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Dehradun to Auli Tempo Traveller

Taxi from Dehradun to Auli

You can hire a Dehradun to Auli tempo traveller from one of the many Dehradun to Auli cab rental aggregator providers. On Chiku Cab, you can plan your trip and take advantage of amazing deals and discounts. The Tempo Traveller fare from Dehradun to Auli is the most economical with Chiku Cab. Depending on when you plan to go, what kind of amenities you select, and the date and time of your trip, the costs to book an outstation tempo traveller from Dehradun to Auli may change. On Chiku Cab, you can also reserve a minibus and bus coaches from Auli to Dehradun.

Reserve a taxi from Dehradun to Auli

India's Auli is a stunning tourist attraction. There, you can enjoy yourself with family and friends. You can get a tempo traveller from Dehradun to Auli and visit all of its popular tourist attractions. You may get to Auli using a variety of private and public transportation methods.


From Dehradun to Auli, you can take a road journey and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The airport in Dehradun offers taxi service to Auli. At reasonable pricing, you can enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable travel. You can use tempo traveller services from Dehradun to Auli if that is where your journey begins. You may use Chiku Cab’s smartphone application or website to reserve a tempo traveller from Dehradun to Auli online.

Around 205 kilometres separates Dehradun from Auli when travelling by tempo traveller. Changing your path will, of course, alter the distance. The amount of time it takes to travel also relies on your speed and how often you stop. You may come across several rest stops along the way where you may rehydrate. Chiku Cab provides Dehradun to Auli luxury tempo travellers for your added comfort.

Auli to Dehradun Rental Tempo Traveller Services

Any time of the year, a tempo traveller may be found to take you from Dehradun to Auli. Depending on your needs, you can alter your tour package tempo traveller on rent from Dehradun to Auli. You can search for different priced tempo traveller bookings in addition to small cabs or minibuses. Chiku Cab provides a reliable automobile rental service in addition to a number of convenient amenities and luxury for a more comfortable trip. You have the option of booking the following tempo traveller depending on your needs:

Apart from Tempo Travellers, Chiku Cab also offers the option of hatchbacks, sedans, MUVs, SUVs, Luxury sedans, minibuses, and buses for your comfortable commute from Dehradun to Auli. All of the drivers featured on the Chiku Cab portal are courteous and experienced, and they make sure that your trip is hassle-free.

Tourists Spots To Be Visited Enroute Dehradun To Auli
Information on the distance, time, and roadway

About 180 kilometres (km) separate Dehradun from Auli, and it takes five to six hours to travel that distance. You may easily travel the distance from Dehradun to Auli by using any of these routes:

Via the National Highway/Chakarata Rd, which is roughly 152 km long and takes close to 5 hours to travel, via Ambala, Paonta Sahib, Herbertpur, Dehradun, and Rishikesh.

Via the 176 km (about 5.75 hours) Ambala - Paonta Sahib - Herbertpur - Dehradun - Rishikesh National Highway and Paonta - Hatkoti Rd.

Sight Seeing Places Along the Route

With so many mountain hamlets, the drive from Dehradun to Auli is perfect for a road vacation. Take in the gorgeous countryside as you ride through hills, valleys, and pine forests in a tempo traveller that you can rent from Dehradun to Auli. On your journey, you will pass through towns including Herbertpur, Dakpatthar, Kalsi, and Shatal. With the aid of your Dehradun to Auli tempo traveller service, you can stop at any of these places before leaving Dehradun and take a trip or visit Mussoorie.

Tourist Attractions in Auli

On the border between Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand is Auli, one of the tranquillest and most beautiful towns in the Himalayas. Reserving a tempo traveller from Dehradun to Auli would allow you to experience the best of these two Himalayan states. To get to these well-known sites from Dehradun to Auli, take a tempo traveller:

Tempo Traveller Hire on Rent Price

Tempo Traveller Price / K.M. Seating Driver Charge Book Here
9 Seater Tempo Traveller 22/- Rs. 9+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
12 Seater Tempo Traveller 23/- Rs. 12+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
16 Seater Tempo Traveller 25/- Rs. 16+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
20 Seater Tempo Traveller 28/- Rs. 20+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
26 Seater Tempo Traveller 32/- Rs. 24+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now

Minimum Kilometer Limit 250/-

To make the most of your journey, you can explore other picturesque locations nearby with your Dehradun to Auli Tempo Traveller rental.

Why choose Chiku Cab to book a Tempo Traveller from Dehradun to Auli?

Chiku Cab offers online taxi reservations

Visit Chiku Cab official travel website or smartphone application to reserve a tempo traveller. Include your departure date and destination among the necessary information. You can see a list of all the tempo traveller that are available to go from Dehradun to Auli. Additionally, you can reserve a tempo traveller from Dehradun to Auli for both one-way and circular excursions. If you want to book a tempo traveller without any hassles, you may also get in touch with Chiku Cab customer care desk on 844-844-5504. All safety precautions are being taken into account given the circumstances surrounding Covid-19. The Tempo Travellers are thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, all drivers and passengers must wear their masks. Booking a Tempo Traveller from Dehradun to Auli is a simple affair. You can choose a transportation for your trip date and take pleasure in a comfortable journey.

9, 12 Seater Tempo Traveller State Tax Charges

State Name Price State Name Price
Haryana 500/- Rs. Himachal 550/- Rs.
Uttar Pradesh 500/- Rs. Uttarakhand 520/- Rs.
Rajasthan 500/- Rs. Madhya Pradesh 500/- Rs.
Punjab 500/- Rs. Jharkhand 2200/- Rs. 7 Days
Jammu & Kashmir 400/- Rs. Maharasthra 8500/- Rs. 30 days
Gujarat 1650/- Rs. 7 days Bihar 2400/- Rs. 7 Days
Goa 5000/- Rs.

12 Seat + Sofa Tempo Traveller State Tax Charges

State Name Price State Name Price
Haryana 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Himachal 550/- Rs.Per Day + Entry
Uttar Pradesh 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Uttarakhand 520/- Rs.Per Day + Entry
Rajasthan 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Madhya Pradesh 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry
Punjab 500/- Rs.Per Day + Entry Maharashtra 8500/- Rs.30 Days + Entry
Gujarat 1650/- Rs. Per day + Entry

16,20 Seater Tempo Traveller State Tax Charges

State Name Price State Name Price
Haryana 1500/- Rs.Per Day Himachal 5000/- Rs.Per Day
Uttar Pradesh 800/- Rs.Per Day Uttarakhand 2700/- Rs. 3 Days
Rajasthan 4500/- Rs. 4 Days Madhya Pradesh 7500/- Rs. 3 Days
Punjab 5000/- Rs.Per Day Maharashtra 10000/- Rs.30 Days
Goa 8500/- Rs. Per day


How does Chiku Cab define one way cab drop service?

A one way return trip with Chiku Cab is basically a ride with Chiku Cab services from one city to another without the return journey. In such trips only one halt is permitted during the entire journey. The fare of a one way ride is 10% to 50% cheaper than a round trip depending on the cab availability. The fare is calculated by a software and relies on the chances the driver will get a return trip from your destination. Also, you need to pay only for one-way toll taxes.

Does Chiku Cab provide self-drive vehicles?

Sorry! As of now, Chiku Cab has not yet entered the market of self-drive cars. But we assure you our drivers are professional, polite, and well experienced in all the terrains of driving in India.

How do I book a tempo traveller with Chiku Cab?

There are 4 ways in which you can book a tempo traveller with Chiku Cab:

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