary art, and enjoy the park's flowers. Our driver services Indoremay pick you up and drop you off at the museum.

    Khajrana Ganesh Temple

    No Indore sightseeing trip is complete without seeing the Khajrana Ganesh Temple, one of the city's most famous. The famous Ganesha temple draws thousands of pilgrims each year. Your driver can drop you off at the temple so you can pray and relax. Stone carvings, domes, and pillars make the temple spectacular.
    Our driver ki jarurathai Indorelets you relax and tour Indore's top attractions without trouble. Our inexpensive charges and competent drivers make it ideal for tourists' city transportation.

    Take driver for hire monthly in Indore for your business needs.

    You've driver on hire in Indore to help you get around Indore for work. Smart move! Chiku cab offers affordable and reliable driver hire services to help make your intracity commute as smooth as possible. Here are some tips to find an affordable driver in Indore through us:

    Set a budget

    First, decide how much you can spend each month on a driver. We offer various driver packages at different price points to suit any budget. Our most affordable option is to hire a driver by the day at around ₹700-1000 per day. If you need a driver for hire monthly Indoremore frequently, consider their monthly hire packages, which start at ₹20,000-25,000 per month for 80 hours of driving time.

    Choose a vehicle

    Do you need a basic hatchback, sedan, or SUV? We work with a range of vehicles at varying rates. Sedans and hatchbacks will likely be the most budget-friendly, while SUVs will cost more. But for driving around the city, a sedan should suit most needs.

    Book in advance

    Try to book your driver on rent in Indoreat least a week in advance for the best rates. Last-minute bookings, while accommodated, may be subject to peak pricing. Booking in advance also ensures your preferred driver and vehicle option will be available for the dates you need. You can easily book on our website or mobile app.

    Extend for discounts

    If you find a driver you like, consider hiring permanent car driver in Indorefor longer periods to get the best discounts. We offer tiered discount rates for repeat monthly customers. Hiring the same driver for 3-6 months can save you up to 30% off standard rates. Your driver will also become familiar with your needs and usual routes, making each ride even more efficient.
    Following these tips will help you find an affordable driver services in Indorethrough Chiku cab that suits your needs and budget.

    How to book a permanent driver in Indore

    Booking a dedicated driver agency Indoreis easy. Here are the steps to hire an affordable driver:

    Find Available Drivers

    On our website or app, enter your location in Indore and the dates you need a driver. You'll see profiles of available drivers, with details like their vehicle information, ratings, and hourly fares. Compare the options to hire driver on permanent basis in Indorethat suits your needs at a rate within your budget.

    Contact the Driver

    Once you've selected a driver rate per day in Indore, send them a message through the Chiku cab platform introducing yourself, specifying the dates and times you require their services, and confirming their hourly rate. Exchange phone numbers so you can contact each other directly to discuss the details.

    Discuss the Details

    Call your permanent driver in Indoreto discuss things like:

    • Their availability and the specific dates/times needed
    • The locations you need to travel to and from
    • Any extra stops or detours that may be required
    • Payment terms - will you pay daily or at the end of the rental period? Cash or electronic transfer?
    • Cancellation policy - agree on terms in case you need to cancel with short notice.

    Come to an agreement on the total indore to agra taxi farefor the rental period based on the hourly rate and estimated number of hours/days needed.

    Payment and Ratings

    At the end of the rental, pay your permanent drivers in Indorethe full fare as agreed upon. You should also rate your experience with the driver on our website to help future customers. Leave an honest but fair review and rating from 1 to 5 stars.


    So there, you have everything you need to know to get around Indore affordably with hire permanent driver in Indore. Chiku cab makes the process incredibly easy. Just open our app, request a ride, and in a few minutes, your driver will arrive to whisk you off to your destination.

Benefits Of Drivers On Call In Indore

Driver Service 24*7

You can book a driver any time, any day.

Transparent-Fixed Price

Transparent- fixed charges no hidden cost..

Verified Drivers

Largest database with verified drivers.

Trained & Groomed Drivers

Drivers with our in house training program.

Registered Drivers

Largest database with verified drivers..

On-time Service

Wide range of driver services to cater to the varied requirements of the customers.

Occasions For Car Driver On Hire In Indore

One Way Drop

If you need a one way drop to any destination within or outside city then you can book car drivers on hire for one way drop, the driver will pick you and drop you at your desired location and he will return back vai public transport


You want to go out for shopping or send out your family for shopping? but don’t have time to drive your self no problem, book car drivers on hire who will pick and drive your family safely to the desired shopping areas.

OutStation Drive

You planned an outstation trip with your family or friends? well then you can avail drivers on hire service for outstation trip and enjoy the journey with your loved ones. The drivers are well versed with driving day & night on highways.


You can book car drivers on hire in your city to attend multiple meetings & be productive working on your laptop or talking with clients or employees while you are driven in comfort of your own car by our driver.

Partying Out

You can book car drivers on hire in your city to attend multiple meetings & be productive working on your laptop or talking with clients or employees while you are driven in comfort of your own car by our driver.

Valet Services

If you are an event company or have an event in your family then you can utilize valet drivers on hire ‚these drivers are well verse with automatic and manual cars.

