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Mini Bus Rentals in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a major and develop 'IT' city in the southern part of India, and it serves as the capital of the Indian state of Telangana and the de jure capital of Andhra Pradesh. And there’s no doubt in the fact that Hyderabad has a huge road network and is also connected with different adjoining cities and Minibuses are perfect for these types of journeys. Chiku Cab is considered to provide its passengers with one of the most reliable, safe, hygienic, and trusted Minibuses for your travel.

Chiku Cab provides its travellers with some of the top-class and comfortable services. The majority of people Opt for Chiku Cab to book or Rent a Minibus as we provide some of the Top Minibus Rentals in Hyderabad.


As per our research, Minibusses are currently extremely high in demand, and booking a Minibus in Hyderabad with Chiku Cab is relatively easy and simple. Now below is a complete detailed guide about Chiku Cab Hyderabad Minibus Rental so let us check it out.

Why Book A Mini Bus Rental In Hyderabad

So honestly, it is quite clumsy and not classy to book two or three cabs if you’re travel in a group of more than 15 people and that is exactly what a Hyderabad mini bus rental is for as it saves time and cost if you’re going out for some vital events such as weddings, birthdays, tour, etc.

Chiku Cab ensures that every passengers have a affordable, safe, comfortable, hygienic and not to mention pleasant journey.

Pros of Hiring a Minibus in Hyderabad with Chiku Cab

Mini busses are extremely popular nowadays due to their capability of carrying a huge group of people and we believe that it is indeed vital for people to book them in case of any important occasions. Down below are a few of the Advantages of Booking/ hiring a Minibus in Hyderabad

These are a few of the reasons why you should Opt for Chiku Cab Minibus. Now let us check out how you can Book a Chiku Cab Minibus.


Seat Type AC or Non-AC Outstation Local
Rate per Km Km Limits Driver 8 hr/ 80 km Extra km Extra Hr
18+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
20+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
21+1 Mini Bus 24 300 450 5000 24 400
25+1 Mini Bus 29 300 500 6500 29 500
28+1 Mini Bus 35 300 500 8000 35 500
29 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 600 8000 44 500
29 Seaters AC 46 300 600 9000 46 500
30 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 600 8000 44 500
30 Seaters AC 50 300 600 9000 50 500
32 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 700 8500 44 500
32 Seaters AC 46 300 700 9000 46 500
33 Seaters Non-AC 44 300 700 9500 44 500
33 Seaters AC 48 300 700 9500 48 500
35 Seaters Non-AC 50 300 700 9500 50 500
35 Seaters AC 57 300 700 10000 57 500
40 Seaters Non-AC 55 300 700 10000 55 500
40 Seaters AC 61 300 750 11500 61 500
49 Seaters Non-AC 53 300 750 10000 53 600
49 Seaters AC 57 300 755 11500 57 600
50 Seaters Non-AC 55 300 1000 10000 55 600
50 Seaters AC 66 300 1000 16500 66 600
45 Seaters Volvo Bus 72 400 1000 16500 72 600
33+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 35 300 500 8000 35 600
35+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 40 300 500 9000 40 600
40+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 44 300 600 10500 44 700
44+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 45 300 600 11500 45 700
49+1 Seaters Volvo Bus 45 300 600 11500 45 700

How to Book Minibus in Hyderabad

So you’re ready to head out for your next journey! We’ll explain how you guys can book a Chiku Cab Minibus in no time.

The Minibus will be available at your doorstep at the mentioned time and date so make sure to pack your bags and get ready as the drivers are always on time!

Facilities Available At Our Mini Buses in Hyderabad!

Chiku Cab Mini busses provide some top-class Mini-bus amenities which can be noticed at the time of boarding. Some vital and great amenities available are:

Benefits of Booking Minibus in Hyderabad with Chiku Cab

There are numerous benefits of Hyderabad minibus rentals as they provide some of the best services. Down below is a list of a few of the vital benefits that you’ll get after booking a Minibus with Chiku Cab.

All these benefits will surely make your ride much more memorable and fun, so make sure to book your Minibus with Chiku Cab the next time you’re out for an occasion.

Points to Know Before Booking a Minibus with Chiku Cab

The demand for Minibuses in Hyderabad is increasing rapidly and that is why it is important to know all the necessary points before booking a minibus with Chiku Cab

We’ll list down the different types of minibuses that you can book with Chiku Cab.

Types of Minibuses for Hire In Hyderabad with Chiku Cab

If you are

Factors Affecting the Cost of Minibus

Numerous factors can affect the price of your Minibus booking and it is extremely important to know them some of these factors will make your price higher and some will make it low

So down below are a few of the factors that affect the cost of a Minibus booking in Hyderabad make sure to go through them

Benefits of Booking Minibus Online With Chiku Cab

Pointers for Minibus in Hyderabad


Does Chiku Cab have their Mini busses?

No, we do not have our Mini busses as we’re a minibus aggregator service provider and we’re connected with some of the best and most reliable minibus operators.

Are Chiku Cab mini bus Clean?

Absolutely, cleanliness and hygiene is the number one priority at Chiku Cab as we ensure that our passengers get the best service possible.

What kind of drivers are allotted by Chiku Cab?

Chiku Cab has some of the best and most experienced drivers who are reliable due to their driving experience.

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