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Delhi to Chardham Tempo Traveller

From Delhi to the Char Dham

Four holy places are tucked into the beautiful Himalayas. Each year, millions of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world come to visit these places. Gangotri, Kedarnath, Yamunotri, and Badrinath are the four places. Together, they are called the Char Dham (the four abodes). Many people choose the tempo traveller rental services from Delhi to Chardham with Chiku Cab to travel to these spiritual places.

Concerning Char Dham

The Char Dham Yatra, also called the "four abodes," is a trip to the mountains to visit the four holy temples that make up the Char Dham. These are some of the most important pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand. Chardham is sometimes called the chota Chardham because there is a larger char dham pilgrimage circuit with many more temples and towns. To visit the four temples hire tempo traveller services from Delhi to Chardham with Chiku Cab.

Pilgrims traditionally move from the West to the East, which is why the journey usually starts at Yamunotri. This holy place is devoted to the goddess Yamuna, and many worshippers even take baths in the Yamuna River. Gangotri is the next pilgrimage site, and the goddess Ganga is honoured by the char dham temples there. Kedarnath is also part of the Panch Kedar and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Badrinath, the last stop, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Each of these pilgrimage sites has so many legends and stories about its past that even people who aren't religious would love to learn more about it. Book a tempo traveller from Delhi to Chardham with Chiku Cab to ensure a comfortable and hassle free journey.

How far does a Tempo Traveller have to go from Delhi to CharDham


From Delhi, the first place that Chardham tempo traveller stops is at Yamunotri, which is about 430 kilometres away. During the long drive in the tempo traveller from Delhi to Chardham, people sometimes stop or stay the night in Haridwar, which is about 6 hours from Delhi, and then Barkot, which is about 7 hours from Haridwar. Yamunotri is about 35 kilometres from Barkot. Hire a luxurious tempo traveller to get the best of amenities while travelling from Delhi to Chardham.

CharDham tempo traveller services will take you from Yamunotri to Gangotri, the next stop on the 4 dham yatra. About 200 kilometres separate this place from Yamunotri. In between, people stop at Uttarkashi. Kedarnath is the next stop on your char dham yatra. It is about 250 kilometres from Uttarkashi. Rudraprayag, which is about 180 km from Uttarkashi, is the town in the middle.

The last stop on your char dham yatra from Delhi is Badrinath, which is about 160 kilometres away from Rudraprayag.

Here is a more simplified map of the route that a typical taxi service from CharDham will take, showing the stops along the way while travelling in the Delhi to Chardham tempo traveller packages:

Char Dham Tempo Traveller Fare

The price of Delhi to Chardham Tempo Traveller is not fixed owing to a lot of variable conditions. Seating capacity, amenities required, booking time, duration of booking are a few of the factors that affect the fare of Delhi to Chardham Tempo Traveller services.

The different kinds of tempo travellers available for Char Dham

The most basic variable in the different types of tempo travellers is the seating capacity of the vehicle. Here are the top four most popular tempo travellers from Delhi to Chardham with Chiku Cab:

Why take a tempo traveller from Delhi to Chardham

From Delhi, there are many ways to get to the Char Dham, and one of them is to hire tempo traveller services. This helps in travelling the journey at your own leisure pace and take as many stops as you require. Here are a few reasons why taking tempo traveller services instead of public transportation will make your char dham yatra package from Delhi the best trip you've ever had:

Move Where You Want

A vacation is supposed to be a time to relax, but if you're always worried about missing your next ride, you're defeating the purpose of your trip. This is one reason why taking outstation tempo travellers from Delhi to Chardham can be a great option, because you can move whenever you want.

Tempo Traveller Starting From TT Video View Details
7 Seater Tempo Traveller Rs 8000 Per day 7 Seater TT 7 Seater TT Details
9 Seater Tempo Traveller Rs 8300 Per day 9 Seater TT 9 Seater TT Details
12 Seater Tempo Traveller Rs 8500 Per day 12 Seater TT 12 Seater TT Details
15 Seater Tempo Traveller Rs 11500 Per day 15 Seater TT 15 Seater TT Details
16 Seater Tempo Traveller Rs 12000 Per day 16 Seater TT 16 Seater TT Details
18 Seater Tempo Traveller Rs 14500 Per day 18 Seater TT 18 Seater TT Details
20 Seater Tempo Traveller Rs 18500 Per day 20 Seater TT 20 Seater TT Details

Always on hand

At Chiku Cab, you'll find that we connect you with some of the best tempo traveller service providers in Delhi, where you can choose from many vehicles for your char dham yatra package. Just go online and look at the many services available. You can always look at the details of each tempo traveller and the Delhi to Chardham tempo traveller review, and then choose one.


Another great thing about choosing Chiku Cab is that you will get the best deal on a char dham yatra package. Even if you use outstation tempo traveller services from Chardham to the Delhi airport, you won't have to pay a lot to get to the city airport.


