• Golden Triangle Tourism of India

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    Table of Content:

    • Introduction
    • What is the Golden Triangle?
    • Tourist Attractions of Golden Triangle
    • Best Season To Take The Tour Of Golden Triangle
    • Best Way to Travel The Golden Triangle of India
    • Travel Between The Cities
    • Pointers To Remember During Your Golden Triangle Tour
    • Places To Stay During Your Golden Triangle Tour
    • Food To Relish On During Your Golden Triangle Tour


    India’s historical success and heritage, and culture can be summed up just by visiting the three prime cities of India, together known as the Golden Triangle of India. The cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur collectively form this Golden Triangle of Tourism. All these cities have been blessed with rich historical culture, monuments, architectural beauties and stories from far and wide to express the historical heritage.

    The best way to understand India’s rich heritage and culture is best that you take a tour of the Golden Triangle. It is a suggestion to take this tour with your family and friends accompanying you, as the vast heritage and historical importance of India will be a little tough for a solo traveller to digest. All three cities hold their own charm in different ways. Jaipur shows elegance and royalty, Agra puts forth architectural marvels, and the charm of Delhi can just be felt and not written down in words. This article will take you through the Golden Triangle Tour to help you explore India’s heritage and tradition.

    What is the Golden Triangle?

    The route between cab in Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur is termed the Golden Triangle of India because of the almost equilateral triangle formation on the map of India. This surely does explain the term triangle; then why golden? Well, it’s for you to see! These three cities are filled with extraordinary amazing tourist spots and historically important features that are sure to make your eyes gleam like gold!

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    Tourist Attractions of the Golden Triangle

    • India Gate, Delhi

    Built in the memory of the Indian soldiers who fought for the British Army in the First World War and the Anglo-Afghan War, this stone-arch domed shaped construction is a marvel to watch. A sense of patriotism for all Indians is felt as soon as they see the India Gate. The walls of the India Gate are inscribed with roughly 90,000 names of the Indian soldiers who played a part in the war.

    • Lotus Temple, Delhi

    The only Baha-I worship place in Asia is the Lotus Temple of Delhi. It signifies oneness amongst all religions. There are no idols of any God situated in the Lotus Temple. People from far and wide come here to meditate and find their inner peace. This architectural beauty is also a noteworthy place for photography.

    • Jama Masjid, Delhi

    Built by Shah Jahan around four centuries ago, Jama Masjid book a cab is a photographer’s paradise and one of the largest mosques in India. Just a sight of it will take you back to your school days where you learnt the amazing architecture of the Mughals in India.

    • Jantar Mantar, Delhi

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jantar Mantar is a prized possession of modern-day astronomy. Cab service in Delhi Built during the Mughal period, Jantar Mantar is an astronomical observatory that has instruments developed from stone that fumble the scientists even of today’s technology.

    • Taj Mahal, Agra

    The pride of India, which makes its mark in the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal is another architectural beauty built as a symbol of love. Based on the banks of the River Yamuna, the best time to visit the Taj is evening, to see the clear reflections on the water of Yamuna. Words can’t describe The Taj Mahal. You ought to visit it to feel the beauty.

    • Fatehpur Sikri, Agra

    A city built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar primarily from red sandstone is an architectural marvel one must visit when they are in Agra. It is usually said to be the crown of the Mughal Architectural Style. The this City of Victory was the Capital of the Mughals for roughly around ten years under the reign of Emperor Akbar.

    • City Palace, Jaipur

    Once home to the royal family of Jaipur, City Palace is worth a watch for its intricate collection of paintings, photographs, and ornaments during the Golden Era of Jaipur. A Palace which will keep you mesmerized for its beauty, royalness, architecture, and, yes, richness!

    • Jal Mahal, Jaipur

    If there is an illusion, Jal Mahal is one of them. This beauty looks like a painting kept in the waters of Man Sagar Lake without disturbing it a bit. Imagine the kind of engineering and architecture applied in making the Jal Mahal, which is five-storied, out of which four floors are built underwater. A visit to this palace on a full moon day is a real treat to the eyes.

    • Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

    Specially built for the women of the royal family to watch the proceedings of the empire’s functions and events, Hawa Mahal is considered to be the most photographed site in Jaipur. Jaipur derives its pen name ‘The Pink City’ from Hawa Mahal, as it is built in an amazing combination of red and pink sandstone. It was built by the Emperor of Jaipur to honour the first visit of Prince Edwards to India.

    • Amber Fort, Jaipur

    Based in the mountain range of the Aravalli, the Amber Fort is a gigantic construction that is flooded with visitors throughout the year. One can only imagine the royalness and richness the royal family lived in by visiting this fort. Surely, it is one of the grandest forts built in Rajasthan.

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    Best Season to take the tour of the Golden Triangle

    To visit the prime locations on this tour, as tourists, one has to walk a lot. Thus the wintertime from October to Mid-April is suggested to be the best season to do the Golden Triangle Tour. The temperature during this period is usually between 22°C to 32°C. Though because of the proximity to the Himalayas, Delhi can sense a freezing temperature during January and February, it is advised to get a rough knowledge of the climate before you plan your tour.

    Best Way to Travel the Golden Triangle of India

    Delhi, being the capital of India, is largely connected by air, rail, and road to all the major cities around the world. So it is suggested that the first apex of the Golden Triangle be Delhi, followed by Agra and then ultimately Jaipur. To travel intra-city, you taxi service in Delhi and tempo travellers with Chiku Cab for your comfortable and safe journey. What’s more? Chiku Cab service in Delhi provides you with drivers who are well versed with the roads and can even act as local guides when travelling to tourist spots.

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    Travel between the Cities

    Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur are well-connected by well-maintained roads and thus, if you are in a group with family and friends, travelling at the comfort of luxury tempo travellers of Chiku Cab is advisable. You can even plan your return journey or a one-way trip only with them.

    Pointers to remember during your Golden Triangle Tour

    • Be careful in places of moving crowd, as there could be pick-pocketers and fraudsters trying to sell you fake ornaments.
    • Carry Cash, as a lot of places do not accept Digital Currency.
    • You can add the Ranthambore National Park to your Golden Triangle Tour
    • Be well prepared with clothes suitable for the climate you are travelling in, as Delhi has extremities of all weather conditions.
    • Keep aside at least 4 to 5 days in your spare to complete this tour in leisure.

    Places to stay during the Golden Triangle Tour

    In Delhi:

    • G54 Zaza Stay
    • The Manor
    • Haveli Dharampura
    • The Imperial
    • The Lodhi

    In Agra:

    • Laxmi Vilas Palace
    • The Oberoi Amarvilas
    • The Gateway
    • The Trident Hotel
    • The Bagh

    In Jaipur:

    • Sujan Rajmahal Palace
    • Taj Rambagh Palace
    • The Farm
    • The General’s Retreat
    • Pearl Palace Heritage

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    Food to Relish On During Your Golden Triangle Tour

    In Delhi:

    • Parathas

    • Chole Bhature
    • Chaats

    In Agra:

    • Petha
    • Bhalla
    • Bedai and Jalebi

    In Jaipur:

    • Laal Maans
    • Daal Baluchi
    • Ghevar




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