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    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • How To Reach Corbett
    • Best Season to Visit Corbett
    • The Marked Tourist Zone
    • Activities To Do At Corbett National Park
    • Where to stay at Corbett National Park
    • Food Guide at Corbett National Park
    • Tips While Travelling to Jim Corbett National Park


    At the very start of this National Park in Uttarakhand, it was known by the name Hailey National Park. Further, it was christened Ramganga National Park, and finally, from 1957, it is being called Jim Corbett National Park, in memory of the British author, naturalist, and hunter-cum-conservationist Jim Corbett (1857 – 1955). Although the Jim Corbett National Park is in Uttarakhand, it is accessible from other big cities and towns like Delhi, Agra, Lucknow, and Nainital. Established in the year 1936, it is proudly the first National Park of India.

    How to Reach Corbett

    The nearest railway station and the main point of conjunction by roads is the small town of Ramnagar. From Ramnagar, the National Park is at a distance of merely 15 km, which will take a maximum of 30 minutes to reach the destination. Ramnagar has a well-connected network via trains and railways with metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bareilly, Nainital, and Moradabad.

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    By Road: You can always hire a cab service with Chiku Cab, to reach the National Park from the prime cities surrounding it. Delhi is roughly at a distance of 250 km from Ramnagar. All the roads leading to the Jim Corbett National Park are well maintained, and the journey with Chiku Cab rented car is sure to be a memorial one.

    • How to reach Jim Corbett National Park from Delhi

    cab service in Delhi

    If you are at India’s capital and wish to travel to Jim Corbett National Park, you can always make bookings for Delhi to Jim Corbett taxi with Chiku Cab. The distance to be covered with a taxi from Delhi to Corbett is roughly around 250 odd kilometres which can be covered easily with a Delhi to Jim Corbett cabThe usual time taken by cab or a taxi from Delhi to Jim Corbett is roughly around 6 hours. The journey being this extensive, it is suggested that you do a car rental from Delhi to Jim Corbett with Chiku Cab to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

    • Reaching Jim Corbett National Park from Noida

    If you have booked a cab from Noida to Jim Corbett, the best route is by taking the NH 9 along the Kalagarh Road. This journey of 200 km is best made with Noida to Jim Corbett taxi with Chiku Cab on an average time of 4 and half hours.

    • Gurgaon To Jim Corbett

    The State Highway 12 is the best way to commute from Gurgaon to Jim Corbett with a cab. The average distance is again around 250 kilometres which can be driven in around 6 hours.

    • Ghaziabad to Jim Corbett

    In regards to the capital territory of India, the closest city to Jim Corbett is Ghaziabad, at a distance of fewer than 200 kilometres. Book a cab from Ghaziabad to Jim Corbett and enjoy the scenic Upper Ganga Canal Road on your way to the safari!

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    By Rail: Like mentioned before, Ramnagar is the nearest railway station you need to descend to visit the Jim Corbett National Park. The Ramnagar station is well connected via railway networks to cities like Delhi, Moradabad, and Bareilly. There are a lot of special trains like Ranikhet Express, Corbett Link Express, and Kathgodam Express, which connect Ramnagar to the surrounding cities.

    Best Season To Visit Jim Corbett National Park

    Starting from the month of October till June, all the months are suitable to visit the Jim Corbett National Park. Only the monsoon months of July, August, and September are not advisable as the road conditions of the Safari are not in a really promising way. The temperature is quite pleasant throughout the year, with the minimum temperature dropping to like 5° C and the maximum being 40°C in the summer months.

    The Marked Tourist Zones

    The Jim Corbett National Park is divided majorly into five different zones just to enhance the tourism facility here. These zones are nothing but buffer areas or, let’s say, the hot-spot of the National Park, where tourists can be one with nature and experience the wildlife safari in the nearest proximity possible. As a result of these zones, one can watch the wildlife with their naked eyes without causing any harm to the animals and birds.

