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Cargo Service Drivers

  • Fleet owners can connect with qualified drivers using the Cargo Service Drivers platform based on location, application, truck, and route.
  • Procedure to register driver in Cargo Service DriversThe programme aims to address the driver shortage and offer verified & certified drivers to fleet owners with a quicker turnaround time.
  • Additionally, it would give the drivers a common location to look for desirable employment opportunities.
  • Our long-term objective is to formalise the sector and increase the profession of cargo driver's respect in the long haul.

Procedure to register driver in Cargo Service Drivers

We register drivers who are looking for work through Driver Booking using a specially developed software programme; as of right now, we have more than 1234 drivers registered on our platform, and that number is growing daily.

Step 1

Driver for Cargo Service must be registered with us and possess a valid driver's licence in addition to other necessary documents, such as an Aadhaar card and a pan card.

Step 2

Next, we cross verify the drivers experience and data through his last employees and other refrences.

Step 3

Ahead, if needed, we even hire a thrid-party verification company to get criminal record clearance from the governed authorities.

Advantages Of Hiring From Driver Booking


We provide all are drivers specific training to drive in all kinds of terrains.

Drivers Feedback

We bridge the gap between the owners feedback and the drivers response for all communication.

Reliable Drivers

Our database of drivers is safe and secured.

Specialized Training

Special Training is given to those drivers who are on a contract for tanker with hazardous materials, etc.

TPA Verification

We hire TPA to cross verify the details of the drivers and grant a criminal clearance certificate

Basic Training

For amateur drivers, a one-month basic training is provided.

How to Hire Cargo Service Drivers

Step 1

Fill in all the details in the Letter of Participation duly signed and stamped.

Step 2

Based on the form we will try to understand and figure out your needs and requirements

Step 3

We will arrange for interviews with the selected drivers with you according to your convinience.

Step 4

You will receive appropriate driver documentation and a licence verification after confirmation.