1) Day Service (6 Am to 9 PM)

Hourly Round Trip ( Rental) ₹ 399 4 Hrs Hourly service ( within city ) 6:00 am to 9:00 pm First 4 hrs @ RS 399. After Per hour Rs 80
Hourly Round Trip Night charges ( Rental) ₹ 500 4 Hrs Hourly service Night charges ( within city ) 9:00 pm To 6:00 am First 4 hrs @ RS 550. After Per hour Rs 100
One way Service ( ONEWAY CITY ) ₹ 400 2 Hrs One way day charges ( within city ) 6:00 AM To 9:00 PM First 2 hrs and 10 km @ RS 400. After Per hour Rs 80 and per km Rs 5
One way Service Night charges ( ONEWAY CITY ) ₹ 600 2 Hrs One way Night charges ( within city ) 9:00 pm To 6:00 am First 2 hrs and 10 km @ RS 600. After Per hour Rs 100 and per km Rs 10
Outstation Trip (ROUND TRIP) ₹ 1050 12 Hrs 1 day Outstation round trip, first 12 hours Rs 1050+ food if it is after 12 hours per hour Rs 100 this is one day outstation round trip service.Food is Mandatory Per Time (Rs 100)
Outstation Trip (ROUND TRIP) ₹ 1050 Per Day Charge (300 KM Included) More than one day outstation Round trip charges per day Rs 1050,+(food or(Food is Mandatory Per Time (Rs 100) ) and accommodation ) incase driver will be driving between 10:00 pm to 6:00 am it will be additional driver bata Rs 300, after 300 per km charges Rs 3/ every KM
Outstation One Way ₹ 1050 300 KM Included One-way outstation drop or pickup this charges Rs.1050/ 300 KMs. after 300 per km charges Rs 3/ every KM. + Return bus ticket or per km Rs 2.+ Food charges per day Rs 300 (Food is Mandatory Per Time (Rs 100) Your car our driver

*Note : Return Travel Convenience will be applied for Local one way service or One Way outstation Return bus ticket or per km Rs 2.+ Food charges per day Rs 300 Food Charges will be applied.

*Note : Billing Cycle Calendar date 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM it will be Billing per day charge.

Pricing for Monthly basis Drivers:

Package No: 1

S.No. Car Type 8 Hours 10 Hours 12 Hours
1 Maruthi aulto, Hyundai I10, Renault Kwid etc... Rs. 18,000/- Rs.20,000/- Rs.22,000/-

Package No: 2

S.No. Car Type 8 Hours 10 Hours 12 Hours
2 Maruti Swift, Tata Indica, Baleno, Ford Figo, Tayota Liva, Honda Jaaz, Maruthi Ritz etc... Rs. 18,000/- Rs.20,000/- Rs.22,000/-

Package No: 3

S.No. Car Type 8 Hours 10 Hours 12 Hours
3 Maruti Swift Dzire, Honda Amage, Maruthi Ertiga, Honda City, Tayota Itios etc... Rs. 19,000/- Rs.21,000/- Rs.24,000/-

Package No: 4

S.No. Car Type 8 Hours 10 Hours 12 Hours
4 Honda Classic, Innova, Scarpio, Tata Saffari, Mahendra Xylo, SUV500 etc... Rs. 20,000/- Rs.23,000/- Rs.25,000/- Auto Gear Extra Rs.1000/-

Package No: 5

All High - End Cars Rs 25,000/.

Click here for Request A Driver or call on +91-639-597-0235 to book a driver on phone.


Hours Charges Extra / Hours
4Hours 450/- 70/-

Extra charges Rs 100/- if pick up and Drop Points are Different


4 Hours

Intra City /Round Trip–INR 500/-
Add on Charges

Luxury Charge – INR 100/-

Over-Time – INR 75/- per/hour

Dinner – INR 75/- @10 pm

Travelling – INR 75/- @ 11 pm

Drop Location Charges – INR 50/-

Booking Before 7 am – INR 100/-

8 Hours

Intra City /Round Trip–INR 700/-
Add on Charges

Luxury Charge – INR 100/-

Over-Time – INR 75/- per/hour

Dinner – INR 75/- @10 pm

Travelling – INR 75/- @ 11 pm

Drop Location Charges – INR 50/-

Booking Before 7 am – INR 100/-

12 Hours

Intra City /Round Trip–INR 949/-
Add on Charges

Luxury Charge – INR 100/-

Over-Time – INR 75/- per/hour

Dinner – INR 75/- @10 pm

Travelling – INR 75/- @ 11 pm

Drop Location Charges – INR 50/-

Booking Before 7 am – INR 100/-

5 Hours

Intra City /Round Trip–INR 600/-
Night Shift starts at 6 pm
Add-On Charges

Luxury Car – INR 100/-

Overtime – INR 75/-

If booked after 1 am – INR 100/-

7 Hours

Intra City /Round Trip–INR 650/-
Add on Charges

Luxury Charge – INR 100/-

Over-Time – INR 75/- per/hour

Dinner – INR 75/- @10 pm

Travelling – INR 75/- @ 11 pm

Drop Location Charges – INR 50/-

Booking Before 7 am – INR 100/-

9 Hours

Intra City –INR 850/- for 9 hours
Stay-INR 850/-per day.

Luxury Charge – INR 100/-

Over-Time – INR 75/- per/hour

Accomodation–INR 250/- per Night

Food Allowance–INR 250/-@ 11 pm

Late Night Allowance at 12 am–INR 200/-

Booking Before 7 am – INR 100/-