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About Benefits of Our Cab Attachment Service

Does your car that sits in the garage for months, upsets you? Are you looking for a method to get your car back on the road while making a generous amount of money? And you must be wondering – where should I attach car to company or attach my taxi? Where should I attach my company in India?
Well, your quest ends here! We, India’s most trusted cab vendor enables you to attach your car in our cab network. You can become a partner with CHIKU MOBILITY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED through our online cab attachment feature and get a chance to make lucrative earnings. Do not miss the opportunity to grow as an entrepreneur with car attachment. Our taxi and Tempo Traveller Attachment service is a great option to attach your commercial vehicle. We enjoys a huge surge of customers looking for bookings in travel, outstation, one-way, round trip, airport pick up and drops from all over India.

We attach the following taxi's and cars for one way, round trip, airport transfer (pick up or drop ), local (8hr,12hr), taxi package, tour package, corporate car rental, and multicity tour; which all fall into the following categories given below-

Chiku Cab is a valid option for everyone looking for company car attachment or company cab attachment. Doesn't matter if you attach a cab, attach a taxi, and attach your car with company, we ensure daily customers that suit your service. Our Attach Your Taxi service is an online; hence it offers:

“We” also offers car attachment in travels for better gains and long-term service relationships. Our car attachment service has several features that make it unique from other car rental vendors. The features include:

Fleet Owner Vendor Category

Chiku Cab taxi attachment service incorporates a vendor system with 3 different vendor categories. Fleet Owner Vendor Category is as follows:

Fleet Operator

₹7500/- +GST

Min 3 or 5 Cab Owner

Cab Type Sedan/SUV

Booking Type Airport Transfer, Local(4hr/6hr/8hr/12hr), One-way & Round Trip Tour packages

Business Amount Range 3 Lakh UPTO

Vendor Applies

Driver Applies

Software Support Charge Rs.300/- For Each Driver

Validity 2 Year max

Master Vendor

₹10500/- +GST

Min 5 or 7 Cab Owner

Cab Type Sedan | SUV | Tempo Traveller | Volvo Bus

Booking Type Airport Transfer, Local(4hr/6hr/8hr/12hr), One-way & Round Trip, Tour packages, Tempo Traveller Corporate Booking, Wedding Booking, Group Tour, Family Tour

Business Amount Range 10 Lakh UPTO

Vendor Applies

Driver Applies

Software Support Charge Rs.300/- For Each Driver

Dedicated 1 Manager

Validity 18 Month

Business Associate

₹17500/- +GST

Everything in Master Vendor

Permission to Create Vendor/DCO Partner

Booking Type Airport Transfer, Local(4hr/6hr/8hr/12hr), One-way & Round Trip Tour packages

Business Amount During 24 month

Business Associate Address display on website Contact Us Page

Dedicated Account Manager

Business Amount Range 12 Lakh UPTO - Self Dispatch Permission

Self Booking Creation Person

How to Attach Your Taxi with Chiku Cab

You can join us as Driver cum owner/Single cab owner/fleet operator(more than one cab with multiple drivers). You can attach your any type of cab (Compact/Sedan/SUV/Tempotraveller) with commercial number plate only. You need to share the below mention cab documents, driver details and owner details for registration process. Please add information about yourself, car and drivers who will drive for your company. We need the following documents for Vendor/DCO/Fleet operators-

1. Vendor/DCO/Fleet operator

  • Address Proof
  • Office Details with GST (if applicable )
  • Passport type photo
  • Adhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Driving Licence
  • Phone number (at least two number)
  • Bank Account Details (Account Holder name, IFSC code, Account Number and one cancel cheque copy)

2. Driver Details

  • Passport type photo
  • Adhaar card
  • PAN Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Reference person contact number (with adhaar card)
  • Phone Number (at least two number)
  • Police Verification Details (it is Mandatory )

3. Cab/Taxi Registration Paper required

  • Cab/Taxi photo from front side /back side with Yellow number plate
  • RC (Registration Copy)
  • Lease Paper (if cab is not yours)
  • Insurance Paper
  • Route Permit Paper
  • Pollution Certificate
  • Fitness certificates for the cab/taxi

Please fill Chikucab vendor Agreement copy properly with your signature.

Also you must share an agreement between Chikucab and vendor on Rs. 100/- stamp paper (Format will be provided by Chikucab)

For Vendor registration kindly fill the below form for vendor application: Vendor Application Form

For Driver registration kindly fill the below form for driver application Driver Application Form

Commission Policy:

Company will charge only 7% (Including 5% GST on Total Booking Amount) commission on vendor amount for every assignedbooking. You have to recharge your driver application wallet to get or acceptthe booking. Your driver wallet recharge amount varies according to vendor/driver category (Silver/Gold/Diamond). You need to maintain a minimum lock amount in your wallet that would be Rs.1200/-for Compact/Sedan and Rs.1500/- for SUV category cab. It’s to be noted that Recharge amount is not a security amount and it is not refundable in any case since our commission against each booking is deducted from this recharge wallet itself.

Software Support Charge (It is Mandatory):

Software support charge is the Chikucab mobile application maintenance charge that is paid monthly in first week of each month. If you do not pay monthly software support charge,your application and censorship account will blocked for particular month and your whole wallet amount will also be deducted on temporarily basis till than you pay that charge once you paid the same amount will be added again. For more details kindly contact +91-9818022327.

Trip type:

Company will provide outstation bookings like one way/Round trip/Taxi package/Tour Package /Local trip (8hr, 12hr) and Airport Transfer. We broadcast the booking through SMS/E-mail at your registered mobile number at regular basis and you have to accept that booking as soon as possible. After acceptance, company will assign/dispatch that booking to you and it would be visible in your vendor panel. Post dispatching, the vendor can assign that booking to his/her driver over the panel only & that booking would be visible in Driver application. We don’t commit to provide duties on daily basis or any fixed number of duties.

Airport car attachment in Company, cab attachment in a company or taxi attachment in a company is by far the easiest and lucrative method to make use of your idle car. If you attach a car in a company, you can benefit from the popular app-based commerce platform which ensures lucrative gains.

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