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Hire Car Drivers on a Contract Basis in India

Finding a reliable driver can be challenging, but owner-driver contracts have changed how independent drivers and businesses conduct business. We explore the busy world of contract drivers, understanding the value and the numerous opportunities we provide.

Chiku Cab offers owner-driver contracts to maximize the potential of your vehicles. By signing a contract, you can get access to suitable drivers, take advantage of our well-established network, and earn more by choosing your working hours.

Whether you own a car, work as a freelancer, or a driver looking for new options, we provide customized solutions to meet your needs. You can book now to discover how our team can help you.

These contacts offered by Chiku Cab are revolutionizing the transportation industry by empowering drivers to take charge of the careers and enjoy the benefits of being our employer. Whether you own a car, have a specialized vehicle, or are interested in a company driver contract, we offer various services and opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

You can use this opportunity to control your destiny by collaborating with a reputable industry name. Joining us today will open the door to a prosperous and rewarding future as a car driver on contract.

Whether you choose self-employed driver contracts or post office contract drivers, making an informed decision is crucial for a successful partnership. These contracts allow drivers to provide seamless contracts for driver services and become integral components of large-scale undertakings.

Why Book Our Drivers on Contracts

We provide autonomous contract driver options tailored to individuals who choose the independence of self-employment.

You can enjoy the flexibility to create your schedule, choose your preferred routes, and maintain complete control over your earnings, all while receiving dependable support from our contract-based driver job in Delhi's robust infrastructure.

Chiku Cab is committed to providing a seamless experience for drivers and clients by connecting drivers with contract opportunities and providing comprehensive contract driver services. Whether a private driver contract or an interstate owner-driver contract, the platform caters to various requirements with precision and care.

We offer talented and dependable drivers the chance to join a vast network of reputable carriers. Contract drivers are frequently utilized by logistics titans such as USPS, UPS, and other reputable companies to manage peak periods and expand delivery services.

Our Driver on Contract in India specializes in providing transportation services on a contractual basis while owner-operators experience the benefits of freedom and flexibility.

Owner-driver contracts for sale offer ambitious entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to pursue financial independence. Investing in an arrangement provides a pre-established business opportunity, eradicating the challenges of launching a brand from scratch.

Stay Independent with Car Drivers on Contract Basis

As an independent contract driver, you can take advantage of these opportunities and play a vital role in ensuring the nationwide transport of products and services. We provide the opportunity to work as a contract driver for well-known logistics firms such as USPS and UPS.

As an official collaborator, we allow you to connect with prestigious contract drivers needed. This ensures a steady income and allows you to demonstrate your exceptional driving abilities. And will be in the top result of the search 'drivers on contract near me.'

Transporting products to various locations under a haulage contract for owner-drivers can be lucrative for owner-drivers. We provide owner-operators with an extensive network and an efficient logistics management system.

This enables them to secure long-term truck driver contracts and enjoy stable income streams while focusing on the driving expertise.

Before committing to any contract, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate and examine the terms and conditions. Chiku Cab places a premium on openness in its dealings by providing drivers with exhaustive details about each contract.

Benefits of Our Personal Drivers on Contract

As Chiku Cab expands its operations, the demand for dedicated taxi driver contracts also increases. This opportunity is ideal for drivers seeking stable employment, a steady income, and the chance to work for a forward-thinking, diverse organization that highly values its employees.

These Contracts enable drivers to determine the work hours and routes, giving them control over the careers. Whether you are contemplating owner-driver contracts or personal driver contracts, this delivery driver agreement offers several advantages frequently absent from conventional employment.

Owner-driver contracts provide individuals with a passion for hauling and vehicle ownership access to lucrative hauling contracts. The ever increasing demand for efficient and responsible haulage services presents an ideal opportunity to enter this specialized market.

We provide a platform that connects you to haulage contracts for owner-drivers suited to your vehicle type and expertise. This enables you to turn your hobby into a profitable business.

Steps to Book Our Driver on Contract

Step-1:Visit our website to get information.

Step-2:Download our app from the Play Store.

Step-3:There you will get additional information about bookings and the procedure.

Step-4:And you can hire our contract driver accordingly.

Contractual Drivers

Contractual Drivers options can be used on the following scales:.


A resource, method, or circumstance that is essential to a company's ongoing success and expansion is known as a business driver. A company needs to know who its business drivers are.


We use a holistic multivariate modelling approach to investigate the drivers of small- and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) growth, which are more frequently looked into in firm growth studies and calculations.

Medical Services

Although EMTs are frequently found working in ambulances, they should not be confused with "ambulance drivers," which refers to ambulance staff who, in the past, had neither emergency medical training nor driving instruction.


Step 1

All required components, including professional tax, employee provident fund (EPF), employee estate insurance corporation (ESIC), bonus, dearness allowance (DA), basic salary, etc., will be included in the car drivers' quotation.

Step 2

Once the driver is in place, we will create a monthly invoice that includes our management fee, any applicable GST allowance (DA), the base salary, and other necessary criteria.

Step 3

Payroll, hiring, and training will be handled on your behalf by us.

Our Specialty Points

Payment Security

We will make sure that every driver employed by the company receives their proper wages and salaries.

Driver Replacement

We will give you a replacement driver if the driver is out of the office for one day.

Attendance Muster

We will take care of the attendance system of the driver.

Driver Supervision

By our side, the driver will be managed and watched over.

Driver Timings

The driver timings will be managed according to your company’s needs


We'll send the company our bills on a monthly term.