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Agreement for Hire Driver


  • In pursuance of this agreement the FIRST PARTY agreed and accepted to provide a DRIVER to the second party.
  • The second party shall pay a sum of Rs. 6999 to the first party towards non-refundable Agreement / Service charges.
  • That the second party shall utilize the services of the driver provided by the FIRST PARTY for a period of Eight month commencing from-June 2023. And incase the second party desires to terminate the contract they can do so by paying a One Month's salary to the first party as terminating charges.
  • That the SECOND PARTY shall pay a sum 25,000 Rs (Working 12hr per day).to the FIRST PARTY for utilising the driver services per month payable on or before 1st of every succeeding English calendar month, and shall not pay any salary or part of salary to the DRIVER directly.
  • That the second party shall give ONE DAY per week, as weekly holiday to the driver provided by the first party. If the second party desires to utilize the driver services on any holidays, that shall be arranged by the first party on extra payment basis per day Rs.800/-per eight (8) hours and additional hours @Rs.100/-
  • That the FIRST PARTY shall provide an alternate DRIVER if and when the assigned drivers remain absent due to leave, health problems, or any other personal reasons.
  • That the second party shall pay overtime allowance @Rs. the driver services are utilised beyond the agreed period of the day, and out station charges single day Rs. Multiple days FRS. which shall be discussed with the driver mutually and decided.
  • That the FIRST PARTY M/S Chiku mobility India PVT LTD.holds the responsibility of arranging the drivers as per the second parties desired timings after verifying the background of the drivers such as since how long he is staying in Hyderabad, his Address, Experience in handling different types of cars, previous employment, his behaviour, relatives address, contact information etc.
  • That the FIRST PARTY M/S Chiku mobility India PVT LTD. provides training to the drivers regarding politeness, habits such as alcohol, cigarettes, gutkas etc, and only a trained DRIVER shall be arranged to the second party.
  • That the FIRST PARTY M/S Chiku mobility India PVT LTD. Agrees to arrange and provide a driver who resides nearby areas of the second party.
  • That the SECOND PARTY undertakes that he shall not come to a mutual understanding with the driver and shall not pay the salary directly to the driver and if it is found, then this agreement shall be deemed to be cancelled.
  • That all disputes subjected shall be lodged with in the courts of Varanasicity.

IN WITNESS WHERE OF the parties to this agreement hereby put their mark of signature as a token of acceptance on the date mentioned above in the presence of:

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