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Bangalore Airport {Kempegowda International Airport} to Coorg Cab

If you are looking to book a reliable and comfortable transportation option for your Bangalore Airport to Coorg trip, look no further than Chiku Cab, your ultimate solution for seamless travel experiences. Nestled in the captivating landscapes of Karnataka, Coorg's verdant beauty, misty hills, and tranquil surroundings make it a top-choice getaway. Our specialized Bangalore Airport to Coorg taxi service is designed to not only provide a stress-free commute but also a chance to savor the scenic route at your own leisure. With Chiku Cab, you'll experience a perfect amalgamation of convenience, safety, and affordability as you embark on a memorable expedition. So, go ahead and book your cab from Bangalore airport to Coorg with us, and get ready for a remarkable journey ahead.


Bangalore Airport to Coorg taxi fare and Rental Options

Chiku Cab presents an array of budget-friendly Bangalore airport to Coorg taxi fare options, ensuring an economical and comfortable journey. With transparent pricing and no hidden costs, travelers can select from diverse vehicle categories, including sedans, SUVs, and luxury cars. Chiku Cab commitment to providing reliable services extends to offering competitive rates for both one-way and round-trip transfers. Whether it's a solo expedition, family vacation, or group adventure, our reasonable Bangalore airport to Coorg taxi fare options cater to every traveler's needs. Begin on a seamless and cost-effective voyage with Chiku Cab, where quality service meets affordability for a memorable travel experience.

Things to do in Coorg

Commencing on a Bangalore Airport to Coorg trip via a convenient Bangalore Airport to Coorg cab service for a one-way trip offers the gateway to a realm of captivating experiences. Begin your adventure by delving into Coorg's lush coffee plantations, where aromatic coffee beans thrive. The soothing aroma and stunning landscapes create an ideal backdrop for a leisurely stroll or a rejuvenating nature walk, made even more convenient with the chosen one way taxi service from Bangalore airport to Coorg. Abbey Falls' falling streams in rich foliage are a must-see. Adventurers can walk via Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary or climb Tadiandamol, Coorg's highest peak. Explore the bamboo groves and wildlife rescue centre of the Kaveri River IslandNisargadhama Forest.Visit the Namdroling Monastery, popularly known as the Golden Temple, to experience Coorg's rich culture. Traditional Kodava foods like Pandi Curry and Akki Roti give flavour to your trip.

With a Bangalore airport to Coorg one way taxi, you have the flexibility to embrace these experiences at your pace, ensuring you make the most of your visit. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a culture admirer, Coorg's multifaceted charm promises an unforgettable escapade, made all the more seamless by your chosen one-way cab from Bangalore airport to Coorg.

Service Type Vehicle Options Ideal For
Taxi Sedan, SUV, Luxury Individuals, Families, Groups
Airport Transfers One-Way, Round-Trip Travelers, Business Executives
Sightseeing Packages Customizable, Local Attractions Tourists, Explorers, Sightseers
Group Travel Minivan, Minibus Large Families, Group Adventures
Corporate Travel Executive Sedans, Business Vans Business Trips, Corporate Events
Adventure Seekers Off-Road Vehicles, Adventure Gear Adventure Enthusiasts, Outdoor Lovers
Family Vacations Spacious SUVs, Child-Friendly Families with Children, Road Trips
Couples Retreat Comfortable Sedans, Romantic Setup Couples, Honeymooners, Romantic Getaways
Special Occasions Luxury Cars, Decorations Available Celebrations, Events, VIP Transport

Reasons to Book Cab from Bangalore Airport to Coorg

Diverse Fleet: Chiku Cab offers a wide range of vehicle options, from comfortable sedans to spacious SUVs, ensuring a perfect fit for your travel group and preferences when you book a Bangalore airport to Coorg cab.

Easy Booking: With Chiku Cab user-friendly platform, booking a cab from Bangalore airport to Coorg is a breeze. Simply select your vehicle and schedule, and you're all set with our Bangalore airport to Coorg cab booking service.

Professional Drivers: Our experienced and courteous drivers prioritize your safety and comfort, making your journey relaxing and enjoyable when you choose our taxi service from Bangalore airport to Coorg.

