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Minibus hire In Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram is a popular tourist destination in South India, known for its beautiful temples and scenic beaches. Minibusses are a popular mode of transportation for touring the area.Chiku Cab provides much minibus in Rameshwaram including ac minibus in Rameshwaram. You can select the minibus as per your budget and requirements. Minibuses in Rameshwaram come in various sizes, from 8-seaters to 20-seaters. You can choose the size of the minibus based on the number of people in your group. Your tour can be customized according to your preferences. Chiku Cab in Rameshwaram can arrange for a customized itinerary based on your interests, and you can visit places at your own pace.

Minibuses in Rameshwaram are usually air-conditioned and comfortable. The seats are designed to provide ample legroom and back support, making long journeys comfortable. Chiku Cab in Rameshwaram typically provides experienced drivers who know the local roads and can navigate the area with ease. They are also familiar with popular tourist destinations and can suggest the best routes to take. Minibus with Chiku Cab in Rameshwaram is affordable and can fit within your budget. The cost of the minibus rental may depend on the size of the minibus, the duration of the tour, and the distance covered. So, for the best hire minibus in Rameshwaram call us at 844-844-5504.

Types of Minibus On Rent Available In Rameshwaram


There are different types of minibusses available with Chiku Cab, each designed for different purposes and catering to different needs. Here are some common types of minibusses:

Standard Minibus: This is the most common type of minibus available to us. It typically seats between 8 to 16 passengers and is used for group transfers, such as airport transfers or corporate events.

Luxury Minibus: This type of minibus is designed for comfort and luxury, and typically comes with amenities such as air conditioning, leather seats, and a premium sound system. It Is used for special occasions, such as weddings or VIP transfers.

Shuttle Bus: A shuttle bus is a larger type of minibus that can accommodate up to 25 passengers. It is typically used for airport transfers, hotel shuttles, and other transportation services.

Wheelchair Accessible Minibus: This type of minibus is specially designed to accommodate passengers with disabilities or mobility issues. It is equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramp and can accommodate up to 6 to 8 passengers.

Party Bus: A party bus is a minibus that has been modified to accommodate parties and celebrations. It typically comes with amenities such as a bar, a sound system, disco lights, and comfortable seating.

Executive Minibus: This type of minibus is designed for business travel and corporate events. It typically comes with amenities such as air conditioning, leather seats, and Wi-Fi, and is used for business meetings, conferences, and team-building events.

Rameshwaram Minibus Fare

The fare for a minibus ride depends on the distance of the trip. Longer trips may cost more than shorter trips.The type of minibus also affects the fare. Luxury minibusses with more amenities may cost more than standard minibusses.It is important to note that minibus fares are subject to change, and the fare may not always be the same from one trip to another. In addition, Chiku Cab offers discounts or promotions to frequent passengers or group bookings for minibus hire in Rameshwaram. Overall, minibus fares can vary depending on a number of factors.

Skilled & Experienced Drivers

Chiku Cab provides a skilled and experienced minibus driver for minibus in Rameswaram who has the necessary qualifications, experience, and training to safely and efficiently operate a minibus.Ourdrivers have the proper licensing and certifications required by their state or country. This includes a valid driver’s license, a commercial driver’s license (CDL), and any other endorsements required for the specific type of minibus they are driving.They have a clean driving record with no major traffic violations, accidents, or DUIs. This demonstrates their ability to operate a minibus safely and responsibly.

How to Hire Minibus Online?

Hiring a mini bus online can be a convenient and efficient way to transport a small group of people for a variety of occasions, such as business trips, family events, or group tours. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hire a mini bus online:

Visit online portal: Visit our website or mobile app Chiku Cab to select our minibus services.

Check availability: Check the availability of the minibus for your desired date and time. You can usually do this by filling out an online reservation form or contacting us at 844-844-5504

Choose the minibus: Depending on the number of passengers you have, Chiku Cab offers different sizes of minibuses. Choose the minibus that suits your needs and budget. You can check the features of the minibus, such as air conditioning, entertainment systems, and luggage space.

Provide trip details: Fill out the necessary details about your trip, such as pickup and drop-off locations, date and time, and the number of passengers. You may also need to provide additional information, such as any special requests or instructions.