    • Bijrani Safari Zone: This zone is popular for its open grasslands and the scenic beauty of nature. The entry gate to Bijrani Safari Zone is located at just a distance of one kilometre from the city of Ramnagar.
    • Jhirna Safari Zone: The entry gate is located roughly at a distance of 15 kilometres from Ramnagar City; this Safari Zone is open to all tourists throughout the year that too day and night. It is famous for the sighting of sloth bears and elephants. Also, nilgai, sambar, cheetah, and wild boar are many times sighted here.
    • Dhela Safari Zone: The only place open for the safari in the Corbett Tiger Reserve is the Dhela Safari Zone. The entry gate located at a distance of 13 kilometres from the main Ramnagar City, Dhela Safari Zone, is rich in its flora and fauna. This zone is the latest eco-tourism zone at the Corbett National Park, inaugurated in November 2014. This zone is again open for safari throughout the year.

    • Dhikala Safari Zone: This zone is the largest in terms of area and also the most visited zone by tourists in all of the zones at Corbett National Park. Dhikala Safari Zone is the best place for tourism owing to its beautiful exotic fauna and its abundance of natural beauty too. Dhikala Safari Zone also has the option of night safari, which is usually attended by courageous hard core wildlife enthusiasts. The entry gate is approximately 18 kilometres from Ramnagar City.
    • Durga Devi Zone: The best safari zone if you are a keen bird observer. Situated in the north-eastern boundary of the Corbett National Park, it is really a paradise for all nature enthusiasts and lovers. Its gate is the farthest from Ramnagar main city at a distance of around 36 kilometres.
    • Sitabani Buffer Zone: This zone doesn’t fall under the Corbett National Park area but is a place of calm and serene environment where you really can get one with nature.

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    Activities to do at Corbett National Park

    • Wildlife Photography: As they say, it’s a delight to shoot here but only with cameras. The Jim Corbett National Park is an absolute haven for wildlife photographers as it is filled with numerous varieties of flora and fauna. One can even click the photos of tigers here, the only criteria being you should be patient and have keen eyes.
    • Bird Observation: The Corbett National Park is home to more than 500 species of birds which include various Eagles, Vultures, Owls, Rubythroat, Minivet, and loads more.
    • Fishing: Quite a few numbers of licensed fishing camps are set up on the banks of the River Ramganga. Many anglers have successfully fished out the Mahseer Fish from this river.

    • Rafting: For the thrill sports lovers, during the months of Monsoon, rafting is allowed on the waters of the River Ramganga. Two grades, namely I and II, are available for rafting at the Jim Corbett National Park.

    Where to stay at Corbett National Park

    The Jim Corbett National Park is one of the prime destinations of tourists from all over the world. There are various hotels to stay in and around the National Park, where you with your group of friends and family can spend a beautiful evening surrendering yourself to nature. Along with luxurious hotels and resorts which are fully equipped with modern amenities, there are cheap camps, budget hotel rooms, guest houses, and cottages available too.

    Food Guide at Corbett National Park

    This national park is a tiger reserve zone; no eating places are allowed inside the protected areas. But, outside these areas, there are various restaurants and hotels that provide finger-licking yummy cuisines of all types. For the travel souls, you can even enjoy a few of the local Kumaoni food preparations.

    Tips While Travelling To Jim Corbett National Park

    • The Jim Corbett National Park is a tiger reserve and not a zoo. Thus, one should be patient to see the wildlife, as all the birds and animals are free inside the park. Expecting to see wildlife every now and then is keeping wrong hopes.
    • For the sake of general safety, be a responsible citizen and follow all the rules and regulations of the park authorities.
    • Only the Jhirna Zone is open during monsoon for all tourists; hence the number of tourists coming down to Corbett National Park during monsoons is low.
    • Most importantly, there is no gas/fuel station ahead of Ramnagar, so keep your fuel tanks full before leaving Ramnagar. Hiring a car with Chiku Cab is also a good option.
    • Do not drive off track or to places that are not permitted.
    • Remember, all the safari zone gates are closed by evening.


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