Transparent Pricing: Say goodbye to hidden costs. Chiku Cab provides transparent pricing with no surprises, ensuring you know exactly what you're paying for when you book taxi from Bangalore Airport to Coorg.

Customizable Packages: Whether you're a solo traveler or part of a group, Chiku Cab offers tailored packages to suit your travel needs, ensuring maximum flexibility in your Bangalore Airport to Coorg tour package.

Reliable Service: Count on Chiku Cab for punctuality and reliability. We understand the importance of timely travel, and we strive to make sure you reach your destination on time with our Bangalore airport to Coorg taxi hire.

Local Expertise: Our drivers are well-acquainted with the routes and local insights, enhancing your journey with interesting information and efficient routes for your taxi service Bangalore airport to Coorg.

24/7 Support: Our customer support is available round the clock to assist you with any queries or assistance you might need during your travel, ensuring a smooth experience in booking Bengaluru Airport to Coorg cab service.

Comfortable Travel: With well-maintained vehicles and thoughtful amenities, Chiku Cab ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride for all passengers who are looking for Bangalore Airport to Coorg car rental.

Memorable Experience: From scenic drives to a stress-free journey, Chiku Cab aims to make your Bangalore airport to Coorg taxi booking a memorable part of your trip, providing an unmatched travel experience.

Cab/Taxi Fare for Outstation Taxi Service from Bangalore Airport {Kempegowda International Airport}

Vehicle Type Airport Rental with in City Outstation
Pick/Drop 8Hr 80KM* 12Hr 120KM* Round Trip One way
Indica ₹700 ₹1,500 ₹1,800 ₹8.50 ₹14
Indigo ₹750 ₹1,600 ₹1,900 ₹9 ₹14.75
Swift Dzire ₹800 ₹1,700 ₹2,000 ₹9.50 ₹16.25
Honda Amaze/ ₹850 ₹1,800 ₹2,200 ₹10 ₹17
Mobilio / Ertiga ₹900 ₹2,400 ₹2,750 ₹14 ₹20.75
Toyota Innova ₹1,100 ₹2,650 ₹2,900 ₹16 ₹21.5
Toyota Crysta ₹1,200 ₹2,850 ₹3,180 ₹17 ₹23
Honda City ₹1,500 ₹2,800 ₹3,600 ₹18 ₹26
Tempo Traveller ₹2,000 ₹3,400 ₹4,400 ₹22 ₹42

Driver Charges (After 10PM): Rs.250, (Base Fare)

Outstation (Roundtrip): Min. 250KM / Day

Distance and Time from Bangalore Airport to Major Cities

KM Time
Mysore 180 Km 240 Mins
Nandi Hills 30 Km 60 Mins
Coorg 280 Km 360 Mins
Ooty 310 Km 420 Mins
Chikmagalur 280 Km 420 Mins
Wayanad 305 Km 430 Mins
Chennai 340 Km 411 Mins


How can I book a Bangalore airport to Coorg drop taxi with Chiku Cab?

Visit our website or app, choose the "Bangalore Airport to Coorg" route, select your preferred vehicle, and schedule. It's that simple!

Do you offer one-way cab from Bangalore airport to Coorg?

Absolutely! Chiku Cab provides convenient one-way cab services from Bangalore Airport to Coorg for your ease and comfort.

What's the process for Bangalore Airport to Coorg cab booking?

Booking a cab is hassle-free. Just enter your details, select the "Bangalore Airport to Coorg" route, choose your vehicle, and confirm your booking.

Are there any Coorg tour packages available from Bangalore Airport?

Yes, Chiku Cab offers Coorg tour packages from Bangalore Airport, designed to cater to your travel needs and preferences.

How do I make a Bangalore Airport to Coorg taxi booking?

Simply use our online platform or app to book your taxi from Bangalore Airport to Coorg in a few clicks.

Can I hire a taxi service from Bangalore airport to Coorg with Chiku Cab?

Certainly, you can easily hire a taxi from Bangalore Airport to Coorg through Chiku Cabreliable services.

Is car rental available for the Bangalore Airport to Coorg route?

Yes, Chiku Cab provides car rental options for the Bangalore Airport to Coorg route, allowing you to explore at your own pace.

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