• 10 Lip-Smacking Street Foods to Taste in Kolkata

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    Kolkata is undeniably the Cultural Capital of India. This city has got its own charm which is hard to ignore. Once you are in here, you can instantly spot something which is a very unique aspect to be found anywhere else in the country and it’s the ‘love for food.

    Kolkata’s culinary scene is vibrant, rich and quite tempting to any food enthusiast. Apart from legendary restaurants and traditional kitchens, the city street food culture is full of possibilities. They are too many in number to try in a single day. Kolkata street foods are absolutely delicious yet unexpectedly cheap. With reliable taxi service in Kolkata, you can hop around the whole city to explore its never-ending love for street foods. Here comes the list of 10 popular and mouth-watering street foods in Kolkata that you must not miss.

    1. Phuchkas

    If it is just one street food that you can have during your Kolkata trip, then it has to be Phuchkas. These small crispy balls full of spices literally burst inside your mouth with a hell of a lot of flavours. This iconic street food of the city is stuffed with mashed boiled potatoes mixed with grounded spices, green chilli and green coriander leaves. Then these crunchy balls are dipped into tamarind water sprinkled with lemon and pudina.

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    Phuchka basically belongs to the Golgappa/Panipuri family but its typical taste and use of mashed potato stuffing gave it a unique identity. While booking a car rental in Kolkata, don’t forget to ask them for sought-after destinations in the city serving the best street foods.

    1. Churmur

    cab service in Kolkata

    After loving Phuchkas, it is hard to resist the temptation of ordering a plate of Churmur. This street food is more like Phuchka just minus the spiced water. It is a mix of roughly crushed phuchkas with loads of onions, spices, chilli flakes with a hint of lemon and tamarind.

    Unlike Phuchka, Churmur is way easier to eat as you don’t need to gulp the watery part. In case you don’t like Phuchka, you can always go for a plate of Churmur. For the best versions of Churmur, you can either visit Bhawanipur or Southern Avenue. You can opt for online cab booking to skip the hassle and save a lot than the physical model.

    1. Ghugni

    cab service in Kolkata

    A good way to start your morning is to have a bowl of Ghugni with a couple of bread slices. This one-dish can be devoured any time of the day and surprisingly this platter is very filling too. Ghugni is prepared with nicely boiled yellow and white peas. Then it is seasoned with salt, onions, green chilli, tomatoes, spices and a little bit of lemon or tamarind pulp.

    Ghugni has got every right reason to be a part of Kolkata’s dynamic street food scenario and no wonder why people from all walks of life love to include them in their breakfast or evening snacks menu. Hire taxi service in Kolkata and go straight either to New Market Area or Dacres Lane to eat this delicious mix in the city.

    1. Chanar Jilipi

    Yes, the people of Bengal are all blessed with a sweet tooth and they have created heaven out of food so that no one can ever complain about not finding his/her kind of soul food while in Kolkata. Bengali sweets are quite famous and they don’t need any formal introduction to foodies. But the city has invented a quick yet tastier version of typical Jalebi and that’s none other than Chhanar Jilipi.

    Made of cottage cheese, Chhanar Jilipi is extremely juicy and soft with just the right amount of sugar syrup. This is more like a deadly blend of Gulab Jamun and Jalebi. So, whenever you are in Kolkata, don’t forget to savour this delightful sweet dish. They are readily available in any local sweet shop. To grad the best Chhanar Jilipi, you can ask your car rental in Kolkata to drop you at College Street or at Golpark.

    1. Momos

    In spite of being a Tibetan cuisine, Momos have been incorporated as an essential part of Kolkata’s street food culture. These amazing dumplings are available both in veg and non-veg avatars. Momos are the comfort food to thousands of employees and students who can’t invest lumpsum for their breakfast, lunch or evening snacks but are still not ready to compromise on their tastebuds.

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    The thin shell of the Momos are made of flour and it is stuffed with minced chicken, fish or vegetable spiced with sauce and spices. They are folded in different beautiful shapes and then steamed or oil-fired. From roadside vendors to famous restaurants, Momos are everywhere in Kolkata.

    1. Kathi Roll

    To taste one of the most beloved street food of Kolkata, you must include the famous Kati Roll on your bucket list. Enjoyed by vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians, Kati Roll has gained immense popularity across the country (or might be across the globe by now). Why not? Kolkata is the original inventor of Kati Rolls and they know best how to make it a dish full of spice and flavour.

    Kati Roll is basically a glazed paratha wrapping up kebab meat or mixed vegetables with various kinds of twists to enhance the taste. Although Kati Roll is available in every nook and corner of the city bests are still served at Nizam’s and Badshah in New Market Area and eateries in Park Street. Hire a car rental in Kolkata to explore some famous Kati Roll spots in the town.

    1. Shingara

    Kolkata never gets afraid of creating something exclusive and different by experimenting with the existing food variety. Shingara is one of the outcomes of those courageous endeavours. Shingara looks exactly like what the rest of India knows as Samosa. But the stuffing is very different in Kolkata special Shingara.

    The triangular Shingara is a fried snack covering a pulp of mashed potatoes mixed with boiled yellow peas, fried nuts, chilli flakes and hot spices. They are best enjoyed during a rainy evening with piping hot tea. Although the Burrabazar area offers the best Shingaras in the city you can also try any local sweet shop while riding with a taxi service in Kolkata.

    1. Tele Bhaja

    taxi service in Kolkata

    Kolkata has a special craving for deep-fried street foods and Tele Bhaja tops the list without any close competition. What we call Pakoras, this city serves them as Tele Bhaja. In Kolkata, they can literally deep fry everything laden with Besan batter.

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    Tele Bhaja is a very popular street food particularly relished in the evening times. Potatoes, grounded pulses, coriander leaves, tomatoes, brinjal, onion slices – you can have Tele Bhaja in every possible variety. They are probably the best companion for your evening tea.

    1. Mughlai Paratha

    Apart from Delhi, Kolkata is the second-best city to cherish a wide range of Mughlai cuisines. In fact, the people of Kolkata love them like anything. When we are talking about lip-smacking street foods around the city, Mughlai Paratha deserves a worthy mention.

    Mughlai Parathas are flour-made Rotis stuffed with Chicken Keema, beaten egg, onions, green chilli and a few bread crumbs. Then this whole thing is deep-fried in oil and served with Kasundi, sliced onion and cucumber. Anadi Cabin and Das Cabin serves this delicacy with unbeaten popularity.

    Kolkata has several other finger-licking varieties when it comes to street food. It really is a paradise for food lovers. Options are endless. Next time when you visit the city, you better contact Chiku Cab for some affordable cab rental packages. They also offer online cab booking which is easy and quick.


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