When planning a trip, transportation is one of the first things you think about. This is because you have to think about many things, such as your budget, the number of people going, and each person's preferences. Going to the tempo traveller service provider that is closest to you will take a lot of work because you will have to take time out of your day to go to many places and look for something you like. Why go through all that trouble when you can easily book a tempo traveller from the comfort of your own home? Just go to, look at the most recent pictures and information about the tempo traveller from Delhi to Chardham, put in your dates, and book it! You will get the contact information for CharDham Tempo Travellers right away, and you will get the same car on the day of your trip!

Tempo Traveller Hire on Rent Price

Tempo Traveller Round trip Price / K.M. One way trip Price / K.M. Seating Driver Charge Book Here
9 Seater tempo traveller 23 Rs/- 46/- Rs. 9+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
12 seater tempo traveller 24 Rs/- 48/- Rs. 12+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
15 Seater tempo traveller 27 Rs/- 54/- Rs. 16+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
20 Seater Tempo Traveller 30 Rs/- 60/- Rs. 20+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
24 Seater Tempo Traveller 32 Rs/- 64/- Rs. 24+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now

Minimum Kilometer Limit for one way 243 km

Minimum Kilometer Limit for Round trip 250 km

Minimum Kilometer Limit ₹250/-

Get the exact tempo traveller that's shown in your quote.

Planning is the most important part of any trip, and people should be extra careful these days, especially if they are renting a tempo traveller from Delhi to Chardham. When you use Chiku Cab services, the process is easy and you can be sure that the tempo traveller will be clean and the drivers will be reliable.

The great thing about Chiku Cab services is that you can book a ride online. Before you book, you can search for, check out, and look at the tempo travellers that are available for rent. We also make sure that the vehicle you see on the quote is the same one you will get at the beginning of your trip. This gets rid of the need for the customer to personally check that the vehicle they get on the day of their trip is the same as the one they booked.

The flow is as follows:

After you enter the details of your trip, you'll be able to see the most recent pictures of the tempo traveller on hire, its number, the number of times it has been rented through Chiku Cab, its model number, and even the date it was registered. A few important things to remember:

The vehicle and the driver are both approved by Chiku Cab and chosen based on how customers have rated them.

The vehicle you choose on the Chiku Cab Tempo Traveller Hire webpage will be the same one that you get at the beginning of the trip.

Chiku Cab is here to make sure that you don't have to worry about any unknowns when you book. Once you've booked with us, you don't have to worry about whether or not you'll get the tempo traveller you were promised or if it will get you fromDelhi to Chardham. We want you to have the best experience possible when you book a tempo traveller with us, so we believe in being completely honest.

9, 12 Seater Tempo Traveller State Tax Charges

State Name Price State Name Price
Haryana 500/- Rs. Himachal 550/- Rs.
Uttar Pradesh 500/- Rs. Uttarakhand 520/- Rs.
Rajasthan 500/- Rs. Madhya Pradesh 500/- Rs.
Punjab 500/- Rs. Jharkhand 2200/- Rs. 7 Days
Jammu & Kashmir 400/- Rs. Maharasthra 8500/- Rs. 30 days
Gujarat 1650/- Rs. 7 days Bihar 2400/- Rs. 7 Days
Goa 5000/- Rs.

12 Seat + Sofa Tempo Traveller State Tax Charges

State Name Price State Name Price
Haryana 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Himachal 550/- Rs.Per Day + Entry
Uttar Pradesh 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Uttarakhand 520/- Rs.Per Day + Entry
Rajasthan 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Madhya Pradesh 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry
Punjab 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Maharashtra 8500/- Rs.30 Days + Entry
Gujarat 1650/- Rs. Per day + Entry

16,20 Seater Tempo Traveller State Tax Charges

State Name Price State Name Price
Haryana 1500/- Rs.Per Day Himachal 5000/- Rs.Per Day
Uttar Pradesh 800/- Rs.Per Day Uttarakhand 2700/- Rs. 3 Days
Rajasthan 4500/- Rs. 4 Days Madhya Pradesh 7500/- Rs. 3 Days
Punjab 5000/- Rs.Per Day Maharashtra 10000/- Rs.30 Days
Goa 8500/- Rs. Per day


b>How much does it cost to rent a tempo traveller from Delhi to Chardham?

The price of renting a tempo traveller is based on the distance driven. It is based on the round-trip distance between the starting point and the end point.

Can I look at the tempo traveller before I book it?

Yes. As soon as you send in your request by filling out the necessary information, you will get a list of tempo travellers to choose from along with pictures of them. You can look at them all and decide which one you want.

Are there any deals or discounts for renting a tempo traveller from Delhi to Chardham?

Yes, there are discount codes and deals provided by Chiku Cab round the year from which you can save money and have a pleasurable trip.

What is the base price for renting a tempo traveller from Delhi to Chardham?

The price to rent a tempo traveller is not set and varies by service provider.

Can I choose the tempo travelker based on how many people it can hold?

When you book the tempo traveller, you'll need to say how many people will be in it. You can choose the tempo traveller according to the seating capacity that is necessary for you.

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