Get a quote: Chiku Cab will provide you with a quote based on the details you provided. Look at the quote and we try to make it in such a way that it fits your budget.

Make a reservation: If you’re satisfied with the quote, you can proceed to make a reservation. You can usually make the payment online through our website or app.

Confirm the reservation: After making the reservation, confirm the details with us. Make sure you provide us the correct pickup and drop-off locations, date and time, and number of passengers.

Prepare for the trip: On the day of the trip, make sure to be on time for the pickup. Confirmation of the pickup time and location with the driver details will be messaged on your registered mobile number. If you have any special requests or instructions, make sure to communicate them to the driver.


Seat Type AC or Non-AC Outstation Local
Rate per Km Km Limits Driver 8 hr/ 80 km Extra km Extra Hr
18+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
20+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
21+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
25+1 Mini Bus 29 300 500 6500 29 500
28+1 Mini Bus 35 300 500 8000 35 500
29 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 600 8000 44 500
29 Seaters AC 46 300 600 9000 46 500
30 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 600 8000 44 500
30 Seaters AC 50 300 600 9000 50 500
32 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 700 8500 44 500
32 Seaters AC 46 300 700 9000 46 500
33 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 700 9500 44 500
33 Seaters AC 48 300 700 9500 48 500
35 Seaters Non-AC 50 300 700 9500 50 500
35 Seaters AC 57 300 700 10000 57 500
40 Seaters Non-AC 55 300 700 10000 55 500
40 Seaters AC 61 300 750 11500 61 500
49 Seaters Non-AC 53 300 750 10000 53 600
49 Seaters AC 57 300 755 11500 57 600
50 Seaters Non-AC 55 300 1000 10000 55 600
50 Seaters AC 66 300 1000 16500 66 600
45 Seaters Volvo Bus 72 400 1000 16500 72 600
33+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 35 300 500 8000 35 600
35+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 40 300 500 9000 40 600
40+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 44 300 600 10500 44 700
44+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 45 300 600 11500 45 700
49+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 45 300 600 11500 45 700

Rameshwaram Tour

Rameshwaram is a small town located on an island in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a significant pilgrimage site for Hindus and is known for its beautiful temples and scenic beauty. Here’s a quick guide to planning a Rameshwaram tour:

How to reach: The nearest airport is Madurai, which is around 170 km from Rameshwaram. The town is well-connected to other major cities in Tamil Nadu by road and rail. If you are travelling in group and by road than you can hire minibus in Rameshwaram.

Places to visit: Rameshwaram is known for its ancient temples, including the Ramanathaswamy Temple, which is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples of Lord Shiva, and the Kothandaramaswamy Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Rama. Other popular places to visit include the Dhanushkodi Beach, the Pamban Bridge, and the Agni Teertham.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Rameshwaram is between October and April when the weather is pleasant.

Accommodation: Rameshwaram has a range of accommodation options, from budget guesthouses to luxury resorts.

Local cuisine: Rameshwaram is known for its delicious South Indian cuisine, including dosas, idlis, and sambar. Make sure to try the local seafood, which is fresh and flavorful.


What is the rental cost of a minibus in Rameshwaram?

The rental cost of a minibus in Rameshwaram depends on various factors such as the size of the minibus, the duration of the rental, and the distance covered.

What are the popular tourist destinations that can be covered with a minibus in Rameshwaram?

Some of the popular tourist destinations that can be covered with a minibus in Rameshwaram are Ramanathaswamy Temple, Dhanushkodi Beach, Agnitheertham, and Pamban Bridge.

Is it necessary to book a minibus in advance?

It is recommended to book a minibus in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. This ensures that you get the desired minibus size and availability for the dates you require.

How many people can a minibus accommodate?

Minibuses in Rameshwaram come in different sizes and can accommodate anywhere from 8 to 20 passengers.

Can I hire a minibus with a driver online?

Yes, Chiku Cab offers minibus rental with a driver. You can choose to rent a minibus with a driver while making the booking online.

What is the cancellation policy for minibus rentals?

The cancellation policy details are mentioned at our website However, Chiku Cab allows for cancellation with a full refund if it is done within a certain time frame before the rental date.

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